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Choose peace no matter how another is behaving!

Do you ever feel as if your emotions could be handled better?  Do you have a tendency towards irritation or even anger at another’s behaviour?  Is there someone in your life who triggers strong emotions within you?

Reflection Point:   It is the inner work which you do which brings back your power, and creates the feeling of calm inside.  Blame has no value in your journey of your evolution.  Forgiveness is priority.  Forgiveness of yourself and forgiveness of others.

Bring back your power

To bring back your power, and feel calm inside, it is you who needs to make a change to evolve. 

When I first discovered this understanding, I set about researching what change I must create within me, in the hope I would learn how!  I learnt the following process from a book called Spiritual Growth by Sanaya Roman.   

This understanding changed my life, and I hope to help you too.  This article will show you how.

Love people for who they are and not

who you want them to be.

The moments I find myself irritated or upset by another, it helps knowing that I must love people for who they are and not who I want them to be.  Once we are hurt, we can become protective and closed, wanting to be sure we are not going to be hurt again.  That doesn’t work.

Now is the time to ask the higher part of you, your Higher Self…

 How am I contributing to this turbulence?

 And after reflecting on the answer, ask…

How can I change?

As soon as I stop making the other person wrong, and allow guidance with my Higher Self, I am able to become more loving and accepting.   When another person is triggering strong emotions within me, they actually need my love, not me withholding it.

If you are new to the concept of contacting your own Higher Self, you will find the visual guided meditations helpful, the first five Meditations in the Module Align are free and the last one being Higher Self.

View the situation with an elevated level

When we observe others with an understanding that they are acting or responding from a place of emotional pain, or a limited perspective, we are more easily able to put aside judgments of their actions and instead consciously view the situation from an elevated level. 

From this elevated perspective we are able to give our love and understanding.  We can more easily forgive – and that creates change.

If you find this too daunting to even consider, the Program Higher Communications well help you in the most gentle soft way.  Through a series of visual meditations in you will gradually be taken through a step by step process to eventually reach the place in your heart and soul where you can truly, genuinely forgive.

That one works! 

Reflection Point:   Imagine a future probable event where your emotions are likely to trigger a painful or negative feeling inside.  You are going to plan ahead on how to put this wisdom into practice. 

You have the power to change situations

Providing you are open to understand how you contribute to the turbulance, and make the change you need to evolve, your situations will change.   Your higher self will help by guiding you to what that change is, to love and look after you.  After all, your happiness is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others.

How you are affects others! 

Affirm:  I intend the outcome to unfold for the highest good of everyone involved.


Visual Guided Meditations

In Quantum Hypnotherapy, through my clients quantum selves, we are given consistent advice to meditate as a way to help overcome challenges, feel balanced and have an improved view of the world.   

It is for this reason that I invite you to experience the visual guided meditations in the program Higher Communications.  They are created in a soft and fluent visual way to also serve the hard of hearing.  

Are you new to meditation?  Higher Communications is a very comfortable, soft introduction to the meditation process .

Meditate with ease by watching a little video

The first five meditations in the Module Align which are available on this web site are free.

Through these first five meditations, you will peel away burdens you have been carrying and gain confidence in reaching your higher self.  Your higher self will help guide you in seeking the wisest words, the perfect timing, and the courage to speak or take the best course of action to your challenges. 


Determine what change you need to make to best love and look after you.  Creating a scenario in your mind of a probable future event with your new and improved change.  See how the difference in you, creates a ripple effect of change in the reaction of others.  Meditation will help you feel balanced, and have an improved view of the world.

The first five meditations are my gift to you.

It is my intention to help make a difference in peoples lives.  I hope to have helped you too.


Author and Founder of Higher Communications

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Hi, my name is Robyn.

I'm determined to empower others, so they are strong for their higher purpose, creating a huge, heart healing impact all around the world.

My only question,
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Choose peace no matter how another is behaving! Do you ever feel as if your emotions could be handled better? Do you have a tendancy towards irritation or ever anger at another's behaviour? Is there someone in our life who triggers strong emotions within you?

The inner work will help you bring back your power and feel calm inside. Blame has no value. This article will show you how.

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