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emotional awareness
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When you heart hurts with grief, you can heal.

Has someone you love passed away to the Spirit World?  Are you trying to overcome the feeling of grief but struggling?  Is your heart broken?

The feeling of grief is painful, and mixed with this emotion can be guilt, shame, worry, anxiety, depression.  Are you questioning yourself as to whether you could have handled situations better.  Are your thoughts going back in time going over and over the same old scenes, even though you know this has no value in your healing process. 

Has someone you love passed away?  I learned about automatic writing soon after my parents passed away, and as soon as I said the invocation and put my pen on the page, I knew they were with me. You too can connect with those you love who have passed.

Or is your heart broken?  If so, Automatic Writing can help you with your grief and pain by communicating with your higher self to find out ways to help you heal.  Ask your higher self the questions you need answering, for example 'What steps can I do to soothe my broken heart?', 'What practical and easy things can I do to heal?'  'How can I stop my thoughts and focus on creating my life ahead while I feel this way?'

Allow yourself to go through the emotions and surrender to the process.  You will find yourself shifting, and these words will come to you, just like normal thoughts, nourishing words, kind words on how to love and look after you.  

Anytime you need help with guidance, or trying to overcome something, not just grief, anything, including writers block - use this technique to help you work out how best to move forward.

 I know you can do this.  This article will show you how.

Automatic Writing Process

Give yourself permission to relax as best you can. 

 Have a pen, plenty of paper and a box of tissues on hand.

  • Say the invocation below.
  • Write how you are feeling, or a question to ask, and wait for the response.
  • The very first words which come to mind is either from your higher self, or your loved one who has passed away.  Write it down and ask another question.
  • When you are finished, remember to thank your higher self, guides, angels and great beings of light for joining you.

Choose someone you would love to speak with who has passed away, or have questions ready for your higher self to answer.

Automatic Writing Invocation

I ask the Source of all Creation to please create for me a crystalline temple of radiant light around me.  I ask that you clear and cleanse all energies which are not of the light, and that this temple be filled with the highest and brightest, most radiant light  and the raised vibrations needed for my healing and my growth.  I invite all of my high level guides, all of my masters, angels, and great beings of light to join me. 

Please watch over this automatic writing session and ensure that anyone who comes through is a positive and loving being.  I am calling upon the highest, brightest and clearest response. Please boost my ability to clearly hear, see, conceptualize and feel your divine communication, and help me accurately receive these messages which carry blessings to me and to anyone who may read them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You are protected and surrounded by love.  Breathe deeply, relax and allow yourself to receive the love you are about to experience.  

My experience

I first discovered this process soon after both my parents had passed away.  I had moved beyond the initial stages of grief, but had the doubts as to how I had handled my role as a daughter in a complex and challenging situation our family found ourselves in.  My heart hurt and was heavy with many questionable emotions.  So I decided to try to write to mum and dad and ask for their guidance, forgiveness and whatever my needs were to heal.

The very moment the pen touched the paper I knew my mother was with me, and my father was standing back (always the gentleman).  The tears flowed and flowed.  The page got all wet.  My mum was with me at last.  This magnificent, incredible, beautiful, amazing Being - my mum.  I poured out my heart to my mum and she had all the right words to help with my healing in return.  I then asked her whether she is considering returning to a human experience and she responded with "Well, the break is good!" So I guess that means no.

In the middle of the conversation with my mum, I knew I had to stop and answer the mobile which had rang.  It was my dear girlfriend calling and in tears because she knew the IVF had failed and it was her last chance of ever having a baby.  After giving her all the love as a friend I could possible give and the conversation ended, I returned back to my mum.

Hi mum, that was my friend, the IVF failed and she so wants a baby.  Mum reassured me that there is a baby coming and it is a boy!  It seemed impossible at the time, but as I write this, she now has a 5 year old boy - through a surrogate!  Our little man figured a way to come through.  Mum was right, even though it seemed impossible!

Then it was over to dad.  "Are you there dad?"  "I've been waiting for your mother!"  I knew I had my dad with me, a very typical response from him.  Shane and I were travelling at the time and were having amazing adventures in the Kimberley in Western Australia and living in Broome at the time in a caravan.  I asked dad (who was an adventurer himself having taken me on heaps of wonderful trips as a little girl) "Are you on the adventures with me dad?  He said he was with me all the way.  He could hear my calls to him to join me.  Poor dad he was listening to me scream in my mind DAD, DAD, DAD, DAD......  He also mentioned he visits other planets as well.

I told him he was a show off!  🙂

Client Case Study: Brad

Brad in his late 60's came to me for a Reiki healing because he had pain in his back.  I had no idea of his history, but intuitively knew he needed kindness and love.  Using the Reiki energy with him facing downwards so he felt safe I poured kindness and love into his body.  The Reiki removed an emotional block in which Brad could not hold back his tears.  Reassuring him it was safe to cry, it was clear there was more than just a sore back as the core of his problem.  

