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About Conscious Light – free resources

These Conscious Light – free resources are the preparation for the MASTER CLASS and are also TRANSFORMATIONAL all on their own.


A Spiritual Toolbox of emotionally uplifting practices…

‘GUIDE FOR EMPATHS – navigating life with more ease and grace’ 

Clear toxic emotions
from the past easing
the feelings of anxiety,
worry and grief.

Techniques, invocations, affirmations, 
personal stories and checklist.ions.


Your Inner
Transformation begins…

The first five visual guided meditations
(example below)

‘Module ALIGN in HIGHER COMMUNICATIONS Meditation Program’ 

Clarity and calm as you
let your thoughts go,
release burdens,
clear your energy centres,
allow light into and amplify from
your body, and
connect with your higher self.

(Example Meditation below)


What Members had to say when they began with the

Conscious Light – free resources…

“When I’m reading Guide for Empaths, I feel like I’m being wrapt up in a safe, warm blanket, and I’m only up to page 6” – Tony

“The Guide for Empaths, is exactly what I needed. These techniques have within days changed my life for the better. I’m actually seeing my husband in a completely different way, and I now understand the ways in which he loves me.” –  Vanessa





“Before reading Guide for Empaths, Robyn introduced me to the Divine Light Table which is in that book, to help me release the worry and burden I felt with my children and grandchildren – an experience which was overwhelming me at the time. From that day on, I have totally released my worries and let the Divine take over.  You have no idea how much better I feel.” –  Kerry

 “I was surprised at how easily I was able to feel the energy – it started slowly at first, then all of a sudden my senses discovered the layer around the people I was working on. 

The heat in my hands, as if they were glowing, would begin almost the moment I make the intention to my client before I start.  My intention is ‘I intend to help create the highest possible healing to the deepest possible cellular level of your being’.

It takes allowing yourself to just go with it at first, and eventually, you really feel the outpouring of energy and receive feedback on how comforting and loving doing this work is.” – Cindy   

Supporting the hard of hearing  and deaf community​ 

 with visual guided meditations and
subtitles on video instructions 

You are needed and now is your time.




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