Programs Teaching Emotional Health and Energy Healing Techiques

The three Programs below, teach energy and emotional health at various levels

Beginning with igniting your inner power to becoming a Master Healer and Teacher.

Designed to help people create a life with more love, harmony and joy in it, and in doing so, the empowering of each individual will help others whom they touch in society… and beyond. I call it Soul Magic.

To be experienced at your own pace, easily on your own (more fun with a friend), but should you prefer support, this is also available in a group environment or one-on-one basis.

For the extra layer of personal coaching, guidance and support, Coaching & Support and Quantum Hypnotherapy services are here for you. These services are an opportunity to delve even deeper into the multi-dimensions, as they always include both your Soul, and Guides… and mine.  


Enrich your inner world
Heal and empower your heart

HEART BASED POWER text linking to course. Icon of meditating woman with light shining from heart, Milky Way Background.

Becoming multi-dimensional in the way you live your life. Heal your heart further by releasing obstacles from the past.

Using easy practical techniques which uplift how you feel, and 17 visual guided meditations, which guide you gently to meet your guide, and support in spirit, communiate more from the level of Soul, release burdens, heal your emotions and discover ways to create clarity, and courage in making the changes you desire in becoming heart powered.

Opening yourself up to more of the feelings of harmony, freedom and love in your life…more


Become a Master Healer and Teacher

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Starting at the very beginning, to advanced master practices, you will learn how to project energy healing through your hands and body, onto another. 

Unique to Conscious Light – system of natural healing, with  specific hand techniques, breath work, commands and colour, your client is empowered by being part of the process in disintegrating and removing toxic energies and immobilising emotions, such as grief, guilt, regret, and shame etc.

Distance healing, self healing, and everything you need to hold workshops, retreats, including timing and content…more


Create healthy boundaries
Co-create with your Soul

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Review your life as it is now, prioritise your energy with self-love and self-support, and determine if any relationships require healthy boundaries established.

Investigate with honesty, situations with no judgements, criticism or blame on anyone, including yourself.

Your Soul will guide you with the actions to take, the right words to say, the courage to express yourself and at the right timing…more

Your higher purpose is not what you ‘do’ in the world.

It’s what ’emanates from you’ with what you do in the world. 

Your most valuable tool that you have is your energy field.

What people are saying:

The Journey begins…

“I have a much better understanding of how to peel back the layers and support myself through the process on my own as I go through challenges. I have experienced some powerful shifts that have left me feeling lighter and more heart centred.”

“I have developed a much deeper understanding that I am never alone.”

“I have found myself now being able to slow how I’m thinking right down, I’m focused on putting positive energy into things which would ordinarily bring me anxiety and appreciating that ultimately what will be, will be, the universe is constantly opening and closing doors.”

“I feel like I’m taking better care of myself.”

“I’m sooo much more positive about myself, and others.  I feel loved, my inner child, Angel, and guide are always with me. Even my lovely friends have noticed, I have that inner feeling of peace now.”

“I have definitely opened up spiritually since my journey and learnt a lot of new aspects about myself and about my healing. I am more confident and more aware of myself and my feelings and I have acquired new strategies to implement in my life. I am more connected to my higher self and I find that I am more content.”

 “I came away with a better understanding of myself and my responses to certain situations, which I have found very helpful.”

“I now feel more at ease, confident and complete as a person. It’s like I accept the real me as being precious and important, and now see how I fit into this world.  I have a direction to focus my attention on, which feels perfect and I’m excited to discover what unfolds.”

“I’m definitely more grounded and I feel like I have direction and purpose.”

“I received guidance which helped me build some boundaries which were needed.”

“I feel like a lot has been lifted off my shoulders, and seem not so concerned of other people’s opinion of me. I feel more personally empowered in that way.”

“I’m different as a person, as I feel comforted by knowing I am not alone on my journey. I am relaxed and calmed.”

“I feel more comfortable and empowered to deal with decisions, both easy and difficult. I feel more in touch with my intuitive guidance.”

“I now confidently rely more easily on guidance from my intuition and feel so much calmer.”

“I discovered more about my family history which helped me move forward with so much more understanding and compassion.”

… to Master Graduates

Dreams which seemed impossible have come true!

My path is clear, and the universe wastes no time in inspiring me with each new step.

This has been the most rewarding work in my life and it feels amazing to be confident that I am heading in the right direction towards my highest path.

I’m loving teaching others and holding healing retreats, helping people let go, and watch them change their lives for the better.

My life is forever changed.

The further along this path you go, the more aware you become of your true self. It really is a journey, a way of life that, if you choose, with the right intention, will change your life forever – and will continue to do so – that’s what it’s done for me.

I feel more empowered now than I have ever in my life!

I now have a whole new skill in connecting with spirits which helps my clients with their healing and I had no idea before I started this work that I could ever do that!

AND…  I’m teaching and I LOVE IT – especially knowing I am helping others feel empowered because I have been there… from vulnerable to confident and capable – the most rewarding experience for me ever!

My confidence is beyond anything I ever imagined.

My work as a Life Coach since becoming a Foundation Master of Conscious Light has now taken a whole new quantum leap in how I present self-healing, self-care, and self-inspiration to my clients.

You have no idea the excitement which bursts from me when I have guided someone and observe them totally transform their lives

The ‘Path to Mastery’ Journey