PATH TO MASTERY | CONSCIOUS LIGHT – Awaken the Master within

Course Outline

  • CONSCIOUS LIGHT – awaken the master within
    • Introduction to awaken the Master within
    • eBook
    • Facebook – Conscious Light Masters Group 
    • Checklist print outs
    • Healing blankets and chakra explanation
    • Level 2 (second degee) hand actions and healing example
    • Introduction to Conscious Light II (third degree)
    • Third degree breathwork printout
    • Self healing practice and distance healing practice
    • Your next step… Master Manual and Certification

Your Progress



In the Path to Mastery, you are cultivating a rich inner life… as well as strengthening your energy, you flourish when you confidently empower others.

The following courses are included:

  • ‘Activate your Intuition’
  • ‘Heart Healing’
  • ‘Heart Based Power’,
  • ‘CONSCIOUS LIGHT – Healing energy program for the beginner’,
  • ‘Higher Communications – 17 visual guided meditations’ 
  • ‘CONSCIOUS LIGHT – Awaken the Master within’ 

… and online support and connections.

AU $400.00


You also have the option of upgrading at the end of each course as you progress from ‘ACTIVATE YOUR INTUITION’ through to ‘CONSCIOUS LIGHT – the Master awakened. 



‘Conscious Light – Awaken the Master within’ is in alignment with below bubble ‘Intuition developing, inspiring others’. 

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