Conscious Light - system of natural healing

From beginner to master healer and teacher

From beginner to Master Healer and Teacher

Conscious Light is the foundation of ‘The Path to Mastery’ Program

The Path to Mastery makes learning easy and fun – because your Soul plays a major part in it – with all video instructions subtitled, including check lists and everything you need should you also choose to hold workshops, healing retreats and teach this work.

Included is also the ‘Path to Heart Based Power’ where you heal and strengthen your heart power, in preparation to begin amplifying Conscious Light and healing energy through your hands and body.

You will be working at a multidimensional level, practicing oneness, and playing an important part of the mass consciousness, all working together to co-create a life with more feelings of harmony, love, joy, and freedom in it.

After having experienced the ‘Path to Heart Based Power’, this is where you begin… amplifying Conscious Light. 

System of natural healing

Practice specific healing energy techniques

Through your hands and body, deep in and around the energy centres (chakras), including breath work, commands and colour, each contributing in the healing and removing of toxic emotions and empowering those you work on.

Permanently disintegrating immobilising emotions

Permanently letting go of immobilising emotions, such as grief, guilt, regret, and shame etc. Release trauma from the past (including past lives), heal emotions, soothe auric fields, deeply clearing and carrying away – from the very core, all toxic energies. Shifting the cells in their body, allowing them to calibrate to a new way of being. 

Become a Master Healer and Teacher 

Everything is supplied including timing, content, checklists for you to hold workshops, healing retreats, meditation gatherings and teach.  You will receive three Certificates representing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees of Conscious Light – system of natural healing.


Healing energy program for the beginner

1st degree

Starting at the very beginning, with all the preparation, invocations, the tools and knowledge you require about energy centres in and around the body.

You will to confidently build your energy, learn to heal emotions, soothe auric fields.

It’s the most nurturing, soft, gentle and soothing experience to receive, and incredible for relieving stress.  

Combined with the ‘Path to Mastery’ is also the ‘Path to Heart Based Power’ program which includes all the self healing techniques and visual guided meditations, and is the preparation building your energy, strengthening your heart and igniting your inner power to enable you to begin practicing Conscious Light.

When you share any of this work to your clients, you receive a very generous affiliate.


Awaken the Master within

2nd and 3rd degrees

Transformational shifts releasing trauma from the past (including past lives), using advanced techniques in which you will learn specific hand techniques, breath work, commands and colour.

Incredible for disintegrating and removing toxic energies from the from the very core, including all toxic energies. permanently letting go of immobilising emotions, such as grief, guilt, regret, and shame etc. Shifting the cells in their body, allowing them to calibrate to a new way of being. 

Learn distance healing, group healing and self-healing techniques.

Everything is supplied including timing, and content, for you to hold workshops, healing retreats, and meditation gatherings.


The Master awakened

CONSCIOUS LIGHT – master manual

You will receive:

  • Three Certificates representing the 3 degrees of Conscious Light to proudly display in your healing room;
  • Your Master Attunement where you will meet your Master Guide who has been with you all the while you have been on this journey, deepening your connection;
  • An invitation to receive a generous affilliate opportunity, should you wish to teach this work
  • The Conscous Light – Master Manual eBook where you will cover subjects like owning your value, how to handle your inner critic, and outer critics and confidently apply Master practices as a part of your daily life. 

The healing and empowering of each individual will help others whom they touch in society… and beyond.

Everyone expanding – for each other.

Serving the hard-of-hearing and the deaf community

The visual guided meditations called Higher Communications play an important role in The Path to Mastery, as they gently guide you, in a soft, colourful and beautiful way.

You can experience them just as fully with eyes open and no sound.

Your higher purpose is not what you ‘do’ in the world.

It’s what ’emanates from you’ with what you do in the world. 

Your most valuable tool that you have is your energy field.

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