Robyn E Gibson

Teacher of Energy Healing | Quantum Hypnotherapist

Every inspirational leader began by…  ‘Activating their Intuition’

The online energy healing courses on this website are ideal for the beginner in energy healing and empowering practices, working step by step to a greater level of spiritual growth.

As you progress, you are provided with everything you need to teach others if this is a path you feel inspired to do.

Begin your journey of self-care, self-love and self awareness, by Activating your Intuition –  in the free course below. 

Activate your Intuition

In this online energy healing course, you will experience self love, self support and become more aware of the power of your higher intuitive self and soul.

Let go, connect, and ignite your mind, body & soul.

The online energy healing courses on this site are divided into three programs, depending on your interests:


‘Co-Creation at its Best’

Become more aware of the power of your Soul… creating a life with more love, joy and peace.

Discover your Soul’s vision for you… then watch what unfolds.

‘Path to Heart Based Power’

A light filled heart ampified… strengthening and empowering your inner world.

Self-healing, heart empowering techniques and transformational visual guided meditations, creating a strong heart foundation, a connection to your guides and the spiritual support surrounding you.

‘Path to Mastery’ with Conscious Light – system of natural healing

Energy healing practices from beginner Healer to Teacher/Master level… uplifting and empowering those you touch, and those who they touch.

Become a confident energy healer to Master level, with the techniques which empower people to overcome emotional trauma, and expand to a new way of being… a life filled with harmony, joy and love. Everything you need to become a Master Teacher, including holding Meditation Gatherings and Healing Retreats.

Step by step… individual courses with upgrade opportunities 

You have an option to experience each individual course which make up the ‘Path to Heart Based Power’ and the ‘Path to Mastery’ with the opportunity to upgrade when you feel ready for the next new step. 

The first course is ‘Activate your Intuition’ which is free, is the most beautiful self care guide… and on it’s own is a life transforming experience.

Serving the deaf/hard of hearing community

My priority value is to always serve this community in the highest and best way by ensuring:-

  • Accurate subtitles on all videos,
  • All videos transcribed, and
  • The 17 guided meditations are created in a visual way, can be fully experience with eyes open and no sound, are beautiful and gently flowing. 

About Robyn

Hi, I’m Robyn

My intention is always to help empower others, so they are confident in following their higher purpose – whatever that may be.

Together, we create a heart healing impact all around
the world.

If you are ready to become the inspiration we need on earth at this time, then you have come to the right place.

My intentions

I love creating confidence in those seeking personal spiritual connections, and through the online experiences presented in the courses on this website, I am grateful to be able to reach an ever expanding range of people around the globe.

Whilst people are becoming aware of the power of their intuitive higher self and soul, they are allowing peace in their hearts, discovering their higher purpose, becoming confident and empowered to create a life with more of what they would love.

It is my intention and primary value to include the hard of hearing and the deaf community in all of my online work.  This is achieved with the visual guided meditations, which you can experience with eyes open and no sound, and video instructions which are subtitled and transcribed.  

These techniques help guide people move their emotional pain through their body to an inner peace which inspires self-discovery, connection to their higher self and soul and together co-create a life with more feelings of harmony, love, joy, and freedom in it. 

My focus is devoted to the individual seeking answers to: who am I, where do I come from, why am I here, where am I going, how can I heal, how can I love and look after me, how do I allow peace in my heart, what is my life purpose, how do I ignite my voice, my body, my creativity, and my curiosity to help make that happen and what is my next most important step?

The healing and empowering of each individual will help others whom they touch in society… and beyond.

Everyone expanding – for each other.

Robyn E Gibson

The Path to Mastery Journey


Conscious Light

When invoking the high-level light beings, masters and guides as you do in this work, the light which you call upon is a living entity, a form of consciousness.

When you surround yourself with this light, fill your body, project and radiate it, you include the beautiful qualities it holds.

Qualities of higher purpose, joy, trust, goodwill, oneness, radiance and love.

What people are saying…

Dreams which seemed impossible have come true!

My path is clear, and the universe wastes no time in inspiring me with each new step.

This has been the most rewarding work in my life and it feels amazing to be confident that I am heading in the right direction towards my highest path. I’m loving teaching others and holding healing retreats helping people let go, and watching them change their lives for the better.

My life is forever changed.

The further along this path you go, the more aware you become of your true self. It really is a journey, a way of life that, if you choose, with the right intention, will change your life forever – and will continue to do so – that’s what it’s done for me.

I feel more empowered now than I have ever in my life!

I now have a whole new skill in connecting with spirits which helps my clients with their healing and I had no idea before I started this work that I could ever do that!

AND…  I’m teaching and I LOVE IT – especially knowing I am helping others feel empowered because I have been there… from vulnerable to confident and capable – the most rewarding experience for me ever!

My confidence is beyond anything I ever imagined.

My work as a Life Coach since becoming a Foundation Master of Conscious Light has now taken a whole new quantum leap in how I present self-healing, self-care, and self-inspiration to my clients.

You have no idea the excitement which bursts from me when I have guided someone and observe them totally transform their lives