Robyn E Gibson

Quantum Hypnotherapist,
Teacher of healing energy & transformation






system of natural healing 

meditation program


  Conscious Light MASTER CLASS - AU $97.00



Spiritual Toolbox

'Guide for Empaths - navigating life
with more ease and grace' 

Clear toxic emotions
from the past easing
the feelings of anxiety, worry and grief.

Techniques, invocations,
personal stories and the
first five visual guided meditations
(example below) in

'Higher Communications'.

Techniques which will guide you through the process of soothing your emotions.

"When I'm reading Guide for Empaths, I feel like I'm being wrapt up in a safe, warm blanket, and I'm only up to page 6" - Tony

"My life has changed so dramatically since now inviting the Universe to help me in the practices presented in Guide for Empaths.

Dreams which seemed impossible have come true, my path is clear and the Universe wastes no time in inspiring me with each new step. I now know how to ask, how to listen and excitedly I now take action" - Christine


Help Others Heal

'Conscious Light - healing energy healing program for the beginner'

Building  inner strength, by learning to
heal emotions, soothe auric fields,
deeply, clearing and

carrying away toxic energies.

 9 subtitled videos (example below) and written instructions with personal stories,  and invocations, hands on and distance healing practices. Together with your spiritual tool box enables you to begin your energy healing practice and give
easy take home techniques
to those you serve.

Everything you need to
begin your healing energy practice.

"Where in the past I had such self-doubt and lacked confidence, I have practiced the inner work, speak to the souls of others when I have a challenge and I regularly connect with my higher self.

I feel more empowered now than I ever have in my life and I know I have an important role to play. That makes me feel incredible" - Julie


Teach Others

'Conscious Light - awaken the master within'.

Create transformational shifts from trauma from the past with advanced
healing energy practices . Deeply clear cleanse, heal, seal and energise auric shields and energy centres.

Learn advanced healing energy practices, with 8 subtitled videos and written instructions with personal stories, techniques, invocations, 6 swipe files, 12 workshop worksheets and the remaining 12 visual guided meditations in 'Higher Communications'.

Gain the confidence and skills to teach healers advanced healing energy practices and holding workshops/retreats and become a Master Healer and Teacher of Conscious Light.

"This program has created a whole new level of confidence in me which is beyond anything I ever imagined.

My work as a Life Coach has now taken a whole new quantum leap in how I present self-healing, self-care and self-inspiration to my clients" - Cindy

"The further along this path you go, the more aware you become of your true self. It really is a journey, a way of life that, if you choose, with the right intention, will change your life forever - and will continue to do so" - Kerry

Learning is easy with lifetime access and online suppport

  Conscious Light THE MASTER AWAKENED AU $50.00

Master self care
Resolve your inner critic
Own your value
Value Essences
Channel with confidence
Soul questions provided
Meet your spiritual Master

Celebrate your success


Become an affiliate
as  you are now a... 

 Master of Conscious Light and ready to teach this work, should this be your path. 

Who this is for

Do you have an interest in the

healing of the layers of shadows which may be present
in your emotional body right now, and or which may arise
as you navigate through your life experiences?

Release the shadows you may have
which is stopping you from becoming
the light filled, radiant and powerful
Being you came here to be.


If you already practicing a modality such as

Reiki, Pranic, Massage and Life Coaching ...

Conscious Light and Higher Communications
 uplevels your life and those you serve and teach

with new intuitive dimensions


What we mean by 'healing' is not necessarily just in the traditional sense,
as it includes the transformation which allows your soul and higher self
to come out and play... and be a part of your daily life.
Healing is expansion.

Why Conscious Light Master Class

Inspires transformation for yourself and those you teach and serve by:

Leading you gently through the process of 

peeling away and

deeply releasing trauma from the past.

Guiding you on how to resolve

future challenges from a higher perspective.

Confidently channeling your own Master and Guide.

Allowing your soul and higher self to play

more of a part in your daily life.

Your higher purpose becomes clear

magnitising new golden opportunities ahead.

Robyn has been a practicing healer and teacher of energy healings, meditations and hypnotherapy for over 30 years. 

Robyn channels great beings of light and was guided to create
CONSCIOUS LIGHT - system of natural healing in a way in which also serves the hard of hearing and deaf community.

This was achieved by creating the guided meditations in a visual way and including subtitles on all video instructions.

