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Hi, I’m Robyn,

I love creating heart
healing opportunities.

My Master says “when you learn something new
– teach it!”

My intention is always to help empower others, so they are confident in following their higher purpose – whatever that may be.

Together, we inspire a heart healing – which is exactly what is needed in the world.

Come join us – it’s soooo much fun!

Meditation 1 – Letting your thoughts go

Allow 10 minutes.

Letting Your Thoughts Go Meditation Technique of allowing butterflies to take away your thoughts can be used at any time during your day and is the very first step in the process of letting go.

Music by Thaddius, Angels, Angels of Beauty. Design by Donna Chapman. Images by Kelly Hammond

The clockface technique

Allow 30 minutes.

The clockface technique helps you uplift how you feel by gradually changing the momentum of your thoughts to one which feels
so much better.

The clockface practice

Begin by clicking on the clockface below to download the PDF.

In the centre of the clockface, write the thought in your mind which creates pain for you. 

At the number 1 of the clockface, write a thought which feels a little bit better than the thought in the centre.

At the number 2 of the clockface, write a thought which relates to the number 1, and feels a little bit better.

Continue until you reach the number 12.

You will see below a video of an example of this technique which I did during one of my public talks.

The automatic writing technique

Allow 30 minutes.

Regularly connecting with the divine part of you, through this practice, helps you feel more confident with each step you take. You will always be encouraged by me to practice automatic writing at the end of each retreat. When you get into the flow and feel the benefits, you are likely to inspire others to do the same – please do! 

We need more people connecting with their higher divine selves, as this practice leads to the heart healing which needed around the world.

Automatic writing practice

With your notepad and pen ready, write your question at the top of the page.

“What is one easy step that I can take to love and look after me?”

Say the Automatic Writing Invocation – to become open and ready to receive the loving guidance from your divine self.

Listen – your words come in the form of a regular thought – and write each word as it comes to you.

Allow the loving guidance to unfold.


Invocation before Automatic Writing

Share your experiences

We would love to hear from you, so please share your experiences or ask any questions in our Higher Communications – Chat Group. 

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It’s exciting to hear how you went – let’s chat!

Love Robyn x

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