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Co-Creation at its Best Course

Course Outline

  • Module 1 – Relationships, Emotions & Situations
    • Introduction & Worksheets
    • My Experience
    • Relationships
    • Emotions
    • Situations
  • Module 2 – Support & Protection
    • Divine Light Table & Doors of Light
  • Module 3 – Reflection & Celebration
    • Easy Co-Creation Practice 
  • Module 4 – Your Value Essences
    • Co-Create the Value Essences perfect for you
  • Module 5 – Your Soul’s Vision
    • Discover the Vision your Soul has for you

Your Progress


Welcome to Co-Creation

 Become more aware of the power of your Soul. 

When you include your Soul in creating your life, you are opening up for an accelerated Spiritual Growth Path.

You will have automatic access to the first course, ‘Activate your Intuition’  when you enrol below.

In Co-Creation, you will be gently guided how to:

  • Review your life as it is now, prioritise your energy with self-love and self-support, and determine if any relationships require healthy boundaries established.
  • Create healthy boundaries as part of the process in healing challenging situations and living a heart powered life.
  • Surround yourself with people who bring you the feeling of love and joy.
  • Listen to your heart wisdom on how to soothe how it feels.
  • Listen to your body wisdom on how to care for it in the best way, and determine when it’s time to take action.
  • Investigate with honesty, situations with no judgement, criticism or blame on anyone, including yourself.
  • Allow yourself to let go of the emotions which cause you pain.
  • Your Soul will guide you with the actions to take, the right words to say, the courage to express yourself and the right timing.
  • Transform the emotions in your heart, and letting go, hand how you would love the situation to unfold to your Divine Spiritual Support to hold, protect and support you.
  • Reflect, as you learn what the Universe is teaching you from the challenges you face.
  • Celebrate even the smallest achievements and what you are proud of.
  • Determine the top three Value Essences you would love as your foundation and how to bring yourself back to them when you feel your heart is out of centre.
  • Invite your Soul to be fully present in your body to help you live more from your Souls perspective.
  • Cultivate more peace, love and joy, and the vision your Soul desires for you.

All good things happen to those who co-create.

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