Visual Guided Meditations

Higher Communications

Meditations that can be experienced with eyes open and no sound.

Created to ensure I also serve the hard-of-hearing and the deaf community

The beautiful images that gently flow to tell the story of the meditation is for everyone to enjoy. Called ‘Higher Communications’, these meditations are the foundation of ‘The Path to Heart Based Power’ program. 



Healing the shadows, letting go of the trauma from the past in the gentlest, softest possible way.


Allowing peace in your heart, experiencing clarity and courage in making the changes you desire.


Opening yourself up to allow more of the feelings of harmony, joy and love in your life.


Shining your light, as you go about your regular day.

ALIGNing your energy | connecting with your higher self and soul.

‘Letting your thoughts go’ Meditation

This is an ideal practice you can use at any time in your day to release those annoying pesky thoughts.

Sometimes I imagine hundreds of butterflies around me, just for the pure joy of it.

‘Walls of colour’ Meditation

This is an ideal practice when your body is telling you it’s going through a period of stress. 

‘Walls of colour’ helps me bring a feeling of relief. It eases my stress, and helps me feel balanced again.

‘Release burdens’ Meditation

This is an ideal practice you can use if a situation is bugging you, and you feel like you are carrying an unnecessary load.

 I was in my 20’s when I was introduced to meditation.  At the time I wasn’t very impressed at a particular family member and it had weighed heavily on me for years. This meditation – and I only experienced it once – ditched that issue from my emotions and thoughts forever, and was the ‘chi ching’ moment in my life, in just how incredibly powerful meditation can be. 

‘White Light’ Meditation

This is a soothing practice, increasing your vibration (meaning it makes you feel uplifted) – and great for the beginning of your day.

We use this meditation to prepare our energy, to increase our light for practicing an energy healing on someone.

‘Higher Self’ Meditation

You will recognise these thoughts as coming from your higher self, because the words will be loving, come from a higher perspective and be for the highest good of all. 

Once you get into the habit of it, you can quickly reach for your higher self at any time like I do – helpful when facing a red light and you are in a hurry.

Creating  multi-dimensional shifts which HEAL your heart.

‘Releasing past & present life obstacles’ Meditation 

This is a multi-dimensional practice, which includes healing past life experiences.

When I first created these visual guided meditations, I watched someone very precious to me closely – to see the affect. She is deaf and was relying on her eyes only to experience it. With this particular meditation, her body ‘jumped’ in the middle of it. When she had finished, she looked at me with big eyes saying “That was powerful!”  It was at that moment I knew I was on the right track creating these meditations in a visual way. 

‘Meeting your guide’ Meditation

You will begin a relationship with your guide and very likely discover there is more than one.

My guide has introduced to me many over the years (I call them my spiritual support group). It doesn’t matter if you can’t see them, because for me, I just know they are there… supporting me and helping me. Working with them consciously, co-creating what I would love to achieve is awesome. They have placed coincidences in front of me, new teachers in front of me, and opened up opportunities for me to choose. They are the best friends ever.

‘Meet your Sub Personalities’ Meditation

Recognise how positive change is made easier and achievable. It’s great when you have all your personality parts focusing on the same goal and on your side. Mine has been fantastic when I feel fear (who approches me in a female form). Fear has surfaced considerably when creating this work over the years.

I had to wrestle with thoughts like “What if this isn’t good enough?”, “What if I’m doing this all for nothing?”… and fear has helped me turn my thoughts around, reminding me (as we agreed upon in the meditation) to ask my soul instead… How I can be better?, What can I do better?’ What’s my next most important step?… and to thank my soul for the answers she gives to me.” I feel ‘fear’ smiling at me then. I relax my shoulders… and keep going.  

 ‘Forgiveness Meditation’

When I introduced this meditation to Christine, who when I first met her was burdened by the horrible stories of bullying from the past. I watched her completely forgive those involved, choose to love them from a distance without guilt, and happily get on with her life.

She has shared with me since, the memories that she reframed in her mind (from this meditation) are of love and kindness instead. Her journey since has been incredible – I’ve had the privilege of watching her become a Master with the most extraordinary wisdom and heart power. 

When I learned the ‘Forgiveness Meditation’ I was in my late 20’s. This was at this pivotal point for me and I found myself confidently writing specific meditations for people who came to me for healings.

