CONSCIOUS LIGHT – healing energy program for the beginner

Course Outline

  • Conscious Light – healing energy program for the beginner
    • Introduction
    • eBook – Conscious Light – Healing energy progam for the beginner
    • Higher Communications Facebook Group
    • Check lists
    • Tools, hand positions and invocation
    • Feeling, sweeping and building the energy
    • Face up healing example
    • Final sweep and end of healing
    • Awaken the Master within – your next step

Your Progress


Welcome to Conscious Light – Healing energy program for the beginner

Your Path to Mastery begins with the first steps in amplify healing energy through your hands and body onto another, including the inner practices to empower in the Path to Heart Based Power with online support.

Bonus offering

The three step courses to your ‘Path to Heart Based Power’ are included (value $150) to support you in the highest and best way.

Does this sound familiar…

  • Your curiosity has been ignited about energy healing and keen to learn more.
  • You’re allowing yourself to investigate alternative energy healing practices to feel how they fit into your life and find what feels
    good to you.
  • You’re curious to navigate the decisions you make and the actions you take with more ease and grace.
  • You are excited at the thought of learning and practicing ways to strengthen your energy and use it in a way which feels loving, creates real shifts, and has the power to change people’s lives in
    unexpected ways.

If that’s the case, then you are in the right place.

AU $150.00


You also have the option of upgrading at the end of each course as you progress from ‘ACTIVATE YOUR INTUITION’ through to ‘CONSCIOUS LIGHT – the Master awakened’.

The Path to Mastery bubbles

The first two bubbles below are represented in the ‘Path to Heart Based Power’ and once you commence Conscious Light – you are in alignment with the third bubble ‘Intuition developing, Inspiring others’.

Click each bubble below to find out more.