What is Quantum Hypnotherapy?

Quantum to me means unlimited.

 We connect with your higher-self also known as your super conscious, then above to your quantum-self. Your quantum-self is the non-physical part of you, which draws energy and wisdom from very high dimensions.

To assist us, we call upon the ‘Source of all Creation.’  Some may call this
God, or another word. It’s just a name, the same energy and the same power.

Your quantum-self may guide you to experience several past lives, or
another journey in which your soul has taken in between lives. Also help
entities or earth bound spirits make their way home.

These experiences are not linear or logical - but there will be an important message.

Having an open mind and allowing whatever your quantum-self shows you, without judgement, is essential to receive the blessings, life changing shifts and massive impact these sessions have in your life.

Why have a Quantum Hypnotherapy experience?

Where does one start?! No two sessions are the same, every experience, either by other people or multiple sessions by the same person, each one is extremely different.

Apart from the fact that they are great fun to experience, your Quantum Self will show you experiences for a reason as they will give clarity in some way in your life. There  are the more serious subjects that these sessions create healing for:-

  • Healing and clearing any toxic energies from past relationships.
  • Receiving clarity to release worry or concern over someone you love and care for.
  • Guidance on how to manage situations in your life and how best to love and
    look after yourself.
  • When struggling with addictions or feelings of guilt, shame, fear, worry and trauma from the past is eased, with guidance again on how to best love and look after yourself.
  • Opening up a whole new world of spiritual growth by gaining a closer connection with your guides, being introduced to a non physical support group to call upon and help you in all areas you need in your life, and strengthening the connection to your Source.
  • Clearing all matter in your energy centres (chakras).
  • Repairing any damage (from trauma from the past) of your aura.
  • Answer any important questions you may have, to receive the highest possible guidance from your Quantum Self and higher dimensions.
  • You will experience the healing room at the Temple of the Masters and receive an energy healing from great beings of light surrounding you.
  • and more.......

The journey begins

You will be taken to a beautiful garden where you will meet with your
guide, open and allowing any messages your guide may choose to share.
Via a forest and stream of water you will be taken to a waterfall and
behind that waterfall will be a chamber where there are portals into
your past lives.  There are six portals, red, orange, yellow, green, blue
and purple. You will be guided to choose the portal which is drawn to
you and step through.

Past Lives or Soul Experience

This may lead you either to a past life, or a scene which may be unrelated to your past, but has a very specific message for you, or another experience as an energy in the universe.

Your quantum-self may guide you to another journey which your soul has taken, for example, in between lives.  

In Between Lives

Should your experiences take you to the end of a past life, I will be asking about your transition home, who met you on arrival, your life review, and ask about your experiences in the world of spirit.

Quantum-self Explanation and Request Actions

Your quantum-self will explain why you were shown these particular scenes, and you will be given a message which is important for you to receive.

On your behalf I also request:

  • Clearing energies not needed any more from these scenes.
  • Receive any beliefs, gifts and abilities from them which will help you in this life in the very best way.

At this time, I will be requesting a body scan for any areas on your body which may need attention; check your aura for repair should there be any damage; cleanse your chakras making sure they are working optimally; and requesting an energy healing to the deepest possible cellular level of your being.

On your behalf, I will be asking for advice on what actions you can take to love and look after your body, mind and soul.

Help Entities or Earth Bound Spirits
make their way home

Some people who struggle with addictions or making wise choices to love and care for themselves, may have an entity or earth bound spirit occupying space around them.  These attachments drain their energy and can influence them in an unhealthy way.

We will be assisting any earth bound spirits to create forgiveness for the experiences they had in their former life.  This will help them release any fear they may have had in making the transition.  With the help of Archangel Michael and the Angels of the White Light, they are reassured that it’s safe and follow the light home.

Making healthy choices for yourself is so much easier when this energy is cleared and the area in and around your body is replaced with healing energy and love.

Release and remove any shields, or objects

Some people have created shields or find themselves with nonphysical objects inside their body which are not serving them and holding them back in some way.

They may be related to a past life experience, self-created depending on what they have faced in this life, or an attachment from an earth bound spirit or another being.

With the help of Archangel Michael and the Angels of the White Light, these will be released and removed, and the area replaced with healing energy and love.

Should you be interested in a Quantum Hypnotherapy Session with Robyn, or have any questions, please contact me. 

Based in Mandurah, Western Australia. Appointments can be made by calling 0488 490 098.

Like any adventure you
need to plan. In this journey you don't need to pack any luggage, or make sure you have your toothbrush, but you do
need to prepare.

Below is a video of a talk I gave on how my Quantum Hypnotherapy journey began.