Some had serious illnesses. I recognised the heaviness created by a past filled with all manner of emotional pain, and introduced forgiveness, spoke of angels, and our souls, and how we are never alone. Without realising it, I was helping people pass away with a lighter heart – and that feels really special to me.

EMPOWER your inner world | project love outwards.

‘New Belief’ Meditation

Great for shifting those thoughts and beliefs that are self-sabotaging, and make you feel unworthy. You deserve to allow only the thoughts and beliefs that make you feel good inside.

The one which surfaced from time to time for me while creating this work was “I’m not a very good business woman” which wasn’t a very good feeling thought. I’ve changed this to various different versions, but my best one to date  is “I will always succeed – with love as my intention”.

‘Projecting Light and Love’ Meditation

When I worked for a large engineering firm as a receptionist (years ago), I used to practice this meditation first thing in the morning, sending love to everyone who walked inside the doors of the big building the company I worked for were tenants in, and to everyone who I was going to speak to on the switchboard that day.

People would turn up at my reception – instead of where they were meant to be, at another business reception – and say “I don’t know why I’m here!” I would respond with (depending on how open I thought they might be) “Oh you were just following my love… I sent love to everyone who walks through those big entry doors today in my meditation this morning.” They always smiled. I’d then point to them the way to go. 

‘Pain Body’ Meditation

This meditation is the BEST lesson on how to energetically release from other people’s drama – and part of the process in creating healthy boundaries.

Practicing this created the most profound change in me. It was responsible for me feeling consciously heart powered in a painful situation for the very first time – it was incredible. I experienced an enormous shift in my life  – which impacted others in higher ways. It’s a personal story, involving people I love, so I can’t share the details, but I’m so very, very, very grateful for this lesson.

This is a Master practice, called ‘the art of observation’.

‘The Future Five Year You’ Meditation

Whenever you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or are in need of encouragement as you make this journey, call upon the guidance and love of your very own cheerleader and mentor, your future five year you.

When I connect with my future five year me – she really inspires me to focus. She shows me three paths, and I always head for the one with the most light – I figure that’s got to be the best choice – and jump right in.

Transformations that INSPIRE others as you go about your regular day.

‘Awaken the Inner Healer Within’ You Meditation

This meditation is instrumental in so many aspects of my life.

That includes sending my inner healer to work on those aches and pains as they arise – nudging me to do some laps at the pool, and to eat not so much chocolate… right through to teaching people how to become Master Healers. I’ve given her quite a big job to do.

‘Soul level communications’ Meditation

Communicate telepathically on the soul level to the higher self/soul of another.  This practice is particularly useful if you need to communicate a sensitive issue to someone who is likely to react badly (change miraculously becomes their idea). I use this ALL THE TIME.

I have been practicing this way of communicating difficult subjects with my husband Shane for well over 20 years with the most incredible results. Only recently he asked me why I thought we didn’t argue.  When I explained to him that if I had a problem with him at all, it would hurt him deeply, so I talk to his higher self instead.  He wasn’t at all surprised – on some level he knew all along.

‘Expansion of Divine Light and Love’ Meditation

You are a light-worker (incase you didn’t know), naturally shining your light –  just by going about your regular day you uplift the energy of the earth and all its beings. This meditation shows you how to expand your divine light and love.

You play an important role by contributing to the waves of mass harmony, light and love in this world.

‘I Am’ Meditation

The final Meditation, the ‘I Am’ Meditation highlights all you have become on this journey.

The HUGEST thank you to my first mother-in-law (I’ve had two – this one only for a few short years in my early 20’s – both incredibile mentors and sources of inspiration and love in my life) ‘Mum Gourdis’ taught me this. She has the main body of the words to this meditation displayed on her fridge and reads them regularly to herself. 

She shared with me recently (in her 90’s now, and still my most precious friend) that she visits a cafe on her own first thing, almost every day. A man who is also a regular in the cafe, approached her and asked kindly “Are you feeling lonely?” to which she instantly replied “No, I’m my own very best friend” – and meant it.  Great hey!

Everyone expanding – for each other

My gift to you below…

You might like to begin with my gift to you below, the Masterclass called ‘Open to your Heart Power’ where you begin your journey of confidently developing your relationship with your Soul to use as a resource in your life.

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