Robyn, Visual Guided Meditations, Conscious Light

The ways in which I serve and how this all started

The visual guided meditations and quantum hypnotherapy are instrumental in creating all aspects of my programs and services

You will discover what led me to the path of teaching enery and emotional health, how I was inspired to create visual guided meditations, and the part they play in the Programs I offer. How Quantum Hypnotherapy naturally evolved to become a very important service I now provide.

As with everyone, when I experienced challenges, I needed to seek ways to feel better in my heart.

This created my journey, and having had a lifetime fascination with all things Spirit… and recognising both my parents (by their love and actions to towards others) were master healers, has led me here... more. 

You are guided by your Quantum Self (a layer above your higher self) in a multi-dimensional experience.

There is no limit to what you will experience, and in that journey, there will be a reason, a healing, an understanding, a purpose, and a very important message creating immense shifts in your life… more. 

The foundation of the courses, with heart empowering guidance are gentle, colourful, soft and beautiful, so everyone is able to experience them fully with eyes open, and no sound.

Intending to serve the hard of hearing and the deaf community, they evolved to become an aspect which enriches everyone’s inner being… more.

Recognizing the feelings of emotional pain as a trigger, you take the steps to investigate how to heal, love, and care for you.

Seeking guidance from your Soul of the bigger picture, you take action in the highest way… more.

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