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Activate Your Intuition

Course Outline

  • Let Go & Connect
    • Introduction – Let Go & Connect
    • Meditation Letting Your Thoughts Go
    • Intuitive Writing
    • Intuitive writing – my first experience
    • Congratulations, your next step …
  • Ignite Your Mind Body & Soul
    • Introduction – Ignite your Mind, Body & Soul
    • Blend with your Inner child
    • Ignite your voice
    • Ignite your body
    • Ignite your heart
    • Ignite your peace
    • Ignite your curiosity
    • Ignite your creativity
    • Congratulations, your next step…

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The first course in the Path to Heart Based Power 

This course is offered as a free online experience and you will be surprised at what inspiration unfolds. 

 Allowing more of what you would love in your life.

We activate your intuition by inviting you to:

  • Experience a short meditation to help you let go of pesky thoughts and raise your vibration.
  • Practice Intuitive Writing (also known as Automatic Writing and Channel Writing) where you consciously ask questions, and listen to the answers which come.
  • Connect with your inner child, invite fun and play into your life.
  • Discover what ignites your voice, body, heart, and peace.
  • Acknowledge the things can you do which lights you up, igniting your curiosity and creativity.
  • Allowing your Soul to play more a part of your daily life.

Igniting your mind, body and soul inspires you to enjoy more of what ‘lights you up’, naturally creating the self-care, self-love and self-nurturing which is the perfect foundation in living a heart powered life. 


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