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Activate Your Intuition Course

Course Outline

  • Let Go & Connect
    • Introduction – Let Go & Connect
    • Meditation Letting Your Thoughts Go
    • Intuitive Writing
    • Intuitive writing – my first experience
    • Congratulations, your next step …
  • Ignite Your Mind Body & Soul
    • Introduction – Ignite your Mind, Body & Soul
    • Blend with your Inner child
    • Ignite your voice
    • Ignite your body
    • Ignite your heart
    • Ignite your peace
    • Ignite your curiosity
    • Ignite your creativity
    • Congratulations, your next step…

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Welcome to Activate 

This is the first course of three in the Path to Heart Based Power program.

Your Soul is your very best friend.

It is here that you will begin your journey of expanding your intuition and awareness, connecting with your Soul, focusing on self-love, self-care and self-nurturing.

This experience will surprise you… Soul Magic awaits. 

Discover what ignites:

  • your voice, enabling you to speak your truth with confidence, integrity and love;
  • your body, enabling you to listen to what it needs to feel healthy, love and care for it. Your body can help you with your emotions – and will always speak the truth;
  • your heart, enabling you to allow love into your life in the most surprising ways;
  • your peace, enabling you to easily allow moments of gentleness and space, so you are able to recharge to be your best self for others;
  • your curiosity, acknowledging the things you can easily do in your future which lights you up;
  • your creativity, so you can put all of the above together to create a life with more love, joy and peace in it.

What people are saying…

… about their experience with Activate.

“I have a greater sense of clarity around next steps and what was important for my self care and well being.” Belle Lockerby

“I’m using my higher-self as a resource and request guidance daily.” Kerry Pilipovich Dawson

“At first I thought I couldn’t do it, but Robyn read out what I had written, saying “imagine if I was the one who wrote that?”, somehow I was able to allow those kind words were actually for me. I have developed a much deeper understanding that I am never alone, and that feels really good.” Cindy Gielingh Jones  

“It really is such a self-loving and self-caring process, and I now really think about the questions I ask my Soul, where before I wasn’t conscious of the help available to me. This has made a huge difference in my life.” Christine Bunn

“I now confidently rely more easily on guidance from my intuition and feel so much calmer.” Nicki Barnes 

Frequently asked questions…

How is this meant to help me?

People say they feel they are never alone any more, they feel supported, and have their higher-self (also known as your Soul) to call on when they have doubts, feel confused, need help and not sure quite what to do next.

They are conscious of what their body needs to feel healthy and nurtured, their connection with their inner child allows them to allow more laughter and fun in their lives.

They are more likely to allow more moments of peace in their lives, and give themselves permission to be creative and play.

What if I have doubts I'm really doing it?

It’s so easy to doubt… take it from me who has struggled with doubts forever, and consistently need to attend to them.

This passion has led me to ask myself “what am I really doing?”, “Is this for real?”, “I don’t know what I’m doing!” to “Did that really happen?” to name a few 🙂

I found the best way to handle doubts, is to ask myself “What is my intention?” “Is love my intention?”

If love is your intention – you can never go wrong.

So just write, write, write, write anyway… let out the emotions you are feeling by taking them out of your heart and onto the page as words. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense, just do it anyway.

Practice, practice, practice, and if the answers feel good to your heart, then you are honestly connected to the higher part of you.

You can do this! I know you can.


Is this all I need to do?

Absolutely, when you connect with your Soul, my guides have explained to me that this is the most important lesson you can teach another.

So, I offer that for free.

Should you feel there are layers of emotional pain from the past still in your body, the Path to Heart Based Power will help you will peeling those layers away, so you feel at peace in your heart, and ready to live a life with a new way of being. One with more love, peace and joy in it.

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