Quantum Hypnotherapy & Healing Sessions 

Robyn is warm and engaging, and also straight to the point. From a list of what to focus on, Robyn really helped me get clear on what mattered at the core and how to address that.

The most powerful aspect of this experience is that I I feel completely empowered in looking after ME in a way that honors who I am, and how I need to show up in the world.

I have a greater sense of clarity around next steps and what was important for my self care and well being.

At first it was difficult for me to let my guard down – step through fears that I personally had.  Robyn has such a big heart that she soon made what was difficult easy.

I was also concerned about spiritual beliefs and differences, but Robyn accommodated these with the utmost respect.

For anyone considering a session with Robyn, be as open and as honest as possible to help both yourself and Robyn in getting your desired results – even if you don’t know what result you are looking for.

I loved how the process worked from end to end, the level of clarity, and now feel emotionally safe and ready for the next phase in my life.

Belle Lockerby


I feel incredibly empowered after my session. Robyn gave me some easy techniques to help me feel confident, for which I am so grateful. I have a much better understanding of how to peel back the layers and support myself through the process on my own as I go through life challenges. I have experienced some powerful shifts that have left me feeling lighter and more heart centred.

I was able to offer forgiveness to myself in a way I haven’t been able to in 15 years of seeing other practitioners.

What I liked most was the length of time devoted to the session. It was really nice to have so much opportunity to talk and not feel rushed. It was also nice to enjoy lunch together and enjoy the beautiful spaces Robyn has created in her home and garden. I feel like although we didn’t spend much time talking about some of the issues I wanted to deal with, I liked the way she wholly grasped them and made me feel heard and understood during the session. I liked how open she was with me too, sharing her journal folder and what she had written in it as well as some of her own and others experiences.

I discovered for me and for anyone experiencing this, it’s important to trust the process. There were times when I experienced self-doubt as I have trouble with visualising, and the answers that came to me seemed very short and I guess I was placing judgement on myself for that. However when I listened back to my recording and made notes, I realised although the answers were short they were concise and just what I needed to hear.

What was difficult for me during the session was all the crying and snotty nose and not being able to use a tissue as I had the crystals in my hand! Having my eyes closed for such a long time throughout the session was also a new experience for me.

I guess also just being so vulnerable, sharing so much in a short amount of time and releasing the pain and then coming out of the session and just feeling a little exposed. Cake and ice-cream could have helped… ha-ha just joking. I cry a lot but I just didn’t think I expected the day to be so emotional for me. Communicating loudly and clearly was also hard for me which in turn was hard for Robyn, but we got there.

It was interesting to have the session recorded and be able to listen back and take in everything.

I have developed a much deeper understanding that I am never alone. Learning to co-create has changed everything for me…now just to practice it!

Amie Thorp

The Journey Robyn took me on was absolutely mind-blowing and I gained far more than I came for.  I originally came to Robyn to connect back to my Spiritualism, I wanted to meet my guides and I needed help with my healing practice. Robyn has a very calm aura around her that immediately gives one a sense of security and confidence.

During the Quantum session, I met three guides, one of which is called Anita. She explained that I can call upon her to help during my healing practice.  You see I used to get very tired when doing my healings, but now I call upon Anita and am no longer exhausted.  Instead I take my customers directly to her. She sits in a garden and submerges us both in a comforting and supportive way into healing water. It’s amazing!

I prepared by following Robyn’s instructions to practice the guided meditations which are awesome and the Automatic Writing and was ready! This whole experience enhanced the way I “see” things in meditations now.

From the first moment I met Robyn there was something different about her. She has an amazing approach of respect and kindness towards others, is extremely observant and has a direct – not beating around the bush communication but she does it without being in any way offensive. That takes a lot of talent and will. She is shining, always smiling and is truly genuine from her heart. I love being around her.

During the session, I discovered very quickly during the first few minutes that I can “see” what she had directed me to before she even said it. It was so interesting. I also realised during and after the experience that even though during the journey I don’t visualise what I am experiencing but rather feel it, it almost immediately translates in my mind into pictures, or a movie – even colours – it’s hard to explain. It’s almost like I have seen it but with another set of eyes that lets me remember the experience in picture format so I will understand, but in reality I haven’t seen it. I learnt from this experience that when I meditate I don’t need to try and visualise, I only need to observe what I feel and it will translate into pictures – it’s wonderful.

