About Quantum Hypnotherapy

Quantum hypnotherapy is an unlimited experience.

There is no limit to what can unfold for you, this is a multi dimensional journey which your Quantum Self takes you on.

If you are simply curious, struggling with something in your life, or need clarity with a situation, your Quantum Self will show you a bigger picture, how to move through it, and answers to all the questions that you have.

Through your senses, like sight, sound, touch and feelings, you may also be shown past lives, time between lives, and experiences from another dimension which will have important messages for you.

People say they feel a profound shift at the end of it, and confident of how to proceed in their lives with a sense of calm.

How does Quantum Hypnotherapy help you?

After a few weeks of the session, I ask that people share what has changed for them, and these are some of what they reported:

“I have a much better understanding of how to peel back the layers and support myself through the process on my own as I go through challenges. I have experienced some powerful shifts that have left me feeling lighter and more heart centred.”

“I have developed a much deeper understanding that I am never alone.”

“I have found myself now being able to slow how I’m thinking right down, I’m focused on putting positive energy into things which would ordinarily bring me anxiety and appreciating that ultimately what will be, will be, the universe is constantly opening and closing doors.”

“I feel like I’m taking better care of myself.”

“I’m sooo much more positive about myself, and others.  I feel loved, my inner child, Angel, and guide are always with me. Even my lovely friends have noticed, I have that inner feeling of peace now.”

“I have definitely opened up spiritually since my journey and learnt a lot of new aspects about myself and about my healing. I am more confident and more aware of myself and my feelings and I have acquired new strategies to implement in my life. I am more connected to my higher self and I find that I am more content.”

 “I came away with a better understanding of myself and my responses to certain situations, which I have found very helpful.”

“I now feel more at ease, confident and complete as a person. It’s like I accept the real me as being precious and important, and now see how I fit into this world.  I have a direction to focus my attention on, which feels perfect and I’m excited to discover what unfolds.”

“I’m definitely more grounded and I feel like I have direction and purpose.”

“I received guidance which helped me build some boundaries which were needed.”

“I feel like a lot has been lifted off my shoulders, and seem not so concerned of other people’s opinion of me. I feel more personally empowered in that way.”

“I’m different as a person, as I feel comforted by knowing I am not alone on my journey. I am relaxed and calmed.”

“I feel more comfortable and empowered to deal with decisions, both easy and difficult. I feel more in touch with my intuitive guidance.”

“I now confidently rely more easily on guidance from my intuition and feel so much calmer.”

“I discovered more about my family history which helped me move forward with so much more understanding and compassion.”

Who is your quantum self?

We firstly connect with your higher self and soul, also known as your superconscious, and then, to the you, who is above your soul, called your quantum self.

Your quantum self will show you experiences which may include taking you to past lives you may have had, in between lives, as energy or observer on another planet, which may be in another universe, or as an observer in someone elses past life.

These experiences are not linear or logical to a 3D human way of thinking as we are working in all directions and dimensions of time. Your quantum self is in charge and giving you experiences in which there will be an important message for you with each scene. These messages will give you clarity, a healing of toxic energies, a releasing of trauma, and as a result, creates a shift in the cells in your body as you recalibrate to a new way of being.

Why have a quantum hypnotherapy experience?

The subject is always fascinating because it’s unlimited in every way, and no two experiences are ever the same.

It could be that you are simply interested or curious about what could unfold for you, or it could be that you need a healing of trauma from the past, a release of energies from toxic relationships, an ancestral healing, a clearing of your energy centres and energy field of matter which may be holding you back from making healthy and loving choices for yourself.

What is the process of a quantum hypnotherapy experience?

Firstly, you will be fully conscious throughout, you will remember most of what you experience, however it’s suggested you bring your mobile to record the session because it will be invaluable for you to re-experience it later, allowing you to reflect on the messages you were given from your quantum self.

My role is to take you on a journey which will lead you to a relaxed state where you will meet with experiences from another dimension. 

Many first experience themselves floating through a coloured mist, and often the mist changes colour and it always feels peaceful, healing or soothing. Your quantum self is raising your vibration to allow the next scene which is important for the answering of your questions, or your intention for the session.

What are the benefits of a quantum hypotherapy session?

Some of the experiences people have reported to me is a releasing of fear, letting go of toxic relationships, and an understanding of past disfunctional relationships as they experienced the scenes through the eyes and emotions of the generations past.

You may experience the letting go of the trauma of those in generations before you and replacing it with love. 

Others have been able to come to terms with the experiences in this life, as perhaps things hadn’t turned out what they had dreamed or expected.  For example one beautiful lady was unable to have children, and during the Quantum Hypnotherapy, she experienced a past life where she had a family. Through this experience her heart was fulfilled, she knew she had been a mother, knew what that felt like and her grief and feeling of loss in this life dissolved.

As we heal our present, somehow we also heal the past and that has a ripple affect which is beyond our full human understanding.

It can also be simply good fun, a surprise journey where you don’t need to pack a toothbrush, to another time, another galaxy, another universe, or another dimension.

How do you prepare for a quantum hynotherapy session?

Preparation is important. Strengthening the ‘listening’ muscle of messages from your higher self will help you feel confident on the day.  I have created the course for you to practice, which is free, and so beautiful to experience called ‘Activate your Intuition’. You have this course for life, and as you re-experience it, you will find yourself discovering something new and in itself a life changing experience. 

Robyn holds the quantum hypnotherapy sessions in Meadow Springs, a suburb of Mandurah, Western Australia.

She devotes her full day to a quantum hypnotherapy session, and you would arrive at 10.30 am and leave at approximately 3.30 pm and she will supply a light lunch for you.

Her contact number is 0488 490 098 for any questions and to organise an appointment.

0488 490 098