Path to Heart Based Power

Strengthen your heart and ignite your inner power

Self-healing, grounded and practical teachings to deepen and enrich your inner world

Imagine your heart feeling lighter, free, and open to an inner power…

…expanding your intuition, creating shifts in your heart, mind and body – inspiring you to release the past and open to new visions of the future.

There are three courses in the Path to Heart Based Power program, all multi-dimensional in nature, and designed in an energetic way. Letting go and healing situations and painful memories from the past (including past lives), shifting the way you think, what you believe of yourself, and deepening your connection with your Higher Self/Soul and Spiritual Support Group surrounding you.

It really is Soul Magic, building your energy and amplifying your light showing you a future with more love, clarity, peace and joy in it. 

Course 1 – Activate your Intuition

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All great leaders began by activating their intuition. ‘Activate your Intuition’ is in two parts and is your first step towards self-care, self-love, and self-support.

In Part one, deepen your connection with your higher self and become more aware of the power of your Soul. Connect with the souls of people you love who have passed away.

In Part two, ignite your mind, body, and soul further, as you allow your inner child to become more a part of your life, and discover ways to ignite your voice, body, heart, peace, curiosity and creativity… more

Course 2 – Heart Healing

HEART HEALING text with Milky Way background and icon of woman meditating with healing rings from heart. Linking to course

Strengthen your heart, with visual guided meditations and practices which release and let go of of the burdens you carry, invite light into your heart and whole body, develop a deeper connection with your higher self, and allow more of the feelings of peace in your life… more

Course 3 – Heart Based Power

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Becoming multidimensional in the way you live your life. Heal your heart further by releasing obstacles from your past, including past lives.

Meet your guide, and support in Spirit, communiate more from the level of Soul, and discover ways to create clarity, and courage in making the changes you desire in becoming heart powered.

Empowering your future, opening yourself up to more of the feelings of harmony, freedom and love in your life, and inspire others, shining your light naturally, as you go about your regular day… more

Your higher purpose is not what you ‘do’ in the world.

It’s what ’emanates from you’ with what you do in the world. 

Your most valuable tool that you have is your energy field.

Serving the hard-of-hearing and the deaf community

The visual guided meditations called Higher Communications play an important role in The Path to Heart Based Power, as they gently guide you, to enrich your inner world in a soft, colourful and beautiful way.

You can experience them just as fully with eyes open and no sound.

Hi, I’m Robyn

I’ve had the path of teaching energy healing and emotional health for over 30 years.

As I was experiencing life, and overcoming challenges that caused painful emotions, I would intuitively work out ways to move through them with the help of my guides.

In the mid 1980’s, I was told by my guides a very clear message, one I will never forget.. Whenever I learn something new, I must teach it. 

That gave me the confidence to create workshops and invite people to my home, who came to me facing difficulties. Some were experiencing serious illnesses and I found my role included helping people pass away with a lighter heart.

I educated myself through many books I was drawn to, by Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald-Walsch, Sanya Roman and Duane Packer, Esther Hicks, Dr Michael Newton, and eventually after thinking I should be officially qualified in something, became a Master of Reiki, Pranic Psychotherapy, and will forever be a student of spiritual growth.

I didn’t realise there was a name for what I was practicing when I first started, but I was naturally helping people through energy healings, and combining this with hypnotherapy, and would create meditations for people to take home and practice to create forgiveness, change beliefs, release burdens, communicate with their Soul, and the Souls of people who they wanted to connect with.

My teachings have always focused on the healing and letting go of the past, come more into the present with an expanded awareness of your intuition, with your Soul beside you, and your Spiritual Support helping you open up to a future where you live a more heart-centred and heart-powered life. 

It truly is Soul Magic.

Once enrolled, and you have created a log in, your courses will be listed in the ‘MEMBERS’ page on the Menu above.

After completing these courses, you have the option to upgrade to include ‘The Path to Mastery’. 


Soul Magic – creating a life with more love, harmony, and joy in it, empowering those who you touch in society… and beyond.

What people are saying…

“Heart Based Power, although it took some time, gave me important lifechanging lessons, and when I consciously practice them, wow I’m blown away at how incredible a ripple affect it has on others. Life has definitely taken a different and surprising direction. I am conscious of my guides, and my soul is more a part of my life. We are a team. My relationships have improved – especially my most important one. I focus on how I can change, and how I can improve, rather than having that expectation or blame on others.”

