CONSCIOUS LIGHT – awaken the Master within

Course Outline

  • CONSCIOUS LIGHT – awaken the master within
    • Introduction to awaken the Master within
    • eBook
    • Facebook – Conscious Light Masters Group 
    • Checklist print outs
    • Healing blankets and chakra explanation
    • Level 2 (second degee) hand actions and healing example
    • Introduction to Conscious Light II (third degree)
    • Third degree breathwork printout
    • Self healing practice and distance healing practice
    • Your next step… Master Manual and Certification

Your Progress


The path to Mastery

With subtitled videos and the accompanying eBook, together with support through recorded (subtitled) zoom meetings and the private Facebook group eases the process of learning advanced healing practices to Master level. 

You will always be reminded to take your time, rest and recover when you need a break, check in with your intuition which you will have confidently learned after having experienced the Path to Heart Based Power… and have fun.

AU $250.00

‘Conscious Light – Awaken the Master within’ is in alignment with below bubble ‘Intuition developing, inspiring others’. 

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