With easy courses to follow, visual guided meditations, subtitled videos and the accompanying eBooks, together with support through recorded (subtitled) zoom meetings and the private Facebook groups eases the process of learning advanced healing practices to Master (meaning teacher) level. 

What’s included:

Included in the Path to Mastery are the self healing techniques in the Path to Heart Based Power which is made up of three steps, ‘Activate your Intuition’, ‘5 Day Heart Healing Retreat’, and ‘Path to Heart Based Power’.

Followed by 17 Visual Guided Meditations in ‘Higher Communications’, and ‘Conscious Light – Healing energy program for the beginner’ then ‘Conscious Light – Awaken the Master within’. 

This work also serves the hard of hearing and deaf community with visual guided meditations – you can experience them fully with ‘eyes open – and no sound’, together with all videos accurately subtited.


You will always be reminded to take your time, rest and recover when you need a break, check in with your intuition which you will have confidently learned after having experienced the Path to Heart Based Power… and have fun.

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