One-on-One Support Services

I am available either in-person, or online

This work is pure joy for me, and our time together is entirely for the support you need.

That’s why the sessions below are slightly flexible allowing for more time – energy levels permitting.

They will always be uplifting, and when appropriate I will include relevant (often hilarious) personal stories of when and how I practiced these techniques in my life.

Laughter and fun is encouraged, and our inner child is always welcome.


Thanks to our amazing technology, in Zoom, we can get together, as if we are in the same room, regardless of the country we live in.

Throughout ‘The Path to Heart Based Power’ and ‘The Path to Mastery’ there will be an opportunity in each, for us to meet as a group online for free.

The programs are designed so you can experience each lesson on your own (although way more fun practicing with a friend), however, should you love more support and time from me:

  • One hour zoom support session – AU$ 200.00.
  • Five – one hour zoom support sessions – AU$ 795.00.

In Person

This work is full of wonder, healing and discovery, and you will leave surprised, thinking “This was fun!” and/or “Did that really just happen?!” 

I encourage you to record your sessions, so you can re-experience them at any time. 

  • One x 1 hour support session – AU$ 200.00.
  • Five x 1 hour support sessions – AU$ 795.00.
  • One x 3 hour support session/Quantum Hypnotherapy – AU$ 400.00

Again, slightly flexible to give more time – energy levels permitting.

I am available at Meadow Springs, which is a suburb of Mandurah in Western Australia. 

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