HEART HEALING text with Milky Way background and icon of woman meditating with healing rings from heart. Linking to course

Heart Healing Course

Course Outline

  • Day 1 – Uplift how you feel
    • Introduction to Heart Healing
    • Meditation Letting your Thoughts Go
    • Clock face Technique
    • Grounding question & next step
  • Day 2 – Clear your energy centres
    • Introduction to clear your energy centres
    • Meditation 2. Walls of Colour
    • Create an auric shield & support invocation
    • Grounding question & next step
  • Day 3 – Release burdens 
    • Introduction to release burdens
    • Meditation 3. Release Burdens
    • Universe to do & collapse timelines
    • Grounding question
  • Day 4 – Allow light in your life
    • Introduction to allow more light in your life
    • Meditation 4. White Light
    • Divine Light Table & Doors of Light
    • Grounding question
  • Day 5 – Connect with your higher self
    • Introduction to Higher Self
    • Meditation 5. Higher Self
    • Higher Self Invocations
    • Grounding question
  • Bonus channel & eBook
    • All is Love
    • Guide for empaths
  • Congratulations and a little extra step
    • Final message …. with something to consider

Your Progress


The second course in The Path to Heart Based Power

Soothe your heart, and amplify the light that  you truly are… from within.

Heart Healing is the second of the three courses which together make up the ‘Path to Heart Based Power’ full program.

Heart Healing is divided into 5 days, with each day’s timing being less than an hour, inspiring you to take your time, allow your cells to recalibrate, and receive this experience as your very own Heart Healing Retreat.

  • Letting your thoughts go meditation revisit
  • Transform your thoughts and upift how you feel.
  • Clear your energy field using colour.
  • Create an auric shield, and allow divine support in releasing fear.
  • Release burdens which are holding you back.
  • Allow the Universe to help you with your challenges.
  • Amplify your light from all parts of your body.
  • Allow the Divine Light to take worry from your shoulders and support you.
  • Confidently step into the light to help guide you on important decisions.
  • Connect with your Higher Self and easily allow this part of you to be more present in your life.

The first two bubbles below are represented in the ‘Path to Heart Based Power’ and once you commence Conscious Light – you are in alignment with the third bubble ‘Intuition developing, Inspiring others’.

Click each bubble to find out more. 

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