Path to Heart Based Power

Course Outline

  • Heal
    • Introduction to Heal
    • Meditation 6. Releasing past & present life obstacles
    • Meditation 7. Meeting your guide
    • Meditation 8. Meet your sub personalities
    • Meditation 9. Forgiveness
  • Empower
    • Introduction to Empower
    • Meditation 10. New belief
    • Meditation 11. Projecting light and love
    • Meditation 12. Pain body
    • Meditation 13. The future five year you
  • Inspire
    • Introduction to Inspire
    • Meditation 14. Awaken the inner healer within you
    • Meditation 15. Soul level communications
    • Meditation 16. Expansion of divine light and love
    • Meditation 17. I am
    • Congratulations, your next step…

Your Progress


Welcome to the Path to Heart Based Power

Empower your heart by:

Freeing yourself from trauma from the past;
observing situations from a higher perspective;
communicating from a soul level and expanding the divine light and love you have become; and
open to experience the wonderful feelings of freedom, ease, peace, love and clarity of your path ahead

Path to Heart Based Power is the third and final course to this wonderful journey, starting from Step 1. ‘Activate your Intuition’ and Step 2. The ‘5 Day Heart Healing Retreat’.

The below video is an overview of the entire experience from the beginning with all three courses which make up the Path to Heart Based Power full program.

To come play with us – note the bonus course included – and press the ‘Enrol’ button below.

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