I had been wanting to meet my guides personally in such a long time. I have discovered they are so powerful and beautiful, I love them all and I think that one of them might be my grandfather. Although he’s very different in spirit than in human form, although I never met him, he died before I was born – that’s in accordance with the stories I heard about him. He is charming and funny and always agrees with Anita.

I have definitely opened up spiritually since my journey and learnt a lot of new aspects about myself and about my healing. I am more confident and more aware of myself and my feelings and I have acquired new strategies to implement in my life. I am more connected to my higher self and I find that I am more content.

To prepare I think the most important thing is not to expect anything and allow the guidance which comes. People could dread what and how they are about to experience, especially when they hear the way others experience it.  Everyone will experience it differently. Trust Robyn and your quantum self to guide you – it’s like magic.  https://advastouchoflife.wixsite.com

Adva Ulrich

Master Healer, Adva's Touch of Life

After my session I felt like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders and that I was given the gifts of clarity and direction. I knew what I had to do to get things back on track.

My biggest doubt was that I couldn’t be hypnotised! And boy did it surprise me!

Robyn made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I felt relaxed and knew that I could share things with her that I haven’t told anyone before. There was no judgement and I felt like I could just let go and release my inhibitions.

For anyone thinking of experiencing a session with Robyn, just to be open and to prepare your mind beforehand. She provided me with some great tools to utilise before participating in the session. I felt prepared and achieved the results I was after.

I’m definitely more grounded and I feel like I have direction and purpose. So much has changed for me already and ending 2019 with a session was fantastic. I have already put actions in to place for this new year!

During the session I could feel how much emotion was coming out of me. Like uncontrollable emotion. I don’t think there is a way to make it easier but Robyn gave me so much love and space to get it all out, which I appreciate so much.

Super surprised by the strange and bizarre journey I went on. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it certainly wasn’t what I expected!

I loved just sitting with Robyn and working out my big questions. That brought up a lot for me, and brought up things I didn’t really know were affecting me. Overall, the experience was powerful and a blessing. I’m so grateful for the release of built up emotions and baggage. I feel lighter and  happier . Ready to take on the world!


Natalie Burnett

Artist, natalieburnettart.com.au

I loved this whole experience – from the moment I arrived until I left was just fabulous.  I felt such inner peace having Robyn teach me and re setting every part of me.

I left feeling better, more secure and find I’m not so worried about what anyone else thinks of me, which was a big shift for me.

The most important part of participating in a Quantum Hypnotherapy session I would like to share to others would be, how they can feel better in every aspect of their lives.  I found it was really like re starting the fire and just knowing you are headed in the right direction.

I feel really recharged and energized.  I felt like a lot has been lifted off my shoulders, and seem not so concerned of other people’s opinion of me. I feel more personally empowered in that way.

I felt everything Robyn did made me feel so at home.  Her voice as you go through the QH was so calming and she gave so much love.

I was most pleasantly surprised by finally letting go of my father and in doing that I felt I did not have to worry about friendships as much, as if this issue was interconnected. So now, if I feel a friendship isn’t working for me I know to stop fighting and instead, I can feel calm to let go.

 Kirsten Stokes

After a Quantum Hypnotherapy Session with Robyn, I felt so much calmer. She helped me with practical strategies that I can use to alleviate anxiety. It has been life changing.

I had no doubts or hesitations before the session, because I know Robyn and have experienced her healing and inspirational work before.

Robyn has such a warm and caring approach she’s such a delight to work with. The outcome was amazing!

I’d recommend a quantum hypnotherapy session with Robyn to everyone it’s such a nurturing healing experience.

I’m different as a person, because I have connected with an inner strength that I now know is there to guide me through whatever life brings.

It was all fantastic and I was so pleasantly surprised how easily things flowed.

One of the practical easy steps I can take home is the confidence in intuitive writing. Robyn showed me how it is possible and enabled me to be confident I can do this at home when I need guidance.

Fiona Peters

I now have a better understanding of my emotions and behaviour now.

I was a little afraid of the issues I was trying to resolve, however with being in such a relaxing environment, Robyn helped me feel very comfortable and at ease.

Be prepared for whatever might come to the surface, because I was quite surprised at how deep I dug. 

I discovered more about my family history which helped me move forward with so much more understanding and compassion.


Chelsea Ward

Chef and Entrepeneur

Robyn is a kind, caring and compassionate woman and I see her as a spiritual mentor.

