Coaching & Support

Either in person, or online coaching & support

Coaching & Support is here for you, in many different ways.

Personal guidance and inspiration – with even more wonder, healing and discovery.

We can get together, as if we are in the same room, regardless of the country we live in, at a time that suits us both.

Coaching & Support is great for anyone who is enrolled in any of my programs, and would love that extra level of personal guidance and inspiration along the way. 

About Coaching & Support

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Our time together will be full of inspiration and multi-dimensional.

Your Soul and Guides play a major role.

This work is pure joy for me, and meeting you is the icing on the cake.

That’s why the sessions are slightly flexible, allowing for more time – energy levels permitting.

What am I likely to experience?

Before we begin the appointment, I will have suggested for you to prepare, for example, inviting any questions, subjects you would like to delve deeper into, and experiences you might like to have.

From that information, I have a clear perspective of what you need, which makes sure we make the very best of the hour we have together.

Having said that, your Soul may have a different plan for you. This will be obvious, so we are very open to a higher plan because this where the magic happens.

How is this meant to help me?

You will come away from the appointment with a deeper connection with your spiritual support, a clear picture, your questions answered, and understood, and you will see things from a bigger picture and higher perspective.

How long does it take?

These sessions take about an hour, but I allow time to always be flexible, depending on need and energy levels permitting.

What is my preparation?

We will have a conversation before making the appointment, as there will be required preparation for you, so we will make the most of our time together in an economical way – (energetically and financially). 

The intention is to make sure it is clear to me before we begin, with your questions answered, and that you are ready and open to exploring higher dimensions and deeper layers as we are guided. 

We can then progress together with a perfect plan, making sure you are progressing with ease, and allowing surprises from your higher self/soul along the way.

How do I make an appointment?

For those who live far away, thanks to Zoom, and Messenger, we are able to be on video and chat as if we are in the same room together.

I’m still amazed really how personal this can be.

You can also contact me using the Messenger Icon at the bottom of this page.

On my Contact Page, you can also email me for more information.

Of course, for those who are able to visit Mandurah in Western Australia, I also have personal one-on-one sessions.

To make an appointment, call Robyn on 0488 490 098 – and if I don’t answer, please introduce yourself by leaving a message or sending an SMS.

Laughter and fun is encouraged, and your inner child is always welcome.

Our time together will always be uplifting, and will stretch your experiences as I invite you to expand even further, exploring the multi-dimensional layers available to you. What I mean by that is, you will become more conscious of your inner child, and the greater Spiritual Support Group you have around you.


Within our initial conversation, I will suggest relevant preparation, so we can make the most of the time we spend together.

The first appointment in all of my services, your preparation will include experiencing Part 1 of the free online course called ‘Activate your Intuition’. You can enrol at any time and on its own is a life changing experience.

Either online, or in person and my prices are:


The programs are designed so you can experience each lesson on your own (although way more fun practicing with a friend), however, should you love more personal coaching, support and time from me:

  • One – one hour coaching & support session – AU$ 200.00.
  • Five – one hour coaching & support sessions – AU$ 795.00.

To book online, I have a contact page, or you will see
the Messenger symbol on the bottom right of each page to send me a note.

To book in person, please call or sms on the mobile below.

I am available at Meadow Springs, which is a suburb of Mandurah in Western Australia

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Hi, I’m Robyn. 

I had over the years two clairvoyants tell me that I was going to create an online business.  I completely dismissed the idea, in fact, forgot about it.

Then, my husband and I were traveling with our caravan down the Stuart Hwy from Darwin to Adelaide, and we were in the middle of Australia. On this long desolate road, I somehow received a message from one of my clients, the beautiful and intuitive Tracy’anne MacDonald, who I had taught Reiki years prior, to Master level saying “You’re going to create an online business!”

Clearly, I needed to take note, although had no idea what I could possibly offer with all the incredible, amazing other people in the world.

I figured I should chat to my guides about it and this website is what eventuated… it took about 8 years with more education, healing, growth and evolution required from me though!

I now have clients in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom whose lives opened up immediately, in the most incredible ways, from the personal coaching I offered them… just for fun. I was so excited someone had actually bought a program, and wanted to get to know them, and answer any questions they may have.  Instantly my guides would channel and be part of it all, and the video calls became way bigger than that! I realised straight away, this is an important service… ‘Coaching & Support’ began.

The word ‘LOVE’ is big in our home, and our garden – those who have experienced ‘Activate your Intuition’ will know why. In my work, and these services, the word ‘FUN’ is the big one. If it’s fun, I’ll do it.  That’s why I often hear my clients say “This is fun!” – it’s because our Souls and Guides are a part of the conversation – to which I reply “Yeah, great hey!”

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