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The Journey Robyn took me on was absolutely mind-blowing and I gained far more than I came for.  I originally came to Robyn to connect back to my Spiritualism, I wanted to meet my guides and I needed help with my healing practice. Robyn has a very calm aura around her that immediately gives one a sense of security and confidence.

During the Quantum session, I met three guides, one of which is called Anita. She explained that I can call upon her to help during my healing practice.  You see I used to get very tired when doing my healings, but now I call upon Anita and am no longer exhausted.  Instead I take my customers directly to her. She sits in a garden and submerges us both in a comforting and supportive way into healing water. It’s amazing!

I prepared by following Robyn’s instructions to practice the guided meditations which are awesome and the Automatic Writing and was ready! This whole experience enhanced the way I “see” things in meditations now.

From the first moment I met Robyn there was something different about her. She has an amazing approach of respect and kindness towards others, is extremely observant and has a direct – not beating around the bush communication but she does it without being in any way offensive. That takes a lot of talent and will. She is shining, always smiling and is truly genuine from her heart. I love being around her.

During the session, I discovered very quickly during the first few minutes that I can “see” what she had directed me to before she even said it. It was so interesting. I also realised during and after the experience that even though during the journey I don’t visualise what I am experiencing but rather feel it, it almost immediately translates in my mind into pictures, or a movie – even colours – it’s hard to explain. It’s almost like I have seen it but with another set of eyes that lets me remember the experience in picture format so I will understand, but in reality I haven’t seen it. I learnt from this experience that when I meditate I don’t need to try and visualise, I only need to observe what I feel and it will translate into pictures – it’s wonderful.

I had been wanting to meet my guides personally in such a long time. I have discovered they are so powerful and beautiful, I love them all and I think that one of them might be my grandfather. Although he’s very different in spirit than in human form, although I never met him, he died before I was born – that’s in accordance with the stories I heard about him. He is charming and funny and always agrees with Anita.

I have definitely opened up spiritually since my journey and learnt a lot of new aspects about myself and about my healing. I am more confident and more aware of myself and my feelings and I have acquired new strategies to implement in my life. I am more connected to my higher self and I find that I am more content.

To prepare I think the most important thing is not to expect anything and allow the guidance which comes. People could dread what and how they are about to experience, especially when they hear the way others experience it.  Everyone will experience it differently. Trust Robyn and your quantum self to guide you – it’s like magic.  https://advastouchoflife.wixsite.com

Adva Ulrich

Master Healer, Adva's Touch of Life

After my session I felt like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders and that I was given the gifts of clarity and direction. I knew what I had to do to get things back on track.

My biggest doubt was that I couldn’t be hypnotised! And boy did it surprise me!

Robyn made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I felt relaxed and knew that I could share things with her that I haven’t told anyone before. There was no judgement and I felt like I could just let go and release my inhibitions.

For anyone thinking of experiencing a session with Robyn, just to be open and to prepare your mind beforehand. She provided me with some great tools to utilise before participating in the session. I felt prepared and achieved the results I was after.

I’m definitely more grounded and I feel like I have direction and purpose. So much has changed for me already and ending 2019 with a session was fantastic. I have already put actions in to place for this new year!

During the session I could feel how much emotion was coming out of me. Like uncontrollable emotion. I don’t think there is a way to make it easier but Robyn gave me so much love and space to get it all out, which I appreciate so much.

Super surprised by the strange and bizarre journey I went on. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it certainly wasn’t what I experienced!

I just loved just sitting with Robyn and working out my big questions. That brought up a lot for me, and brought up things I didn’t really know were affecting me. Overall, the experience was powerful and a blessing. I’m so grateful for the release of built up emotions and baggage. I feel lighter and  happier . Ready to take on the world!


Natalie Burnett

Artist, natalieburnettart.com.au

Robyn you are without doubt the most powerful aspect of this whole experience.

As someone who has never done anything like this before, I was worried I would let my ego get in the way to begin with. I felt a little unsure about how much I should share & if I was asking too much from my questions.

I felt completely at home as soon as I walked in the door, Robyn made sure to really create a safe and loving space not only with her beautiful home, but with kindness and loving energy. I liked that I was able to talk with ease and felt comfortable throughout the entire process to ask questions freely when I was unsure.

I have found myself now being able to slow how I’m thinking right down, I’m focusing on putting positive energy into things which would ordinarily bring me anxiety and appreciating that ultimately what will be, will be, the universe Is constantly opening and closing doors.

I feel as if I’m allowing myself the time I need each day to properly meditate and give myself some love.  I’ve been meditating every night before sleep and sleeping really well, a couple of nights the whole way through. Which has been having dramatic effect on my general mood and energy in such a great way. I feel like I’m taking better care of myself.

I suggest you really appreciate doing your homework, really take the time to prepare and feel well before heading into a session because it really does take a lot of energy.

I really appreciate how much time Robyn really to aside for me, I never felt rushed. I was really glad I was able to talk to her so openly.  I didn’t expect to have such a comfortable and cozy chair & blanket & so many cups of tea, all very much appreciated x   https://www.instagram.com/preciousplasticpeel/


Amber Pritchard

Entrepeneur, Precious Plastic Peel

Robyn’s ability to put me at ease meant it flowed easily and I felt safe and protected throughout the session.

I came away with a better understanding of myself and my responses to certain situations, which I have found very helpful.

I had very little previous knowledge about Quantum Hypnotherapy, however after receiving the preparation, I felt confident with how I could make the most out of the session before I arrived.

I found it took time for me to process the experience and discovered a lot more information and understanding about myself as the days passed than I realised at first.

This session resulted in me having a very rich an interesting experience, I was able to connect with such ease, and the answers to any questions Robyn asked on my behalf were right there. 

That really impressed me, the ease with which I was able to access the higher knowledge I had.  I felt like I was visiting a long lost friend.


Kerry Pegler

Conscious Light Master Healer and Artist

I came to Robyn at first at one of her workshops needing to feel empowered. She has helped me in so many ways, because of this, I felt at ease coming to her for a Quantum Hypnotherapy session.

Robyn’s gentle, calming persona and the relaxing ambience, eased an anxiety I was feeling, because it was my very first session, so I was uncertain and a bit nervous, because I hadn’t experienced anything like this before.

 I was so surprised that I was able to easily go into a past life and what I learnt from that experience has really helped me in this life.  It is important to keep an open mind, and relax with the process.

I now feel more at ease, confident and complete as a person. It’s like I accept the real me as being precious and important, and now see how I fit into this world.  I have a direction to focus my attention on which feels perfect and I’m excited to discover what unfolds.


Julie Bywaters

Conscious Light Healer

I now have a better understanding of my emotions and behaviour now.

I was a little afraid of the issues I was trying to resolve, however with being in such a relaxing environment, Robyn helped me feel very comfortable and at ease.

Be prepared for whatever might come to the surface, because I was quite surprised at how deep I dug. 

I discovered more about my family history which helped me move forward with so much more understanding and compassion.


Chelsea Ward

Chef and Entrepeneur

Thank you for your testimonials.

I’m so very grateful you
have shared.

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