The most powerful aspect of this experience was connecting with my mum in Spirit. Since then, I have felt a sense of peace and calm.

I feel even more connected with my spirit guides and angels and comforted in knowing that they are working with me.

As this was my second session, I was aware of the process and able to really relax and allow the session to flow without expectations.

Having a recording of the session is so helpful, because there was a lot I had forgotten, and re-remembering the experience in the future will support me for when I feel grief again.

I don’t remember the neighbour’s music playing in the background but heard it on the recording which was surprising as I didn’t notice the music at the time.

For anyone considering a session with Robyn, try and relax as much as possible, don’t overthink the process, and say whatever comes to your mind, without judgment.

I had a wonderful experience and am grateful that I feel eased from the feeling of grief in my heart.

Sharlie Reid

Robyn you are without doubt the most powerful aspect of this whole experience.

As someone who has never done anything like this before, I was worried I would let my ego get in the way to begin with. I felt a little unsure about how much I should share & if I was asking too much from my questions.

I felt completely at home as soon as I walked in the door, Robyn made sure to really create a safe and loving space not only with her beautiful home, but with kindness and loving energy. I liked that I was able to talk with ease and felt comfortable throughout the entire process to ask questions freely when I was unsure.

I have found myself now being able to slow how I’m thinking right down, I’m focusing on putting positive energy into things which would ordinarily bring me anxiety and appreciating that ultimately what will be, will be, the universe Is constantly opening and closing doors.

I feel as if I’m allowing myself the time I need each day to properly meditate and give myself some love.  I’ve been meditating every night before sleep and sleeping really well, a couple of nights the whole way through. Which has been having dramatic effect on my general mood and energy in such a great way. I feel like I’m taking better care of myself.

I suggest you really appreciate doing your homework, really take the time to prepare and feel well before heading into a session because it really does take a lot of energy.

I really appreciate how much time Robyn really to aside for me, I never felt rushed. I was really glad I was able to talk to her so openly.  I didn’t expect to have such a comfortable and cozy chair & blanket & so many cups of tea, all very much appreciated x   https://www.instagram.com/preciousplasticpeel/


Amber Pritchard

Entrepeneur, Precious Plastic Peel

My regression was one of the most powerful aspects of the session. I learnt how loved I am.

My past, was very revealing and helpful. Especially getting in touch with my inner child and meeting my special angel and guide. It left me with a warm and “I am loved” feeling. That I now bring into my meditations, and feels wonderful.

I had no doubts or hesitations with coming to Robyn because I had spent time with her on her website and I felt I really knew and trusted her.

Robyn’s warmth, and absolute joy in what she was doing, loving to help and sharing her wisdom just shines from her.

For me what’s important for others to know about participating in a Quantum Hypnotherapy Session, firstly, I feel it helped to learn and use the tools on Robyn’s website first as she suggests as preparation. But the main thing would be to just relax and go with the flow. (I told myself, whatever is best for me, and it was).

I am different since the Hypnotherapy Session in that I’m sooo much more positive about myself, and others. I feel loved, my inner child, Angel, and guide are always with me. Even with lovely friends, I have that inner feeling of peace now.

The whole time with Robyn was so uplifting an experience, not just the time of the regression that initially I went for. I feel very supported by Robyn, with her website, and as she has said several times, I can ask her if I need help.


Susan Schmitz

Robyn’s ability to put me at ease meant it flowed easily and I felt safe and protected throughout the session.

I came away with a better understanding of myself and my responses to certain situations, which I have found very helpful.

I had very little previous knowledge about Quantum Hypnotherapy, however after receiving the preparation, I felt confident with how I could make the most out of the session before I arrived.

I found it took time for me to process the experience and discovered a lot more information and understanding about myself as the days passed than I realised at first.

This session resulted in me having a very rich an interesting experience, I was able to connect with such ease, and the answers to any questions Robyn asked on my behalf were right there. 

That really impressed me, the ease with which I was able to access the higher knowledge I had.  I felt like I was visiting a long lost friend.


Kerry Pegler

Conscious Light Master Healer and Artist

I came to Robyn at first at one of her workshops needing to feel empowered. She has helped me in so many ways, because of this, I felt at ease coming to her for a Quantum Hypnotherapy session.

