Our emotional state and gut bacteria work together to heal.

Is the food you are eating affecting your emotional state?    Does anxiety and stress bring on gut discomfort, bloating or pain for you?  Are you aware the diet you choose can contribute towards how you feel? 

There is emerging science about the links between gut bacteria and the brain which is explored by Nutrition Scientist Dr Joanna McMillan as she helps Victoria who suffers from debilitating anxiety and gut pains described on the wonderful show The Catalyst on the ABC “Victoria’s Story”.  

We talk about our ‘gut instincts,’ and about having a ‘gut feeling.’  Dr Joanna McMillan explores the possibility that these feelings may be explained more fully in a scientific way. 

The food we eat directly or indirectly affects the micro bacteria in our gut.  That is why they are there, what we eat is nutrition for them.  They are our friends, because they produce our vitamins, digest our food and help with our immune system.  

We need to have a combination of a healthy diet and stress reducing practices to keep our gut healthy, otherwise the micro bacteria could trick our body into being tempted to a cycle of habits which may not be of benefit to our emotional or physical health.  

An imbalance in our gut bacteria can also affect our emotions.

How Dr Joanna McMillan helped Victoria

After having observed Victoria’s diet, and tested to discover the imbalance of the bacteria in her gut, they introduced a change in her diet in a gradual way, and included gentle stress management practices.  When combined, within six weeks, they were able to make a considerable improved difference to the way Victoria was experiencing her life.  

I commend Victoria for opening her life to allow us to view this change within her and am grateful for the amazing Dr Joanna McMillan and her team for their wonderful work in this field.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is considered to be one of the best for gut health and Dr Joanna helped Victoria using the Mediterranean Diet as a guide.  It was introduced to Victoria slowly, as she took her time to introduce small amounts of extra vegetables, fruit etc into her day.  She also included a daily spoonful of honey.

This was a struggle for her at first because she was afraid of the pain this extra food would cause.  The fear of the pain in her gut added to her anxiety which was also a part of the negative cycle she had been experiencing.   She made that change slowly and to help improve her emotional state, did her best to view the food as delicious and a good experience instead.  She persisted, and it worked.    

The Mediterranean Diet is abundant in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and the use of olive oil.  Lean sources of protein like fish and poultry is preferred over red meat.

Including heaps of vegetables for your meals, snacking on nuts, seeds, eating fruit for desert and a daily spoonful of honey are all dietary habits which will help with improving the balance of the bacteria in your gut.

Meditation and Hypnotherapy

Dr Joanna also included meditation and hypnotherapy to help Victoria, and within six weeks, she was able to improve the balance of the bacteria in her gut and the health of her emotions.  In this time, Victoria gained employment, her anxiety and physical pain reduced and you could see although still having a long journey ahead, she now has a clear plan and confident with how to manage her health from now on.


Dr Joanna introduced Yoga as an exercise to Victoria as it combines a form of meditation together with the body movement which helps with gut health, the movement of your energy and helps relieve the feelings of stress and anxiety.   There are heaps of YouTube Yoga for beginners video’s, here are two examples:  10 minute yoga for beginners, and Five Minute Mobility and Stretch Routine, which may appeal more to men.  

My experience

I too have a regular practice of yoga.  Apart from the relaxation benefits, the movement and energy flow helps shift the waste through my body.  I know, because when I stop for an extended time, my body tells me.  

Watching this program confirmed that I am on the right track for my health and well-being which was a great feeling.  I am automatically drawn to a Mediterranean Diet, having had an Italian mother, I guess that shouldn’t come as any surprise.

Unpleasant emotions, life events and life lessons are inevidible, however through the mindfulness meditations, it helps me manage the way in which I live with them.   This inspired me to create specific meditations to also help others.

Client Case Study – Jill

Jill came to me having suffering from anxiety.  She wasn’t sure what the source of this feeling was.  She was inclined to cry easily, feel burdened, and described her heart as feeling painful, and solid like a rock.  She knew something was wrong, but wasn’t sure why or how.

After guiding Jill through a meditation, she determined what the emotion was that she was feeling.  I led Jill to go inside her body and find where in her body this emotion is being held, and as predicted she went straight to her heart.

She then asked her heart what memory in the past led to this emotion and discovered it was from a Facebook post she had clicked onto weeks prior.  At the time she was disgusted with the small video which was being shown and had trouble shaking away the negative thoughts and angry feelings she was feeling from this post.  She was horrified of a situation which made her very angry with a particular leader by the atrocities which were happening in his country at the time.

I led her to speak with the soul or higher self of this leader and by using her imagination, she explained to him that he had a responsibility and duty to use his position of power for the good of his people.  After expressing what she needed to express, she used her imagination to listen to his response.  The conversation continued until such time as she was able to forgive him.

She replaced the memory of the Facebook post with a scene of this leader being kind to his people and making positive change to help the world instead.

Her anxiety eased and within days left completely.

Activate your Intuition 

Every inspirational leader began their journey by activating their intuition and listening to their very own high intuitive selves.

You can activate your intuition too – it’s easy and life changing. You can activate your intuition for free in the online course called ‘Activate your Intuition’ on this website.

In ‘Activate your Intuition’ you will discover how intuitive writing is a simple practice and allows you to receive guidance and answers to your questions from a higher perspective. You will also:-

  • Blend with your inner child – to allow more fun in your life,
  • Ignite your voice – to inspire you to express yourself in a loving way,
  • Ignite your body – to listen to its wisdom and give it the support and self care it needs,
  • Ignite your heart – to learn how to soothe your emotions and discover how to place love in the way you respond to challenging conversations and situations,
  • Ignite your peace – so you step out into the world each day in a vibration which allows more good things into your life,
  • Ignite your curiosity – to discover the things you may wish to investigate in the future which makes your heart sing,
  • Ignite your creativity – to inspire you to allow those creative juices to flow and give yourself the gift of time to put into place more of what makes your heart sing into your life.

This is the greatest act of love to yourself and when you do, the magic begins.

Every inspirational leader began…
by activating their intuition.

Hi, I’m Robyn,

I love helping create confidence in those seeking personal spiritual connections.

If this is you, the free online course ‘Activate your Intuition’ is your very first step, and it’s easy to do. 

With an active connection to your higher intuitive self, you will experience clarity, more harmony in your life, and radiate heart power with each new step you take.

The magic begins.

It is my intention through all aspects of my work to make an empowering difference in people’s lives. I hope to have helped you too.

I send you all my love, 

Transformation Teacher|Quantum Hypnotherapist

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