Robyn E Gibson

Master Teacher of Emotional Health,
Energy Healing and Spiritual Growth.

Online programs and services that combine easy, practical teachings together with metaphysics to deepen and enrich your inner world.

Beginning with Self-Healing – through to Master Healer and Teacher.

Welcome, I’m Robyn,

Embark on a transformative journey with the ‘Path to Heart Based Power’ program dedicated to reclaiming your inner strength and power in a heart-centred way. 

This involves gaining clarity and collaboratively healing past wounds with your Soul, fostering a new way of being that welcomes more love, harmony and joy in your life.

You may choose to explore further with the ‘Path to Mastery’ program, providing techniques, tools and inspiration to evolve into a Master Healer and Teacher of Energy Healing with ‘Conscious Light – System of Natural Healing.’

Experience Soul Magic as you explore these online programs and services.

Online Programs

There are three programs, and I invite you to delve into the details by clicking the images below. 


Enrich your inner world
Heal and empower your heart

HEART BASED POWER text linking to course. Icon of meditating woman with light shining from heart, Milky Way Background.

Heal your heart, by releasing emotions, and obstacles from the past and opening to a heart powered way of being… creating a life filled with love, harmony and joy. 


Become a Master Healer
and Teacher

Conscious Light PATH TO MASTERY text linked to course. Icon of woman meditating with heart rays outward from her heart. Milky Way background

Starting at the very beginning, to advanced master practices, you will learn how to project energy healing through your hands and body, onto another.


Create healthy boundaries
Co-create with your Soul

Co-Creation at its Best text linking to the course, surrounded by a heart shape of stars with the Milky Way in the background

Review your life as it is now, prioritise your energy with self-love and self-support, and determine if any relationships require healthy boundaries established.

Your higher purpose is not what you ‘do’ in the world.

It’s what ’emanates from you’ with what you do in the world. 

Your most valuable tool that you have is your energy field.

Serving the hard-of-hearing and the deaf community

The visual guided meditations called Higher Communications play an important role in The Path to Heart Based Power’, as they gently guide you to enrich your inner world in a soft, colourful and beautiful way.

You can experience them just as fully with eyes open and no sound.


There are three services I provide: 


Quantum Hypnotherapy

Icon of meditating woman with a ball of light above her head. Text ABOUT QUANTUM HYPNOTHERAPY linking to more info. Milky Way in the background.

Quantum Hypnotherapy is great for people who are curious, or struggling with a relationship or situation needing clarity, and direction.

Your Quantum Self will guide you and show you the bigger picture and answer any questions including ones of a multi-dimentional nature. 


Coaching & Support

Milky Way background with icons of a group of meditating women in a circle and the text 'ABOUT COACHING & SUPPORT, linking to the page

Coaching & Support is great for people who have enrolled in any of the programs, Path to Heart Based Power, Path to Mastery, and Co-Creation at its Best.

These services are for those who appreciate the extra level of support, coaching, and guidance along the way.


Translation-Channelling Coaching

Translation channelling is the next level for Healers and Teachers of energy, emotional health, and spiritual growth.

This practice opens to the most incredible light-filled pathways – and is becoming a popular skill in the new wave of consciousness ahead. and an extra line.

Hi, I’m Robyn

Having had the path of teaching energy healing for over 30 years, my passion is always to help empower others, so they are confident in following their higher purpose – whatever that may be.

Your higher purpose is not what you do, it’s what emanates from you with what you do.

If you are ready to create a heart powered impact and become the inspiration we need on the earth at this time, then you have come to the right place.


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