Open to your Heart Power – FREE Masterclass

How to nurture, deepen and enrich your inner world

Discover how to connect more deeply with your best friend – your Soul – and in doing so, find a resource to co-create your life with more of what you would love in it.

More harmony, love and joy.

Hi, I’m Robyn,

Heart Power is important to cultivate more of at this time.

It’s a necessary part of the change in consciousness for more harmony in the world, and it begins with each of us consciously nurturing and enriching our inner world first.

This Masterclass will set you on your way, by helping you become more confident in your communication with your higher self, and Soul.

All you need to do is register below, and you will have access straight away.

Hugest love, Robyn

Are you ready to co-create a life you love with your Soul?

If so, come join this MASTERCLASS – it’s my free ‘welcome gift’ to you – and available now.

In this Masterclass you will be gently guided in how to:

  • Co-create your life with your best friend – your Soul.
  • Confidently ‘listen’ to the words of your Soul, and ‘determine’ the highest way forward.
  • See your life through the lens of a higher perspective.
  • Enlist the support of your soul to release any emotions holding you back.
  • Let your annoying or painful thoughts go with an easy practice you can do at any time during your day.
  • Reframe your belief system so you feel supported by your thoughts rather than held down.
  • The inner healer within you, so you are inspired to care for your body and listen to its needs.
  • How to open to the most incredible heart journey of inner harmony, inner power, and… in doing so, you become…

 An inspiration to those around you in living a heart powered way of being.

It’s time you allowed the support available to you from your Soul, and the universe!

Imagine intuitively living your life, with the help from the higher dimensions… allowing more harmony, love and joy in it.

What if you confidently had conscious conversations with your Soul – your Soul Mate – to co-create your life? What if you could access the support when you need it to reach for a higher perspective?  What if you could easily open to more harmony, fun and love in your life?

The good news is, this is actually very easy to achieve.  Most people haven’t been taught how to listen – and converse with this inner power that we all have!

In this FREE masterclass, you’ll discover how the great leaders all began – by activating their intuition and listening and conversing with their higher selves.

Whether you want to improve your health, wealth, relationships, happiness, or any other aspect of your life, this free masterclass will set you on your path to open to your heart power – so you can experience more harmony, love and joy in your life.

My guides explained to me many years ago, that this is the MOST IMPORTANT lesson to teach another… ‘to confidently connect with their own higher wisdom’.

I have always taught this for free… and the ‘Open to your Heart Power’ Masterclass is that, and so much more.

Are you ready to become confident in listening to your higher self and awaken your inner healer in loving and supporting you in the highest way?

If so…

Having had the path of teaching energy healing since the early 1980’s, my passion has always been specifically on the subject of ’emotional health’.

It began when I experienced grief for the first time, and all the emotions that go along with that, like shame, regret etc.

I asked my Soul at the time “how do I soothe my heart?”  I received an important message – that I must teach whatever I learn… more

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