Path to Mastery Program

Become a Master Healer and Teacher of energy and emotional health

Inspiring Master Healers and Teachers of energy and emotional health

Amplifying Conscious Light and Healing Energy through your hands and body.

If you are searching for an energy healing program that firstly focuses on the self-healing and empowering of your inner world, then with this amplified light-filled heart – begin to practice energy healing on others… to eventually teach this work, then you have come to the right place.

You will enrich your inner being, and empower those you touch in society… just by being you.

There are six courses in the Path to Mastery and they are divided into two programs:

 Program One

The Path to Heart Based Power

(Self healing, heart empowering and energy building) 

Program Two

The Path to Mastery

(Energy healing practices, empowering and teach others) 

Path to Heart Based Power

A light filled heart amplified… strengthening and empowering your inner world.

Deepen and enrich your inner world through self-healing, heart empowering techniques and 17 transformational visual guided meditations. Your higher self/soul is your very best friend, and will be by your side, supporting you on this journey, creating a strong heart foundation, a clear connection to your guides and the spiritual support surrounding you.

NOTE – Depending on your availability, allow yourself to take at least a month or so for this part of your journey, to gently allow each step to calibrate in your body and repeat them when needed. You will always experience something new when you do.

I invite you to click the images below for an outline of each course.

Course 1 – Activate your Intuition

ACTIVATE YOUR INTUITION text linking to course. Night sky background with icon of meditating lady with sun above her head.

All great leaders began by activating their intuition. ‘Activate your Intuition’ is in two parts and is your first step towards self-care, self-love, and self-support.

In Part one, deepen your connection with your higher self and become more aware of the power of your Soul. Connect with the souls of people you love who have passed away.

In Part two, ignite your mind, body, and soul further, as you allow your inner child to become more a part of your life, and discover ways to ignite your voice, body, heart, peace, curiosity and creativity… more

Course 2 – Heart Healing

HEART HEALING text with Milky Way background and icon of woman meditating with healing rings from heart. Linking to course

Strengthen your heart, with meditations and practices which release and let go of of the burdens you carry, invite light into your heart and whole body, develop a deeper connection with your higher self, and allow more of the feelings of peace in your life… more

Course 3 – Heart Based Power

HEART BASED POWER text linking to course. Icon of meditating woman with light shining from heart, Milky Way Background.

Becoming multidimensional in the way you live your life. Heal your heart further by releasing obstacles from your past, including past lives.

Meet your guide, and support in Spirit, communiate more from the level of Soul, and discover ways to create clarity, and courage in making the changes you desire in becoming heart powered.

Empowering your future, opening yourself up to more of the feelings of harmony, freedom and love in your life, and inspire others, shining your light naturally, as you go about your regular day… more

Your higher purpose is not what you ‘do’ in the world.

It’s what ’emanates from you’ with what you do in the world. 

Your most valuable tool that you have is your energy field.

Serving the hard-of-hearing and the deaf community

The visual guided meditations in Higher Communications play an important role in The Path to Heart Based Power, as they gently guide you to enrich your inner world, in a soft, colourful and beautiful way.

You can experience them just as fully with eyes open and no sound.

Path to Mastery 

The healing and empowering of each individual will help others whom they touch in society… and beyond.

Discover easy and heart powered, energy healing techniques in Conscious Light – System of Natural Healing, where you will be invoking great beings of light, masters and guides. When you practice this work, the light which you call upon is a living entity, a form of consciousness.

When you surround yourself with this Conscious Light, fill your body, project and radiate it, you include the beautiful healing and empowering qualities it holds. The qualitites of oneness and love. Everyone expanding for each other.

NOTE – Again, give yourself permission to take your time.  With the techniques in The Path to Mastery allow yourself to take at least a year or more (it took me many). Practice with a friend at first, one you can laugh easily with, and gently allow yourself to grow at your own pace, making it a relaxed, joyful, and often hilarious experience.

Course 4 – Conscious Light – Healing energy program for the beginner

Build your energy, and practice energy healing on yourself and others through your hands and body.

Everything you need, the tools, techniques and support to begin, including all you have gained in the Path to Heart Based Power above to introduce ways they too can love, care, support, heal, empower and allow peace in their lives too… more

Course 5 – Conscious Light – Awaken the Master within

Specific hand techniques disintegrates and removes toxic energies from the energy centres of your client.

They are further empowered by guiding them to use colour, breathwork, and specific commands participating in the process of permanently letting go of immobilising emotions, such as grief, guilt, regret, and shame etc.

Distance healing, self healing, and everything you need to hold workshops, retreats, including timing and content… more

Course 6 – Conscious Light – The Master awakened

As an awakened Master, support to own your value, transform your inner critic, and practice the ‘frequency of unity’ and teach others MASTERY.

You will receive an ‘attunement’ where you will meet with your Master who has already been helping you in Spirit and will continue to be with you in your journey ahead.

Three certificates as ‘Master of Conscious Light’ is now available to proudly display.


This work creates life-changing shifts in the cells of the body and has the power to change people’s lives in the most unexpected, and magical ways.


Soul Magic – creating a life with more love, harmony and joy in it, empowering those who you touch in society… and beyond.

What people are saying:

“I had to first go through the process of healing my heart, and experiencing the Path to Heart Based Power was just what I needed. I had to forgive my parents. Once I was able to do that, my world opened up in the most freeing way. I speak to their souls now.  The meditation “Expansion of Divine Light and Love” is now my regular go to.  I have experienced some recent illnesses, and this meditation was easy to listen to and soothed me through some challenging days.

In the meantime, my path has become clear, and the universe wastes no time in inspiring me with each new step. This has been the most rewarding work in my life and it feels amazing to be confident that I am heading in the right direction towards my highest path. I’m loving teaching others and have found myself holding healing retreats for seniors, helping them let go, and watching them making changes which uplift how they feel, and enjoy their lives for the better. Dreams which seemed impossible have come true”.

“My life is forever changed. The further along this path you go, the more aware you become of your true self. It really is a journey, a way of life that, if you choose, with the right intention, will change your life forever – and will continue to do so – that’s what it’s done for me”.

“I feel more empowered than I ever have in my whole life. I now have a whole new skill in connecting with spirits which helps my clients with their healing and I had no idea before I started this work that I could ever do that! AND…  I’m teaching and I LOVE IT – especially knowing I am helping others feel empowered because I have been there… from vulnerable to confident and capable. I am now using my skills to remove earth bound spirits from people’s houses and escorting them to their spiritual home – the most rewarding experience for me ever!”

“My confdence is beyond anything I ever imagined. My work as a Life Coach since becoming a Foundation Master of Conscious Light has now taken a whole new quantum leap in how I present self-healing, self-care, and self-inspiration to my clients. You have no idea the excitement which bursts from me when I have guided someone and observe them totally transform their lives.”

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