About Quantum Hypnotherapy

Quantum hypnotherapy is an unlimited experience.

There is no limit to what can unfold for you, it is a multi dimensional journey which your quantum self takes you on. My role is to guide you into a relaxed state and guide you to the portal which happens by simply usng your imagination. 

Once you have made your way through the portal, your higher self, soul and quantum self take over and show you, through your senses, like sight, sound, touch and feelings, experiences from another time, another place, and another dimension. 

Who is your quantum self?

We firstlly connect with your higher self and soul, also known as your superconscious, and then, to the you, who is above your soul, called your quantum self.

Your quantum self will show you experiences which may include taking you to past lives you may have had, in between lives, as energy or observer on another planet, which may be in another universe, or as an observer in someone elses past life.

These experiences are not linear or logical to a 3D human way of thinking as we are working in all directions and dimensions of time. Your quantum self is in charge and giving you experiences in which there will be an important message for you with each scene. These messages will give you clarity, a healing of toxic energies, a releasing of trauma, and as a result, creates a shift in the cells in your body as you recalibrate to a new way of being.

Why have a quantum hypnotherapy experience?

The subject is always fascinating because it’s unlimited in every way, and no two experiences are ever the same. It could be that you are simply interested or curious about what could unfold for you, or it could be that you need a healing of trauma from the past, a release of energies from toxic relationships, an ancestral healing, a clearing of your energy centres and energy field of matter which may be holding you back from making healthy and loving choices for yourself.

What is the process of a quantum hypnotherapy experience?

Firstly, you will be fully conscious throughout, you will remember most of what you experience, however it’s suggested you bring your mobile to record the session because it will be invaluable for you to re-experience it later, allowing you to reflect on the messages you were given from your quantum self.

I will take you on a journey to a beautiful garden to meet with your spirit guide who has a message for you. After receiving your message, you will be taken to a waterfall, and a cavern behind the waterfall where you will be shown portals, the colours of the rainbow, which will take you to another time and another place.  You will feel inspired to choose a particular colour and as you step through, you will have an experience entering the other side.

Many first experience themselves floating through a coloured mist, and often the mist changes colour and it always feels peaceful, healing or soothing. I suspect your quantum self is raising your vibration to allow the next scene which is important for the answering of your questions, or your intention for the session.

What are the benefits of a quantum hypotherapy session?

Some of the experiences people have reported to me is a releasing of fear, and an understanding of disfunctional relationships as they experienced the scenes through the eyes and emotions of the generations past. You may experience the letting go of the trauma of those in generations before you and replacing it with love. In some cases they may still be an earth bound spirit and need help from me to follow the light and go home.  When they do, your life will have released fear and an ancestory healing has taken place.

Others have been able to come to terms with the experiences in this life, as perhaps things hadn’t turned out what they had dreamed or expected.  For example one beautiful lady was unable to have children, and she experienced a past life where she had a family. Through this experience her heart was fulfilled, she knew she had been a mother, knew what that felt like and her grief and feeling of loss in this life dissolved.

It can also be simply good fun, a surprise journey where you don’t need to pack a toothbrush, to another time, another galaxy, another universe, or another dimension.

Time is described by the spirit world as circular and not linear as we experience it as a 3D human. These quantum hypnotherapy sessions have helped me understand that a little more, and you will too as this is a multi dimensional experience. As we heal our present, somehow we also heal the past and that has a ripple affect which is beyond our full human understanding.

How do you prepare for a quantum hynotherapy session?

Preparation is important. Strengthening the ‘listening’ muscle of messages from your higher self will help you feel confident on the day.  I have created the course for you to practice, which is free, and so beautiful to experience called ‘Activate your Intuition’. You have ths course for life, and as you re-experience it, you will find yourself discovering something new and in itself a life changing experience.  

There are questions which you may wish to create for me to ask your quantum self on your behalf. I have suggested questions for you in the preparation page, so click the button below and there you will have everything you need to prepare, which includes the self care which follows your session in the course ‘Heart Healing’ as my gift to you. 

Robyn holds the quantum hypnotherapy sessions in Meadow Springs, a suburb of Mandurah, Western Australia.

She devotes her full day to a quantum hypnotherapy session, and you would arrive at 10.30 am and leave at approximately 3.30 pm and she will supply a light lunch for you.

Her contact number is 0488 490 098 for any questions and to organise an appointment.

0488 490 098