HEART BASED POWER text linking to course. Icon of meditating woman with light shining from heart, Milky Way Background.

Heart Based Power Course

Course Outline

  • Heal
    • Introduction to Heal
    • Meditation 6 Releasing past & present life obstacles
    • Meditation 7 Meeting your guide
    • Meditation 8 Meet your sub personalities
    • Meditation 9 Forgiveness
  • Empower
    • Introduction to Empower
    • Meditation 10 New belief
    • Meditation 11 Projecting light and love
    • Meditation 12 Pain body
    • Meditation 13 The future five year you
  • Inspire
    • Introduction to Inspire
    • Meditation 14 Awaken the inner healer within you
    • Meditation 15 Soul level communications
    • Meditation 16 Expansion of divine light and love
    • Meditation 17 I am
    • Congratulations, your next step…

Your Progress


The third and final course in The Path to Heart Based Power

A light filled heart which strengthens and empowers your inner world.

You will have allowed yourself a new expanded heart-powered you and feel your energy strengthening.

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