“I am so excited, I have met my guides, I’ve discovered there are two. I have their names and they communicate with my family who have passed away. I love the way I can communcate with the souls of others, it helps me release my thoughts, and ease how my body feels. I feel so much more confident, because I know I have my higher self to help me with any challenge that comes my way.” 

“I now have new strategies to implement in my life. I am more connected to my higher self and has given me a feeling of contentment. I have found that discovering the higher dimensions has opened up a whole new world for me. I have more compassion for the people who would once have been an issue, and can let go of the drama so much easier.” 

This is for you if you…

… love the idea of connecting with your Soul and Spirit Guides to help you make sence of your life.

… feel the weight of responsibility, your heart is heavy and ready to release these burdens you carry.

… want to be your best self, your intuitive self, feeling confident of your next most important step, moving through your challenges, creating boundaries and emitting heart power.

… are ready to allow your Soul to be more a part of your life, seeking guidance on how to think in the highest way, how to be, and how to live a more harmonious and heart-centred life.

This is not for you if…

.. you firmly believe there is no such thing as a Soul, or that Intuition is all made up, but hey… what if you gave it a go anyway, you might just be pleasantly surprised and discover the Soul Magic that is available to you too.

Frequently asked questions…

What if I have doubts, and I feel nervous?

It’s so easy to doubt, and have struggled with fear of thinking I’m not good enough, intelligent enough… do I deserve this?!  However the moment I felt confident that I was communicating with my Soul, I always had her to speak with, to listen to.  She would reassure me, help me move forward and take me by the hand with each new step.

The moment you have doubts – and they will come, go back to intuitive writing, ask your Soul the questions you have, and for the support you need.  When you have fully experienced ‘Activate your Intuition’ you will be used to listening to your Soul, but if you find you feel unsure after finishing the first course, contact me by messenger and I will be by your side to help you feel confident your Soul is with you. You are going to be okay, you are loved and you are deserving of a light-filled and empowered heart.

Can you imagine if everyone in the world had a light-filled and empowered heart?! 

How is this meant to help me?

People say they feel they are never alone any more, they feel supported, and have their higher-self (also known as your Soul) to call on when they have doubts, feel confused, and need help.

Where in the past they may have had self-doubt and lacked confidence, after practicing the inner work, with their souls guidance, and speaking to the souls of others when they have a challenge, they can envision a clear path and confidently know what to do.

They are conscious of what their body needs to feel healthy and nurtured, their connection with their inner child allows them to allow more laughter and fun in their lives.

They observe situations around them, create healthy boundaries, however should any triggers surface, are able to speak to their Soul on how to heal the emotion, and handle the situation in the highest way.

They feel fully supported, because everyone has a Soul who is right there, helping them, supporting them and guiding them along the way to a new way of thinking, being and opening up to an inner power they have never known before.

Is this all I need to do?

Path to Heart Based Power will help you feel at peace in your heart, and ready to live a life with a new way of being. One with more love, peace and joy in it.

If however you would love to practice energy healings and learn more about that process, the Path to Mastery follows this program. But if teaching others is not something you feel is in your Path, and emotions surface from time to time – as while we are alive, we are healing something or another – just repeat the modules you are drawn to in Path To Heart Based Power.  You will always experience something new when you do.



I guarantee that I will do everything in my power to help you along this journey. Making sure you are connected with your Soul – also known as your Higher-Self  – is your priority, from then on your journey is easy. Confidently listening to your Soul is like having your most precious, best friend, who loves you, and knows you more than anyone, holding your hand. You then ask your Soul questions, and you will receive the answers (through your thoughts and your imagination when you consciously listen)… and that is when the Soul Magic begins.

‘Activate your Intuition’ will help you with this, and should you find you are stuggling with doubts when you begin the  ‘Heart Healing Course’  – because it does take practice, please contact me on Messenger. I can set you on your path, feeling confident, because surprisingly it’s REALLY EASY – you’ll discover times in the past (when you knew it was important to be wise), and was astounded at what came out of your mouth.

Your Soul is the best, most wisest being, and also a part of you.   Your Soul will do a better job than anyone to guide you in your inner healing and growth journey. You will be opening up to so many amazing experiences, and golden opportunities when you do. 

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