Quantum Hypnotherapy Preparation

Like any journey in life, it's wise to plan

How do I prepare for a Quantum Hypnotherapy session?

In this adventure, you don’t need to pack any luggage or make sure you have your toothbrush, but you do need to prepare.

That way we can make the most of our time together, feeling relaxed, confident and ready to explore what your quantum self has instore for you.

There are three important steps.

Step 1 – Activate your Intuition

If you haven’t already, please practice the free course below ‘Activate your Intuition’ as this is the perfect self-care, and self-awareness guide that will help you confidently strengthen the ‘listening’ muscle to help you feel confident when you arrive… and to use as a resource of wisdom and love for in your future. 

Activate your Intuition

This online experience is the perfect course in self awareness and deepening the connection with your higher intuitive self.

Let go, connect, and ignite your mind, body & soul.




Activating your Intuition is the first most important step in creating the self care, self love and self awareness needed to set you on your path to deepen and enrich your inner world.

Enrol for free to prepare for your Quantum Hypnotherapy experience, you will be surprised at what soul magic unfolds.

Step 2 – Have your questions ready

Have questions you would like me to ask your quantum self on your behalf ready for on the day. This is a great opportunity to ask, so please take advantage of this moment in time.

Some ideas you may wish to include with your questions which could be helpful are:-

  • Request help and healing of past trauma and releasing all toxic energies relating to them.
  • Should you have relationships that needs healing, request help with creating forgiveness and clearing away any negative energy associated with them.
  • Request how to strengthen our connection to your guide, soul or Source/God.
  • Request how to heal any ailments, allergies or fears and manage them in the highest and best possible way.

Step  3 – Prepare your body

You must feel physically comfortable on the day of our session together. If you are in physical pain, please ensure you have taken whatever prescribed medication necessary so your body feels as much ease as possible.

What to expect

During the session, you will have let go of energetic matter and the cells in your physical body will recalibrate and rebuild. Life may appear to go back to normal, but, you will have opened up to a multi-dimensional world – and gently, this will change for you. 

There is no turning back after this experience, you will have recalibrated into a new way of being, prioritising self care, so you are the best version of yourself for you, and for those you love.

Be sure to prepare

If you feel you have not been able to adequately prepare for the hypnotherapy session, please contact Robyn for help on
0488 490 098.  If you need more time, we can alter the day of the appointment.

Your money and time is important, so it’s best to be sure these are both spent wisely.

Follow up self care

You need to nurture yourself, so be sure you don’t have anything too pressing to attend to after a session and give yourself permission to rest. Keep up the self care practices in ‘Activate your Intuition’.

Please bring your mobile, because I will be recording the session on it on your behalf, so you can re-experience it at any time.

Hugest love, 

Robyn E Gibson
Quantum Hypnotherapist / Grand Master of Energy & Emotional Health
(+61) 488 490 098

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