CONSCIOUS LIGHT – The Master awakened

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  • Conscious Light – The Master awakened
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The path to Mastery


Having now practiced Conscious Light in the first, second and third degree, even if you feel a little doubtful of your ability, and can’t remember all the words – I still can’t and I channeled them.

I have my checklists in front of me – and sometimes fall all over myself with my words, but this is being human – we love your human you. Give yourself permission to not be all so perfect about it and laugh at what you perceive to be mistakes – they are an opportunity for joy for everyone.

My guides just told me to say to you “That is perfect dear one”. (They mean it’s perfect to laugh at your perceived mistakes… or do they mean me, with
what I just said? Let’s make this a mistake to laugh about and take on board both possible meanings).

In the Attunement you will meet with your very own Master, a light being in spirit who is assigned to you. I just think that is so cool, I adore mine.

You can proudly display the Certificates you have just earned on your wall, because your intent is always with love. You already know, you can never go wrong
with love.

Practicing healings, progressing through to holding workshops and teaching healing – which you can do now – has been the greatest source of fulfillment, expansion, love, laughter and I’m continually meeting the most extraordinary people.

When you practice a healing on someone, or teach this work, your soul blends with your clients.

Your clients will always remember how they felt when they were with you, even if you never see them again, your souls have touched each other.

When you feel inspired to teach this work you will receive a generous affiliate to share all the courses on this website with your clients.

Healers love to form a group to practice on each other and you can turn that situation, together with the workshops you hold, and are part of what will unfold for you as Master of Conscious Light.


 You are needed, and now is your time.

Conscious Light – The Master Awakened is in alignment with last two below bubbles ‘Transforming the energy. Taking a stance as your higher self’ and ‘Master Attunement’.  

Conscious Light Mastery