Activate Your Intuition

Course Outline

  • Let Go & Connect
    • Introduction – Let Go & Connect
    • Meditation Letting Your Thoughts Go
    • Intuitive Writing
    • Intuitive writing – my first experience
    • Congratulations, your next step …
  • Ignite Your Mind Body & Soul
    • Introduction – Ignite your Mind, Body & Soul
    • Blend with your Inner child
    • Ignite your voice
    • Ignite your body
    • Ignite your heart
    • Ignite your peace
    • Ignite your curiosity
    • Ignite your creativity
    • Congratulations, your next step…

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Welcome to Activate your Intuition

Part 1 – Let go & connect
Part 2 – Ignite your mind, body & soul

‘Activate your Intuition’ is a free online experience, and will be a surprise to you at what inspiration unfolds.

This love filled course is in 2 parts. Together they form the inspiration for self-care,
self-love and are the support techniques ideal for any journey of growth you choose in your life.

In Part 1, you practice letting go and connecting with the divine part of you and
invite your divine self to play more a part in your daily life.

In Part 2 you ignite your mind, body and soul by blending with your inner child,
igniting the energy in your voice, body, heart, peace, curiosity and creativity.


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