Co-Creation at its Best Program

Together with your Soul, co-create a life with more harmony, love and joy in it

Transforming situations with your Soul’s higher perspective

Co-creating with your Soul a life with more of what you would love in it. 

When it’s important for you to manage a relationship/situation/emotion from the highest perspective, and are ready to allow the outcome to unfold with your Soul to hold, protect and support you, as you navigate through this tough time – just like a precious friend.

Co-Creation is a step-by-step process that will help build your strength when facing those challenges.


NOTE – Give yourself permission to take your time, and re-experience the modules which call to you to help you move through the situation in the highest way. 

I invite you to click the images for a detailed overview of the two courses in this program below.

Course 1 – Activate your Intuition

ACTIVATE YOUR INTUITION text linking to course. Night sky background with icon of meditating lady with sun above her head.

‘Activate your Intuition’ is in two parts and is your first step towards self-care, self-love, and self-support.

In Part one, deepen your connection with your higher self and become more aware of the power of your Soul. Connect with the souls of people you love who have passed away.

In Part two, ignite your mind, body, and soul further, as you allow your inner child to become more a part of your life, and discover ways to ignite your voice, body, heart, peace, curiosity and creativity…

Course 2 – Co-Creation at its Best

Co-Creation at its Best text linking to the course, surrounded by a heart shape of stars with the Milky Way in the background

Review your life as it is now, prioritise your energy with self-love and self-support, and determine if any relationships require healthy boundaries established.

Investigate with honesty, situations with no judgements, criticism or blame on anyone, including yourself.

Your Soul will guide you with the actions to take, the right words to say, the courage to express yourself and the right timing….

Soul Magic – creating a life with more love, harmony, and joy in it, empowering those who you touch in society… and beyond.

What people are saying…

“I was feeling grief, with regards to a situation with people who had been my close tribe in all of my life, and through Co-Creation I discovered the shift in my heart the moment I consciously established a healthy boundary – guided by my Soul. Although the situation didn’t resolve itself exactly as I had imagined it to, I learned such life-changing lessons, and my heart is at peace.

Looking back, I now realise, although painful at the time, for what I have learned, and the growth I have gained, on some level although I am sad when I spend time thinking about it, I’m also glad it happened.”

“I have been burdened by the experience of coming to Australia as a child in a small boat with rough seas escaping from danger in Korea, and ending up in a detention centre in Port Hedland. This had a lasting affect on me, but that shifted when I experienced Co-Creation with Robyn in a workshop she had. I recalled the memories of a lady called Judi, who used to visit me and the others at the detention centre. 

With my little face pushed against the bars at the detention centre, I watched her approach, we would talk, she brought joy and she looked and felt like an angel to me. She became a dear lifelong friend, until her death a few years ago. What I now realise, the light which shon so brightly from my friend Judi’s heart, I can now do. I have an important purpose, and that is to shine my light, and help others. That feels amazing, and it’s something I now know how to do.”

“I’ve been struggling with a situation with my husband, and until Co-Creation, hadn’t clearly discovered how healthy boundaries could support me. I now have a different perspective as well, with more compassion – and patience, and realise it’s me who needs to change, not him. The inner power is gained when you work out how to move forward, how to handle future situations – inevitible to arise again – by communicating with my Soul in my next most important step, because from the bottom of my heart, I want to always handle all challenges from the highest perspective.” 

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