Conscious Light – MASTER CLASS Introductory Price $97.00 - until February 2021

Conscious Light​ 

When invoking the high-level light beings,
masters and guides as you do in this work,
the light which you call upon is a living entity,
a form of consciousness.

When you surround yourself with this light,
fill your body, project and radiate it,
you include the beautiful qualities it holds.

Qualities of higher purpose, joy, trust, goodwill, oneness,
radiance and love.  

Imagine the relief

of having lifetime access to all your material, video’s with subtitles,
articles, eBooks, visual guided meditations, workshop worksheets, and programing, everything available to you always to refer to on your own member page.

Imagine the support

of having likeminded healers to check in with, share your experiences and
ask questions.

Imagine observing transformations

in others as they forgive, surrender, evolve and grow.

Imagine having the confidence

to hold group meditation sessions and workshops which inspires and
serves your clients in a powerful way.

Imagine becoming the master of this work

and teach others how they too can be master healers with
generous affiliate opportunities when that time comes.

Leaders of Transformation

Video instruction example

Visual Guided Meditation example

Life-changing inner healing techniques, meditations and 3 degrees of Conscious Light healing energy practices ... 

a very deep level of inner healing
for those having experienced
trauma from the past.

The Master Class includes everything you need to teach ...
and hold retreats or workshops for healing
on very important subjects needed on earth right now.

Higher Communications,
(the 17 visual guided meditations)
included in the Master Class
is a spiritual growth, 
deeply healing inner journey,
amplifying your light
and inspiring you to
resolve your challenges
from a higher perspective.

Support through
Facebook Groups and
Facebook Live Sessions.

Master Class 
Introductory Offer $97

- Offer ending February 2021 -

We welcome you to be part of our tribe.

This is what you will learn... 

 Advanced healing energy techniques and practices

  •  How to assist your client to let go deeply clearing particular emotions and trauma using colour, hand actions and asking relevant questions.
  • How to deeply disintigrate and remove all negative elementals, psychic attacks and contaminations from the chakra centres, balancing them and freeing your client of these heavy energetic burdens.
  • Self-empowering and self-healing techniques to serve yourself and your clients in the highest and best way.
  • Master Self-care.
  • Support to resolve your inner critic.
  • OWN YOUR VALUE and know your worth.

How to confidently hold events, workshops and retreats:

  • You will be guided every step of the way on how to inspire others how to self-heal in a group environment, in either a casual gathering, workshop or more formal retreat. 
  • With the help of the 17 visual guided meditations and the 12 Workshop Worksheets already created for you, and 6 suggested Workshop Subjects, the procedures, all the information, the checklist and social media swipe files, you will find it easy to feel confident to create events covering a wide range of important subjects all created for you and needed on earth right now.
  • These events you offer are an opportunity for your clients to ask themselves the hard questions and answer them in a safe space. It's about allowing the opportunity to see situations from a higher perspective and determine new ways to handle the challenges they face.
  • With the swipe files to refer to, which includes an image and suggested scripts will help you create your social media event campaign for your workshops or retreats with ease.
  • You will learn how to confidently offer your services during these group sessions and discover this as a way for people to get to know all about you and the sacred services that you offer. 

This is what you will receive...

 Lifetime access

  • eBook 'CONSCIOUS LIGHT - awaken the master within divided into 6 Parts.  
  • 8  Clear video instructions with accurate subtitles. 
  • 17 visual guided meditations in the Higher Communications program
  • 6 Subjects to hold either a Gathering, Workshop or Retreat with instructions on how to set up, procedures and checklist.
  • 12 Workshop Worksheets on pdf editable format ready to use with links to the success stories of each one.
  • 6 Full day and half day Swipe Files of social media events for Workshops with suggested scripts to help you get started.
  • Support through a private Facebook group 'Conscious Light - Masters Group' where I'll hop into live on a regular basis addressing any questions and inspiring ideas, plus you can ask for support and chat to fellow members daily.
  • You will be provided with suggested subjects AND material for events which are so important on earth right now, for example healing grief, easing worry, feeling empowered, improving relationships, contacting your spiritual support group and how to ask for the Universe's help in all you do.
  • Guidance on the timing, set up, procedures, what you need, and a checklist for your events to ensure you feel confident on the day.
  • You will have available 17 visual guided meditations and 12 Workshop Worksheets to choose from for your events.