Robyn’s gentle, calming persona and the relaxing ambience, eased an anxiety I was feeling, because it was my very first session, so I was uncertain and a bit nervous, because I hadn’t experienced anything like this before.

I was so surprised that I was able to easily go into a past life and what I learnt from that experience has really helped me in this life.  It is important to keep an open mind, and relax with the process.

The greatest shift which has taken place for me is, that I had in this life felt deeply saddened I never became a mother.  Having now experienced a past life where I was a mother, and had created a family, released me from that feeling of loss. That feeling of a lost opportunity is now gone.

I now feel more at ease, confident and complete as a person. It’s like I accept the real me as being precious and important, and now see how I fit into this world.  I have a direction to focus my attention on which feels perfect and I’m excited to discover what unfolds.

Julie Bywaters

Conscious Light Healer

My session with Robyn was relaxing, comforting and inspiring.

I was worried about what my experience would be. I found that it was exactly what I needed at the time.

I loved that Robyn was kind, caring and I easily was able to receive the answers that I needed.

I want to encourage anyone attending to just relax and let it unfold. My first Quantum hypnotherapy session with Robyn was completely different to this one. So relax and soak in the results.

The Quantum Hypnotherapy gave me guidance and helped build some boundaries. It also helped me to get in touch with Archangel Gabriel who I know will always be there to guide and protect me. Since the session I have referred quite frequently to the notes Robyn took whilst under the influence. I use these to make decisions on what I should focus on and what activities best nurture me.

The most difficult for me was trust – it’s always the biggest issue for me, however, Robyn made everything ok and inspired me to allow whatever happens in the session to be ok.

I was extremely happy with my experiences.

The most powerful aspect of the session was the Ruby Place my quantum-self took me to. A place of fun, calm and love. It was really special.

Cindy Gielingh Jones

Conscious Light Foundation Master

Robyn’s session provided me with two first person experiences that offered me consistent themes that are very relevant to where I am at in my life right now.

The first was a 13 year old female cave dweller and the second a 33 year old male woodchopper. Both had significant responsibility in their lives and felt the weight of that, as do I!

The message was that they both have a community to support them, they are not alone on this journey- and neither am I!

The only doubt or hesitation that I had before the session was that I wouldn’t like what I heard, but instead it was a loving and gentle experience.

Robyn is such a beautiful soul. I had no problem relaxing with her, felt cared for and comfortable throughout.

It is important to go into it open and come out of it looking for what meaning there is personally.

I had a funny thing happen. When Robyn lists the colours of the portals, my rainbow has blue and hers doesn’t. I became fixated and insisted on following the absent blue. Took me a while to get out of the darkness, probably because of my own stuff!  Robyn observed what is going on pretty much all the time and can address things so they move forward.

I am different as a person, as I feel comforted by knowing I am not alone on my journey. I am relaxed and calmed.

Angela Tomlinson

After my Quantum Hypnotherapy session with Robyn, I felt more comfortable and empowered to deal with decisions, both easy and difficult. I feel more in touch with my intuitive guidance.

I was more curious than anything, as I’d never having had a Quantum Hypnotherapy session before.

Robyn has a welcoming, loving approach to the process, and the way she got to know me and listened and adapted to my needs.

I feel it’s important to do the preparation she sends you, as it really is such a self-loving and self-caring process, and really think about any questions you have at all before you go. Allow the length of time Robyn suggests.

I now confidently rely more easily on guidance from my intuition and feel so much calmer.

What was most difficult for me was being unsure where my quantum self would take me, and being a bit unsure of whether I could see visions or feel the feelings needed, but they were a lot clearer than I would have expected.

I was pleasantly surprised by how relaxing and enjoyable my time was and the feeling of empowerment and how much lighter I felt.

My one most powerful aspects which as followed the session is my opening up to feeling freer and powerful yet my natural gentle way.

Nicki Barnes

Online Courses – Conscious Light Graduate Testimonials

My first introduction to Robyn’s work started when I went to her to experience a Quantum Hypnotherapy session and her ability to put me at ease meant it flowed easily and I felt safe and protected throughout the session. I came away with a better understanding of myself and my responses to certain situations, which I have found life changing.

Subsequently I have received further healings from her, embraced the techniques she offered me and my life has made a change in direction which feels like my true path, I am now a healer, and I feel confident because of the way Robyn has guided me.

Having everything online means I’ve been able to access the information at a moment’s notice. I feel proud that I can from experience, share all the techniques which served me so well when I needed them.

