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The Launching of Conscious Light has taken place in February 2021 and we welcome the Foundation Masters below. If you would like to contact one of our Masters, you will see included all their other intuitive and healing modalities are also shown.  


Country, State and Suburb

Contact & Links

All other intuitive and
healing modalities.


BUNN, Christine

Western Australia,
Meadow Springs

0423 916 729

Foundation Master of Conscious Light, Reiki Master, Light Body practitioner, helping earthbound spirits reach ‘home’, specialising in personal and spiritual empowerment.


Western Australia,
Silver Sands

0449 997 337

Foundation Master of Conscious Light, Mediumship developing, helping earthbound spirits reach ‘home’, specialises in mental health.


Western Australia,
Madora Bay

0417 909 902

Foundation Master of Conscious Light, Intuitive Life Coach specialising in spiritual and personal empowerment.

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