After having experienced and practiced above you qualify as Master of Conscious Light and the next step is to apply for the Master Manual, Certificates and Attunement.

Master self care
Resolve your inner critic
Own your value
Channel with confidence
Meet your spiritual Master
Soul questions provided
Celebrate your success
Certification and Attunement

Lifetime access to this program.


 Hop in and out when you need, take it at your own pace, in the comfort of your home.


How to know this is for you:


Are you spiritually minded?  You can do this! 

Are you a seeker of spiritual growth and personal empowerment for yourself and/or to assist others?

Do you feel inspired to empower your community by guiding them how to overcome their emotional challenges and trauma from the past?

Do you envision, and would love to inspire communities to shine brightly with emotional freedom, inner peace and make decisions for the collective from a higher perspective?

Are you open to expand your current healing modality with a spiritual toolbox, healing techniques and meditations which inspire transformation?

Are you keen to explore your intuition further, by becoming confident with channeling, and a list of 'Soul Questions' to receive the specific guidance you desire.

Are you keen to meet your guide/s, spiritual Master, and the great beings of light which become known to you as you grow?

If you are feeling this is your path and you appreciate ongoing support and lifetime access to the workshop guidelines, materials, visual guided meditations, subtitled video instructions, and healing techniques CONSCIOUS LIGHT - system of natural healing is ideal for you.

This is not for you if you are:


Feeling overwhelmed and would rather focus on healing yourself first.

Please enjoy the free eBooks ‘Guide for Empaths – navigating life with more ease and grace’ and ‘Conscious Light – healing energy program for the beginner’ and the blog articles at your own pace.


Imagine a set of doors in front of you, with one illuminated with the highest, brightest, most radiant light beyond.  Step into this room and breathe in the light. Let go and surrender to the feeling of peace.

Give yourself permission to take your time and enjoy each step.


Are you deaf or hard of hearing
and spiritually curious?

Conscious Light and the visual  guided meditations in Higher Communications
are a bridge that leads you to a deeper level of connection;
connection to self, to family and to community.

Are you a seeker of spiritual growth and personal empowerment
for yourself and/or to assist others?

Do you feel inspired to empower your community by guiding them
how to overcome their emotional challenges and trauma from the past?

Do you envision, and would love to inspire communities
to shine brightly with emotional freedom, inner peace and
make decisions for the collective from a higher perspective?

Are you open to discover a healing modality with
a spiritual toolbox, energy healing techniques and
visual guided meditations which inspire transformation?

Are you keen to explore your intuition further, by becoming
confident with channeling your higher power, with a list of 'Soul Questions'
to receive the specific guidance you desire.

Are you keen to meet your guide/s, spiritual Master, and
the great beings of light which become known to you as you grow?


Are you ready for Conscious Light?

If you are ready to tap into your higher power, and
appreciate lifetime access and ongoing support... 

CONSCIOUS LIGHT - system of natural healing is ideal for you.

I invite you to embark on the wonderful inner journey of
emotional healing, personal and spiritual growth.

You won’t be alone, as you connect with the
higher wisdom you have within and surrounding you, waiting for you. 

The Master Class of Conscious Light and it's community
will guide you every step of the way.

My first introduction to Robyn’s work started when I went to her to experience a Quantum Hypnotherapy session and her ability to put me at ease meant it flowed easily and I felt safe and protected throughout the session. I came away with a better understanding of myself and my responses to certain situations, which I have found life changing.

Subsequently I have received further healings from her, embraced the techniques she offered me and my life has made a change in direction which feels like my true path, I am now a healer, and I feel confident because of the way Robyn has guided me.

Having everything online means I've been able to access the information at a moment’s notice. I feel proud that I can from experience, share all the techniques which served me so well when I needed them.

I have since created a healing room in my home which was once a place for storing things I really didn’t need. My life has changed and I am so very grateful for this work which has inspired me to listen to my higher and quantum self to make the changes I needed. I am excited about what the future holds and feel passionate about this direction. It makes it easy to know I have the support I need when feeling doubt.

Kerry Pegler

Conscious Light Master Healer and Artist

I came to Robyn at first at one of her workshops needing to feel empowered. She has helped me in so many ways. Giving her time, knowledge, sharing her valuable creations with meditations, light body workshops and energy healings with me. I am so much wiser and have grown so much from her in all ways on a personal and soul level. I admire her in all that she is and she does.

