Higher Communications

Module 2 - Heal

Powerful shifts...

as you release obstacles in the form of vows, promises and thought forms from all directions of time, supported and loved as you meet with your personal Guide; allow positive change in your life by working together on the same goal with the different parts or your personality, the feeling of freedom after having released the heavy emotional attachments of the past.

6. Releasing past & present life obstacles

Feel profound shifts as you practice releasing and clearing past and present life obstacles.  You will be clearing any vows, promises, thought forms and obstacles in all directions of time.

Obstacles can be collected at any time in your life journey, and this Meditation is ideal to release them, particularly when you feel uneasy, and you not sure quite why.

7. Meeting your guide

By consciously connecting with your Guide, giving clear goals, you will receive the ultimate support in achieving them.

Your Guide sees the bigger picture and knows how to best serve you, where you only see the tiny steps of your life’s path.  You are not alone as you have your loving Guide with you every step of the way.

Your Guide is with you always, supporting you and helping you, like your very best friend.

8. Meet your Sub Personalities

We each have different parts of our personality.  For instance, we may have a rebellious part, a childlike part, a parent like part, a fearful part, a shy part, an angry part and so on.

Whenever we have created a new goal of healing, personal growth, or spiritual growth, we need to make a connection with our Personality Parts to enlist their support.  Sometimes they are stuck on an old goal which may have served you when you were younger, but you have grown and have new goals in which you need to work together to achieve.

Positive change is so much easier and achievable when you have all your personality parts focusing on the same goal and on your side!

9. Forgiveness

Release the heavy emotional cord of attachment from issues of the past.  Forgiveness does not condone another person’s bad behaviour.  What it does do is create peace in your heart!

Your body wisdom creates a healing inside as you rewrite the past, replacing the old painful memories with a new uplifting ones.  It doesn’t matter what is real and what is not, as long as you feel free in your heart, body and soul.

As the cells in your body regenerate, they will be doing so with the new good feeling memories inside.

The method in this meditation is also called Age Regression and healing and growth can only be achieved by cutting free of all heavy emotional attachments from the past.

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Higher Communications

The Higher Communications program is an integral part of the 'CONSCIOUS LIGHT - System of Natural Healing' Master Class program and is a combination of the most powerful techniques which has evolved from 30 years’ practice as a healer and teacher of this work.

I invite you to experience them. They are incredible. And if you have any questions throughout, I am available regularly on
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