CONSCIOUS LIGHT – Awaken the Master within

Course Outline

  • CONSCIOUS LIGHT – awaken the master within
    • Introduction to awaken the master within
    • CONSCIOUS LIGHT – Awaken the Master within eBook
    • Facebook – Conscious Light Masters Group 
    • Checklist print out for Master Healings
    • Healing blankets
    • Chakra vortex explanation
    • Second degree breathwork printout
    • Second degree hand actions
    • Second degree healing example
    • Introduction to Conscious Light (third degree)
    • Third degree breathwork printout
    • Third degree self healing practice
    • Third degree healing example
    • Third degree distance healing practice
    • Meditation Gatherings, Healing Retreats and Workshops
    • Your next step… Master Manual and Certification

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The fifth course in ‘The Path to Mastery’

In this course, you are cultivating a rich inner life… as well as amplifying your energy with Conscious Light. You flourish when you confidently empower others.

You will be practicing the ‘frequency of unity’ and confidently owning your value.

The powerful energy healing techniques in the second and third degrees within ‘Conscious Light – awaken the Master within’, leads you to Master Level, where you have learned everything you need to teach this work.

You don’t need any special ‘gift’ or ‘talent’ to practice energy healing… all you need is ‘love’.  

  • Made a simple practice, so it’s easy to begin, with all the invocations, techniques, checklists, VISUAL GUIDED meditations, SUBTITLED video instructions, an eBook – and online support. 
  • Practice the second and third degree hand actions, using colour, breathwork, and command techniques where your client is empowered by ‘participating in the process’ of letting go of immobilising emotions, such as grief, guilt, regret, and shame etc., which creates life changing shifts in the cells of their body.
  • This work has the power to change people’s lives in unexpected ways.
  • Distance healing – where you are able to practice energy healing on a client living in another country – or far away.
  • Self healing – making sure your energy is powerful, and can confidently overcome your own challenges swiftly when they surface.
  • Everything you need to hold Workshops, Retreats and Meditation Gatherings including timing and content.
  • Use what you have learned as it feels right for you.

When you enrol below, it includes the first five courses, and when you have completed all five, you will have available to you, an upgrade for AU$50 to have access to ‘Conscious Light – The Master Awakened’, Certificates and a generous affiliate using a very clever code

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