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Quantum Hypnotherapist | Teacher of Energy and Emotional Health

Robyn has taught energy and emotional healing techniques for over 30 years.

Hi, I’m Robyn.

Having had a lifetime fascination with all things Spirit and with both parents as master healers, my journey has led me here.

My foundation…

Brought up on a dairy farm in a small town called Tongala, Victoria in Australia, as a child I watched and listened to the stories of my immigrant parents and grandparents.  During the great depression, their land a retreat, and self-sufficient with food, able to care for those who were hungry, a secure and loving place for children to play and be housed and fed when their parents were unable to provide.

As I grew, our farm continued to be a place of retreat for those who had experienced trauma from grief or war and I saw how my parents helped them heal with their generosity of food, kindness and love.

This upbringing had a lasting affect within me, and I will always be grateful for the inspiration of my parents – my first experience of Master Healers.

How the healings began…

It began intuitively, with an ‘at home’ practice on the weekends when I felt inspired to practice healings on people when I felt they needed loving support.  For several years, I was using my intuition, listening to my Guide on what do, and it all seemed so very natural.

I found the energy healings and hypnotherapy helped with reaching forgiveness was an especially powerful process in creating ease in peoples lives. By providing them with personalised take-home meditations, empowered them and shifted the effects of depression, anxiety, the treatments of serious illnesses, and assisted people with the process of passing away with a lighter heart.

My lifetime of studies… 

Early on, feeling the need to become certified in some way, and also loving learning anything about Spirit, I then followed with becoming a Master of Reiki, studied Advanced Pranic Psychotherapy and the extraordinary work by Orin and DaBen, including Light Body studies (which will be ongoing for the rest of my life as there is so much to learn) gave me the confidence to teach healings and hold workshops in several states in Australia.

How Quantum Hypnotherapy began…

The Universe kindly led me to the works of Dr. Michael Newton whose hypnotherapy took him to ‘in between lives’ at a time when both my parents at the age of 97 had passed away. Dr. Newton’s books soothed me immediately, when reading his words, I could see in my mind’s eye my parents are together and okay.

I knew that one day I would be practicing this work and ten years later that day arrived – I was ready – Quantum Hypnotherapy sessions naturally evolved.

My spiritual support grew…

Through the Light Body work I now practice, my spiritual support continues to grow, and now have many Great Light Beings and Masters around me.

How the online courses began… es …

It was during a meditation, when I received a very strong message to make my meditations available to the hard-of-hearing and the deaf community.  At the time I had no idea how, then in a further strong message of guidance I was told to contact my niece Donna.

Donna Chapman of Red Cloud Design is a graphic artist genius and understood my meditations completely.  With pure love and dedication she created the most beautiful images which became mini movies presenting the meditations in a visual way.  These movies are the 17 visual guided meditations in the Higher Communications program we have today and are the foundation of the three courses in The Path to Heart Based Power.

When the meditations were created, I thought I was finished, but no, they had bigger plans for me, which has now become the healing energy program called ‘CONSCIOUS LIGHT – system of natural healing.’ 

CONSCIOUS LIGHT is the foundation of The Path to Mastery of which The Path to Heart Based Power, and the meditations within, are an important part of. 

This ensures you have a strong core, and an enriched inner world, preparing you for building your energy, and amplifying healing energy onto others

After publishing the two programs above, I found myself in a situation where I needed to create boundaries, and speak my truth, because at the time, my boundaries were soft and rather than confront, I had a tendancy to be silent as a natural response.

This lesson was heart breaking for me at the time, but the growth I encountered as I sought the highest way forward, with love as my intention, created a power within me, and it’s now an experience I’m so very grateful I had.

When I asked my guides “Why on earth did this happen to me?” they responded that I needed to experience this lesson, and it needed to be painful. I needed to  recognise how to elevate myself first, practicing creating a healthy boundaries, without guilt, releasing toxic energies from certain relationships, and determine the highest way to move forward in a situation… so I could teach others.

This became  Co-Creation at its Best, where you deepen  your relationship with your Soul, your very best friend. Miracles happen as through Co-Creation, I guide you through, step by step, the emotion, the relationship, the situation, the boundary and so much more. 

I was to be sure that my work continued to support the hard-of-hearing and the deaf community, so all video instuctions are subtitled and transcribed.

One-on-one video gatherings…

Now online, serving people in Europe and the United States, I have recognised the need to offer personal one-on-one gatherings through either Google Video Meet, Messenger, or some another video method.

Your Soul is truly your best friend, however initially it’s so easy to doubt you are connected to this glorious higher part of you. This I can help you with, in a one-on-one gathering, especially if your doubts are stopping you from practicing.

It’s a concept which is relatively new to the mass consciousness, and when you practice, oh my goodness, it’s easy and such a game changer to both your inner and outer world.

I have been called ‘The Master Questioner’, as it seems I’m really great at offering questions which help you delve deeper and deeper to get to the very core of what’s needed. I will never offer advice, but I will always offer the best possible question I can think of, for you to then listen for the answer…

Because that’s when the miracles occur.

Hugest love, Robyn x

Hi, I’m Robyn,

I love creating ways which allow peace in our hearts and our lives.

When we are able to access peaceful states, we are then able to get in touch with our power.

My intention is always to help empower others, so they are confident in following their higher purpose – whatever that may be.

Together, as we heal and expand, we contribute to a heart healing all around the world.

My intentions

I love my ‘purpose’ of helping people gain confidence connecting with their own intuition, higher-self, soul and the personal spiritual support they have around them.

Whilst people are consciously connecting with these higher dimensions, they are allowing peace in their hearts, discovering the higher purpose of each day, and with heart power are creating a life with more of what they would love.

It is my primary value to include the hard of hearing and the deaf community in all of my online work.  This is achieved with the visual guided meditations, which you can experience with eyes open and no sound, and video instructions which are subtitled and transcribed.  

The meditations and techniques help gently guide you to move emotional pain you may be carrying through your body, discovering ways to let go and allow the feeling of peace in your heart. When you consciously allow peace in your heart, the journey of self discovery follows when you include a clear connection to your higher-self and soul.

You work together to co-create a life with more feelings of harmony, love, joy, and freedom in it. 

The healing and empowering of each individual will help others whom they touch in society… and beyond.

Everyone expanding – for each other.

Robyn E Gibson 

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