CONSCIOUS LIGHT – healing energy program for the beginner

Course Outline

  • Conscious Light – healing energy program for the beginner
    • Introduction
    • eBook – Conscious Light – Healing energy progam for the beginner
    • Higher Communications Facebook Group
    • Check lists
    • Tools, hand positions and invocation
    • Feeling, sweeping and building the energy
    • Face up healing example
    • Final sweep and end of healing
    • Congratulations – your next step

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The fourth course in ‘The Path to Mastery’

You will begin with the first steps in amplifying healing energy through your hands and body onto another.

Think of a friend you might like to invite to practice on each other. When you do, you will form a deep bond, as your souls will have joined together in a journey like no other. 

Practicing ways to strengthen your energy and use it in a way which feels loving, creates real shifts, and has the power to change people’s lives in unexpected ways.

You don’t need any special ‘gift’ or ‘talent’ to practice energy healing, all you need is ‘love’.  

  • Made a simple practice, so it’s ease to begin, with all the invocations, techniques, checklists, VISUAL GUIDED meditations, SUBTITLED video instructions and an eBook – all here to make it an easy process. 
  • Discover the energy centres throughout the body, and become confident with your hand placements, and breathing technique.
  • Begin with a friend who might like to learn too, to practice on each other. (My mother-in-law was always keen to hop on the mat – which was on the floor – for me to practice on whenever I learnt anything new – and because of this, our bond became so very special).

The Path to Mastery – AU$ 600.00

The Path to Mastery bubbles

The first two bubbles below are represented in the ‘Path to Heart Based Power’ and once you commence Conscious Light – you are in alignment with the third bubble ‘Intuition developing, Inspiring others’.

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