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Conscious Light - system of natural healing program

Conscious Light is an online healing energy program with clear easy to understand instructions, and subtitled video examples and the support you need through a private Facebook Group.

Conscious Light is divided into three steps:

Step 1 - Become a strong power base

'Guide for Empaths - navigating life with more ease and grace' will guide you though techniques to heal and feel empowered and is accompanied by the visual guided meditations in the 'Align' module of 'Higher Communications' where you will practice releasing your burdens, clearing your energy centres and connect with your higher self for guidance. 

Step 2 - Healing energy program to practice on others

'Conscious Light - healing energy program for the beginner' which includes subtitled video instructions for those like myself who need to be shown to learn and the support of a closed Facebook Group 'Higher Communications Chat Group' to begin your healing practice with confidence on others.

Step 3 - Awaken the master within

'Conscious Light - awaken the master within' with advanced healing energy practices which deeply clears trauma, the remaining visual guided meditations in 'Higher Communications' which create healing through forgiveness, changing negative beliefs, freedom from other people's drama, releasing vows and promises and improving relationships by communicating from a soul level. 

Become a Master of this work, teaching healers and holding workshops and retreats with the meditations and techniques to heal grief, ease worry, improve relationships, become empowered, organised and allow guidance from the non physical support in your guides and great beings of light which surround you. 

You may sign up for the first 2 steps and the Module Align for free, or purchase the full program for half price at only $97.00.



Conscious Light


  • Lifetime access through free membership 
  • 3 easy to read eBooks, one for each step.  
  • 17  Clear video instructions with accurate subtitles. 
  • 17 visual guided meditations in the Higher Communications program
  • 6 Subjects to hold either a Gathering, Workshop or Retreat with instructions on how to set up, procedures and checklist.
  • 12 Workshop Worksheets on pdf editable format ready to use with links to the success stories of each one.
  • 6 Full day and half day Swipe Files of social media events for Workshops with suggested scripts to help you get started.
  • Support through a private Facebook group 'Conscious Light - Masters Group' where I'll hop into live on a regular basis addressing any questions and inspiring ideas, plus you can ask for support and chat to fellow members daily.
  • You will be provided with suggested subjects AND material for events which are so important on earth right now, for example healing grief, easing worry, feeling empowered, improving relationships, contacting your spiritual support group and how to ask for the Universe's help in all you do.
  • Guidance on the timing, set up, procedures, what you need, and a checklist for your events to ensure you feel confident on the day.

Align, Heal, Empower and Inspire.

Purchase Conscious Light - system of natural healing  half price offer at ONLY $97.00


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