I have since created a healing room in my home which was once a place for storing things I really didn’t need. My life has changed and I am so very grateful for this work which has inspired me to listen to my higher and quantum self to make the changes I needed. I am excited about what the future holds and feel passionate about this direction. It makes it easy to know I have the support I need when feeling doubt.

Kerry Pegler

Conscious Light Healer and Artist

My confidence is beyond anything I ever imagined!

“My work as a Life Coach since becoming a Foundation Master of Conscious Light has now taken a whole new quantum leap in how I present self-healing, self-care and self-inspiration to my clients.

You have no idea the exitement which bursts from me when I have guided someone and observed them totally transform their lives”

Cindy Gielingh Jones

Conscious Light Foundation Master

I feel more empowered now than I ever have in my life!

“I now have a whole new skill in connecting with spirits which helps my clients with their healing and I had no idea before I started this work that I could ever do that!

AND…  I’m teaching and I LOVE IT – especially knowing I am helping others feel empowered because I have been there… from vulnerable to confident and capable – the most rewarding experience for me ever!” 

Julie Bywaters

Conscious Light Foundation Master

I came to Robyn at first at one of her workshops needing to feel empowered. She has helped me in so many ways. Giving her time, knowledge, sharing her valuable creations with meditations, light body workshops and energy healings with me. I am so much wiser and have grown so much from her in all ways on a personal and soul level. I admire her in all that she is and she does.

She is an inspiration to me and because of what she has introduced to me my life has changed, I am now a practicing healer, a direction which has come as a surprise to me.

Where in the past I had such self-doubt and lacked confidence I have practiced the inner work, speak to the souls of others when I have a challenge and I regularly connect with my higher self. I now have a clear path in front of me and intend fully to become a very powerful healer and teacher of this work.

I’m excited to share this knowledge and support others who need help like I did.

Julie Bywaters

Conscious Light Healer

Dreams which seemed impossible have come true!

“My path is clear, and the universe wastes no time in inspiring me with each new step.

This has been the most rewarding work in my life and it feels amazing to be confident that I am heading in the right direction towards my highest path. I’m loving teaching others and holding Heart Healing Retreats, helping people let go, and watching them change their lives for the better.”

Christine Bunn

Conscious Light Foundation Master

My life is forever changed!

“The further along this path you go, the more aware you become of your true self. It really is a journey, a way of life that, if you choose, with the right intention, will change your life forever – and will continue to do so – that’s what it’s done for me”

Kerry Pegler

Conscious Light Healer and Artist

Group Meditation Session Testimonials 

Higher Communications launch

When I first launched the Higher Communications program, I held small group meditation sessions using the visual guided meditations within.

The healing sessions were divided into four, three hour sessions, over an eight week period. The first held was the module Align, followed by Heal, Empower and Inspire.  

These Meditations now form the foundation of the Path to Heart Based Power courses on this website.

These are a few of the participants who volunteered to share their experiences as they progressed.

These meditations are now being practiced by healing professionals to compliment their work with the emotional and mental health of their clients because of the feelings of harmony and growth they bring.  

Workshops and Healing Session Testimonials

  • You, the Ultimate Masterpiece Workshop

    Robyn Gibson is one of those special people you only meet every so often.  She is full of energy and love, and is so supportive and wise.  I met her when I attended her You, the Ultimate Masterpiece Workshop which led me towards accepting myself and I feel so much happier.  It’s sometimes been a bumpy ride but it’s worth it for the periods of pure bliss and contentment.  I’ve found that the workbook from Robyn’s “You, The Ultimate Masterpiece Workshop” has provided me with many tools I can use in my everyday life to tune in the beautiful energy available to us all.

    Isabelle Ting
  • Empower Your Life Workshops 1 and 2, now Master of this work

    I have done Empower Your Life Workshops 1 & 2 and it has changed my life! I had no idea how powerful these techniques would be!

    I am now a Master of the techniques Robyn has shown me and hold Workshops using this work to help empower others. Robyn supports us all to be Masters and an Inspiration to others as her ultimate goal, and it has worked on me!

    Christine Bunn (cbdb46 at bigpond.com)
  • Align Your Energy Workshops 1 and 2

    I wanted to thank you for your Align Your Energy Workshops 1 and 2. They were fantastic, I really enjoyed them.  They helped with healing old hurts, clearing my mind and I have a healthier focus now.

