Higher Communications - ALIGN

Module 1 - Align

Relax and set aside 10 - 15 minutes to be taken on an energy shifting journey

Experience the feelings of...

  • harmony and clarity as you clear your energy centres
  • calm as you release your burdens, pain and fear
  • serenity and expansion as you draw light into your body
  • and the inner knowing and confidence which comes from connecting with your Higher Self

Open yourself up to allow positive change, a confident direction and massive shifts in your life.

The Meditations in ALIGN are described briefly below.

1. Letting Your Thoughts Go

You will focus on your breath, relaxing your entire body gradually, taking deep breaths until you feel peaceful, relaxed and comfortable.  You will allow your thoughts to come, and allow your thoughts to go.  You will do so with ease, as you watch them follow a butterfly as it flies away.

2. Walls of Colour

Step into vibrant walls of colour and beautiful images.  As you do, you are clearing and aligning your energy centres (also known as chakras.)

We tend to close our energy centres to protect ourselves when in stressful situations.  By suppressing our emotions and keeping our energy centres closed, we are creating strain on our immune system.

This meditation is an ideal practice when you recognise you need to clear and align them.

3. Release Burdens

This practice will help you let go of the feeling any burdens, pain and fear.  You will guided to place these obstacles into a bag to be released, turned into particles of light and watch them fade into nothingness.

4. White Light

You will draw in light into your head to take away anything hurtful you may have experienced and remove unkind thoughts, leaving only love.  The light travels to your heart and expands like the sun reaching, your arms, hands, and feet, until it fills your whole body.  Whoever you touch today will be touched by love filled light.

5. Higher Self

You will confidently connect with your very own higher wisdom, your higher self.

You are not alone on this life journey and the guidance and love you receive from consciously connecting with your Higher Self is unconditional and opens doorways to wonderful new life experiences.

You will receive messages of wisdom and guidance by way of an inner knowing, inspirational thoughts which will come to you at the right time.   You will recognise these thoughts as coming from your Higher Self, as they will be loving, unconditional and for the highest good of all concerned.

Higher Communications

The Higher Communications program is an integral part of the 'CONSCIOUS LIGHT - System of Natural Healing' Master Class program and is a combination of the most powerful techniques which has evolved from 30 years’ practice as a healer and more recently as a
Quantum Hypnotherapist.

I invite you to experience them. They are incredible. And if you have any questions throughout, I am available regularly on
‘Higher Communications – Chat Group’ and 'Conscious Light - Master Class'



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