CONSCIOUS LIGHT – The Master awakened

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  • Conscious Light – The Master awakened
    • Introduction
    • The Master Manual eBook
    • Apply for Certification
    • Register for Affiliate and Instructions

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Welcome to Conscious Light – The Master awakened

This course is for those who have participated in ‘CONSCIOUS LIGHT – awaken the Master within’. where you will have practiced Conscious Light in the first, second and third degrees.

What’s included:

MASTER MANUAL – Own your Value and become the Master you came here to be.

ATTUNEMENT – where you will meet with your very own Master, a light being in spirit who has been with you on your journey and will continue to be with you on your path ahead. 

CERTIFICATES – You can proudly display the Certificates you have just earned on your healing room wall.

AFFILIATE – Should you wish to share or teach this work you will receive a generous affiliate. 

 You are needed, and now is your time.

Conscious Light – The Master Awakened is in alignment with last two below bubbles ‘Transforming the energy. Taking a stance as your higher self’ and ‘Master Attunement’.  

Conscious Light Mastery