    I draw on the sessions regularly, and your techniques have helped with all areas of my life.

    Thank you so much.

    Janice Oaks (jj.oakes at bigpond.com)
  • Align Your Energy Workshops 1 and 2, Empowerment Coaching, Personal Power Program and Empowerment Gatherings

    Robyn has helped me let go of the thoughts which created emotional pain.  I feel confident I am able to listen and respond from a heart perspective which has created tremendous positive change within me.

    I have always been spiritual, however I now have more of an understanding, learning how to let go and to listen to my heart.  I now easily release the need to control the situations I have no power over in myself, and in others.

    I am so very grateful, because this is what I have always wanted to achieve.

    Denise Roberts (deniseray1969 at bigpond.com)
  • Empowerment Coaching and Conscious Light Healing

    I write this testimonial coming from a previous skeptical position towards holistic medicine, my change of viewpoint happened early 2017.

    I was having problems with an old back injury at the time and was looking for some other means to relieve the pain other than the medication I was taking. A family friend advised me to try Conscious Light to see if this would work for me which I basically ignored. It got to the stage that the actual constant pain was wearing me down and was impacting on my daily life so in the end I decided to give it a go.

    I made contact with Robyn Gibson a Healer in my area, as I previously mentioned I had no real knowledge of Conscious Light, or what was about to happen. Robyn was unaware of my family situation as my wife had passed away some 12 months previously and I was not handling the loss or the change of circumstance I found myself in.

    During the procedure I became very emotional and could physically feel strange sensations around my head and shoulders. I was still quite emotional at the end of the session and felt very drained. Robyn counseled me and went through what had just happened to me and the grief and pain I had been bottling up. She coached me with techniques to continue my healing process and within the next couple of days I felt a definite change in my outlook. I had actually been walking around in a bit of a daze and was only going about my daily activities out of habit.

    The whole experience had got me back in control of my life and lifted a tremendous burden I had been carrying. I cannot thank Robyn enough for putting me onto this new holistic path which has helped me in so many ways. Being a new believer, I have recommended Robyn to assist many of my friends who are also seeing the benefits and change within me.

    George Dickson (g_dickson1 at bigpond.com)
  • Align Your Energy Workshops 1 and 2, Personal Power Program and Empowerment Gatherings 

    I've always shied away from anything spiritual, thinking that it's all 'woo woo' and way too 'out there' for my more logical, analytical nature. But Robyn's workshops have opened my eyes, and my heart, to become more receptive to the many ways in which the universe works. It has helped me to see another side of meditation, where you gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of yourself, along with a greater ability to show yourself, and others, more compassion. The tools and ongoing support Robyn has provided have helped me to heal and grow in many areas of my life.

    Gaye Nilson (gnilson at bigpond.com)

There are not enough words in language to express the gratitude and love I feel, especially for the people and Beings I mention below:

Donna Chapman, Red Cloud Design, my precious niece and creative genius for her immense, pure love, passion, devotion and commitment.  Millions of people all over the world will experience healing and expansion because of Donna’s outstanding work in Higher Communications.

Marie Ware, my precious niece by marriage for her love, passion and guidance to ensure Higher Communications Meditations are easily understood and perfectly timed for the hard of hearing.  We did it Marie!

Kelly Hammond, Kelly Hammond Photography, my precious niece for her immense love and support, amazing photographs in nature throughout the program and for making me look way better than I actually do!

Gaye Nilson, Simply Savvy Web Design, my precious friend for her genius web design, support with everything technical, and encouragement.

Lisa Kniebe, Stella Pollaris Copywriting for teaching me how to use my words in a professional and effective way.

Julie Borsboom, my precious friend for supplying gorgeous rock shaped images from the Kimberley, Western Australia some of which are displayed in Higher Communications Meditations.

My Cheerleaders:  My devoted sisters, Carol Ware and Wendy Chapman, my dearest friends, Judi Grey, Bridget Pemberton, Christine Bunn, Harold and Lila Missen and everyone mentioned above.  You encouraged me, helped me focus and realise my dream.

My Spiritual Support Group.  I am infinitely grateful to my non-physical friends for their wise guidance, inspiration, love and support.  

And, my husband Shane.  You believe in me, support, protect and love me like no other.  My heart swells will love and gratitude that we have led this amazing life journey together.  Thank you babe.  You are awesome!