These Events are ideal for those who would love to be part of a small group in person and are held in Mandurah, Western Australia

Each gathering you attend will also be available to you online for life, so you may revisit them as you feel inspired – and because they are an energetic experience, when you do, you’ll experience something new.

I invite you to click the images for all the details.

What people are saying about ‘Activate your Intuition’

“Very professional, welcoming, and informative. A unique experience which is going to make a big difference in my life.” Bella

“Wonderful facilitator in the higher dimensions and tapping into the real you… the one that projects love and peace and expression of the inner child.” Mary-Anne

“I had some great breakthroughs from the program today. I look forward to where this takes me.”  Angela

“Thank you so much for the wonderful stimulating time I had with you and your lovely group today. It’s so wonderful to be among like-minded people. What a joy.”  Suzie

“You are so warm, helpful, and encouraging of people in developing their intuition, healing, and helping us confidently connect with our own divine guidance. I can’t wait until your next one.” Suzie

“Thank you so much Robyn. The epiphany I experienced is going to change things for me in a way I had never expected.  Having now discovered from my higher intuitive self ‘why’ I’ve been unable to write with a pen for years, from my hand shaking, I already feel myself healing, more confident and even empowered. This is huge for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Jan.

“I experienced a joining of hearts at Robyn’s ‘Activate your Intuition’. I spent time with my inner child and worked through igniting my voice, body, heart, peace, curiosity and creativity. I spent time with lovely ladies with likeminded spirit, and will ignite further contact and really look forward to the next adventure.”  Shirley

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