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Remember, there is never any mistake as long as your intention is with love.

Prepare your energy before the healing by practicing the ‘White Light’ Meditation and

by using your imagination,

surround your client in a bubble of light and love before they arrive.

Begin by acknowledging and naming the emotions creating pain. This is necessary in order to release and transform them.

(Not the STORY….only the EMOTION – as we are not our past.
To heal, 
the STORY has no value in our NOW or our FUTURE).

Empowering your clients to breathe in light filled love and breathe out the emotion they need to let go of – as a regular practice – begins the process of releasing the shadows in their cells.

The meditations in Higher Communications explore deeper into the shadow work – releasing trauma from the past – are an integral
part of this work .

We have trillions of cells in our bodies, and releasing the shadows allows space to fill instead with the

healing light of the new emotions of love, freedom, ease or whatever it is that you desire.



This check list is perfect to help you feel confident with your practice. I still have mine printed and on my healing room door.




These tools I have created over time, but when I first began over 30 years ago, all I had was a mat on the floor. Take your time, and begin with what you already have. 



These are the locations to place your hands either on or just above the body when your client is face up.



These are the locations to place your hands either on or just above the body when your client is face down.



The Invocation, request and intentions for the beginning of the healing.

It’s the best Invocation for this work and comes from a friend of mine, Evalena Rose who channels the ‘Council of Twelve’. 

The sweeping and feeling the energy practice which takes place at the beginning of the healing. 

As you practice this, you will find your intuition will become stronger and the energy easier to feel.

This used to be a party trick of mine. I’d sit my friends down and sweep their energy – I always had a queue, because it’s so SOOTHING.  



Building your energy, – holding your breath, clenching, with your tongue to your pallet – makes sure the energy doesn’t escape (through the gaps, so to speak). Just like electricity, there needs to be a connection.

As you place your hands with intention,  having built your energy, your body is doing all it can to direct the maximum amount of energy and love into your client.    



Face up healing example.  




Final sweep at the end of the healing.  


End of healing process.

You will find that your client is so deeply relaxed, it’s tricky to gently let them know the healing is over. I used to find this challenging until I discovered the Tibetan Singing Bowl.

It took some time of practice – to not be all clunky about it – but when I did, I found it to be the best tool to indicate the end of the healing.  



Inspire your clients to be the embassador to their own inner healing
– it’s the only way to empower them. 

The techniques in ‘Guide for Empaths – navigating life with more ease and grace’ and the blog articles are invaluable for easing worry,  uplifting your emotions, and more, and of course free on this site to refer your clients to.

This will help kick start their inner healing.

Or you may choose to go through each technique individually with them as a one on one healing which many people need. 

Higher Communications Meditation Program

The meditations in the  Align, Heal, Empower and Inspire modules in Higher Communications are for the next level of letting go inner work to deeply heal trauma from the past.

As you practice this work, you will find that your intuition becomes stronger

and other intuitive gifts may naturally become a part of your life.


Refer back to the ‘Conscious Light – healing energy program for the beginner’ to remind yourself of the self-healing and smudging tools,
and keep in contact in the Higher Communications Chat Group for support.



Reach a group of healers and other likeminded people through the Higher Communications Chat Group for support and to share your experiences.

Welcome to our tribe.

  With infinite love, 

  Robyn xxx 


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