When brad surfaced he mentioned to me he had lost his wife two years prior and was having difficulty handling his grief.  He shared he was unable to be happy because his beautiful wife was not by his side.  He had made changes in his life, but was unable to enjoy them.  He said he felt dead inside.

I shared with him that he could contact his wife by using the Automatic Writing Process and gave him the invocation and a few instructions.  I mentioned that if he spoke with his wife he would find that she would want him to be happy, to have fun and enjoy his new home.  

Two weeks had passed and Brad had made another appointment with me and he walked in with the biggest grin.  He said he had spoken to his wife, and as I had expected, he had been given her blessing to have fun and enjoy his life.  He added "... and guess what?!" "I've just been on a date!"  He was so excited.  The difference in him was extreme.  

He had a question for me as he was about to leave, but then he stopped and said "It's OK, I'll ask my wife tonight!"  

Eight months have passed since then and he has recently shared with me that he has travelled to Europe and had the most amazing time away and only just returned.  He said he would never have done that without having received a healing from me, but really, it was the prayer and the fact that he embraced a concept most unusual for a man his age and acted on it.

He has since met another very special lady he is really excited to be with and he knows he has his wife's blessing. 

How cool is that!

Give yourself permission to heal, and be happy

 It doesn't matter if for some reason it doesn't feel logical, or doesn't make sense.  What ever it takes to help you overcome the pain you are experiencing and ease your heart. 

It helps to forgive, either yourself, or others

The Automatic Writing Process is also an opportunity to express what you need to express and receive responses which will allow you to forgive.  Forgiveness doesn't mean the other person deserves forgiveness.  It's just that you deserve peace.   When you forgive, you release and feel free of the heavy darkness you may be carrying.  The Forgiveness Meditation on Higher Communications will help you with reaching forgivenes if you find this is difficult without help.

Receive written guidance at any time

Automatic writing can be called upon to receive wise guidance at any time.  When I have a list of questions I feel I need help in answering, the Automatic Writing Prayer Process is the BEST.  You can be assured of the most perfect guidance because your invocation is reaching high levels.   Who better to ask?!

Eliminate 'writers block'

When I discovered automatic writing could also help me in my work, writing immediately became an easier task for me.  I would say an invocation the night before asking for guidance on the subject I would like to write about, thanking them for downloading the information to me whilst I'm sleeping.  The reason I did this, is whilst we are sleep, we are the most relaxed and open to allow the wisdom we need.

Evening Invocation to download the information

"Thank you Source of All Creation for showing me clearly and specifically what steps to take, I wish to write about <the subject, and what message you would like to get across.>  When I awaken tomorrow, I will confidently know what to do.  Thank you to the highest, brightest and clearest answers you give to me whilest I'm sleeping tonight."

When I was ready to write the next day, I would meditate to get me into the zone, say the Automatic Writing Invocation and write, type, or verbally record.  At first it wouldn't necessarily make sense, but I'd stay in the listening flow, and all of a sudden it would all come together. 

When this flow is happening, don't stop to make alterations or corrections until you've finished.  You can always go back and sort out the grammar and tweek your words later.  Just allow yourself to listen to the flow of words which come and record them, even if at first they don't make sense.

Meditate before any important action

In Quantum Hypnotherapy, through my clients quantum selves, we are given consistent advice to meditate as a way to help overcome challenges, connect confidently with our intuition and experience the feeling of spiritual bliss.  Spiritual bliss only ever happens in the present moment and meditation is the path which can take you there.     

It is for this reason that I invite you to experience the visual guided meditations in the program Higher Communications.  Each meditation is less than 10 minutes long.  Higher Communications is a very comfortable and soft introduction to meditation.  There are 17 visual guided meditations which create a flow and a building of self-awareness and love as you let go of what is unhealthy for you to carry, healing and growing in a spiritual way with your higher self by your side.  

The first five meditations in the Module Align which are available on this web site are free.

Through these first 5 meditations, you will peel away burdens you have been carrying and gain confidence in reaching your higher self.  Your higher self will help guide you in seeking the wisest words, the perfect timing, and the courage to speak or take the best course of action to your challenges. 


  • Relax, breathe deeply
  • Practice Automatic Writing to help ease your heart and receive guidance.
  • Use the process to receive wise guidance at any time - solutions at your finger tips.
  • Meditate to help you feel balanced, allow wise guidance from your higher self and create confidence in your direction with your inner being prompting you to take wise action at the perfect timing.  

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 It is my full intention to make a difference in peoples lives.  I hope to have helped you too. 

With love, 

Robyn E Gibson
Quantum Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Author and Co-Founder of Higher Communications

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