become the master healer and teacher

Master Class

'Conscious Light -
awaken the master within'
with advanced healing energy practices,
with 8 subtitled videos and written
instructions with personal stories,
techniques, invocations, 6 swipe files,
12 workshop worksheets and the remaining
12 visual guided meditations in 'Higher Communications'.

Deeply clear, cleanse, heal, seal and energise auric shields and energy centres, creating life changing shifts from trauma of the past.

Everything you need to hold advanced healing energy practices, workshops/retreats and become a Master Healer and Teacher of Conscious Light.


Introductory offer $97

Conscious Light

Lifetime access to: 

  • 8  clear video instructions with accurate subtitles. 
  • 12 visual guided meditations in the Higher Communications program.
  • 6 Subjects to hold either a Gathering, Workshop or Retreat with instructions on how to set up, procedures and checklist.
  • 12 Workshop Worksheets on pdf editable format ready to use with links to the success stories of each one.
  • 6 Full day and half day Swipe Files of social media events for Workshops with suggested scripts to help you get started.
  • Support through a private Facebook group 'Conscious Light - Masters Group' where I'll hop into live on a regular basis addressing any questions and inspiring ideas, and be connected with Masters like yourself, all helping each other.
  • You will be provided with suggested subjects AND material for events which are so important on earth right now. For example healing grief, easing worry, feeling empowered, improving relationships, contacting your spiritual support group and how to ask for the Universe's help in
    all you do.
  • Guidance on the timing, set up, procedures, what you need, and a checklist for your events to ensure you feel confident on the day.

Align, Heal, Empower and Inspire.


Introductory price at ONLY $97.00


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On completion you will have become a Master Healer and ready to teach this work.

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