She is an inspiration to me and because of what she has introduced to me my life has changed, I am now a practicing healer, a direction which has come as a surprise to me.

Where in the past I had such self-doubt and lacked confidence I have practiced the inner work, speak to the souls of others when I have a challenge and I regularly connect with my higher self. I now have a clear path in front of me and intend fully to become a very powerful healer and teacher of this work.

I'm excited to share this knowledge and support others who need help like I did.

Julie Bywaters

Conscious Light Master Healer

Are you ready to awaken the master within you?

Feel welcomed by a community as we join together shining our inner light.


Why Meditate?

Meditation promotes both physical and mental well-being and contributes towards positive emotional traits.   Here's what neuroscientists have to say in an overview of their research in 'Meditation and Neuroscience: From Basic Research to Clinical Practice' about the benefits:


  • nurtures the nervous system
  • improves the immune system
  • reduces neuronal decay due to normal aging
  • promotes psychological well-being 
  • changes individual's thoughts about and interpretaton of negative emotions
  • assists with helping dissociative disorders through the development of a mindful attitude

Higher Communications makes meditation easy - just like watching a little video, each under 10 minutes long.

Here's what happens after you say yes...

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  2. Enter your Paypal or credit card details and complete your payment!
  3. You will be returned to the registration page where you can create your login.
  4. You’ll also receive a welcome email in your inbox (check your spam).
  5. You’ll get immediate access to all the content in your member page.

You are contributing towards the collective shift in raising
the vibrations on earth needed right now...

With qualities of higher purpose, joy, trust, goodwill,
oneness, radiance and love.

You are needed and now is your time.


Testimonials about Robyn

  • You, the Ultimate Masterpiece Workshop

    Robyn Gibson is one of those special people you only meet every so often.  She is full of energy and love, and is so supportive and wise.  I met her when I attended her You, the Ultimate Masterpiece Workshop which led me towards accepting myself and I feel so much happier.  It’s sometimes been a bumpy ride but it’s worth it for the periods of pure bliss and contentment.  I’ve found that the workbook from Robyn’s “You, The Ultimate Masterpiece Workshop” has provided me with many tools I can use in my everyday life to tune in the beautiful energy available to us all.

    Isabelle Ting
  • Align Your Energy Workshops 1 and 2, Empowerment Coaching, Personal Power Program and Empowerment Gatherings

    Robyn has helped me let go of the thoughts which created emotional pain.  I feel confident I am able to listen and respond from a heart perspective which has created tremendous positive change within me.

    I have always been spiritual, however I now have more of an understanding, learning how to let go and to listen to my heart.  I now easily release the need to control the situations I have no power over in myself, and in others.

    I am so very grateful, because this is what I have always wanted to achieve.

    Denise Roberts (deniseray1969 at
  • Align Your Energy Workshops 1 and 2, Personal Power Program and Empowerment Gatherings 

    I've always shied away from anything spiritual, thinking that it's all 'woo woo' and way too 'out there' for my more logical, analytical nature. But Robyn's workshops have opened my eyes, and my heart, to become more receptive to the many ways in which the universe works. It has helped me to see another side of meditation, where you gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of yourself, along with a greater ability to show yourself, and others, more compassion. The tools and ongoing support Robyn has provided have helped me to heal and grow in many areas of my life.

    Gaye Nilson (gnilson at
  • Empower Your Life Workshops 1 and 2, now Master of this work

    I have done Empower Your Life Workshops 1 & 2 and it has changed my life! I had no idea how powerful these techniques would be!

    I am now a Master of the techniques Robyn has shown me and hold Workshops using this work to help empower others. Robyn supports us all to be Masters and an Inspiration to others as her ultimate goal, and it has worked on me!

    Christine Bunn (cbdb46 at
  • Align Your Energy Workshops 1 and 2

    I wanted to thank you for your Align Your Energy Workshops 1 and 2. They were fantastic, I really enjoyed them.  They helped with healing old hurts, clearing my mind and I have a healthier focus now.

    I draw on the sessions regularly, and your techniques have helped with all areas of my life.

    Thank you so much.

    Janice Oaks (jj.oakes at

Click here for more testmonials


With your higher self


Calm your emotions


Build your energy and amplify


The Master within awakened


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