the secret to higher communications

Your Guide is listening to your feelings.

Have you known on some level that there is divine intervention because of the coincidences in your life? Are you aware you can help them - help you? Do you know it's simply a matter of what you choose to think which shows your guide how he can help to change the direction of your life?

These thoughts which you choose create the feelings you experience - and your guide is listening to both your thoughts and your feelings.

I have made the mistake in the past of having such a busy mind, with so many scenarios in my head of what I could do in the future. My guide was listening, as does yours, and with all the different probable directions I was throwing out into the universe, not much was happening.

However, the moment I became clear with a one pointed focus of which direction I wanted to head, the doors opened for me, opportunities were presented to me when the time was right, which was - when I was ready.

After having decided my direction, I would imagine doors in front of me, usually about 5. Except for one door, all the other doors would be only slightly illuminated, but that one door, which would be beaming with the most brilliant light, I would imagine walking towards it and walking through into the light.

This confirmed to my Guide "This is the direction I wish to head!" At last we are on the same page. A clear direction.

Now, I still need to admit to lack of patience, because when I thought I was ready, I wasn't really.  I would be mad at myself when the universe would block something. I would ask myself "What am I doing wrong?" "Why isn't this working for me?" The questions I should have been asking is "What change do I need to make?" "How can I do this better?" and/or "How can I be better?"

When you ask the right questions of your higher self, you can look back in time and realise why the universe blocked you because there was a very good reason for it. An easier way, or better way may later evolve, or what you would have created with all that energy and time spent, may soon be obsolete.

The ultimate question to bring you back to present moment being "What is the most important use of my time right now?" Sometimes the answer to that question is, 'go have a nap', or more often than not, 'go meditate'. 

We need to be rested when creating our future.

My experience

I was in my twenties, over at a girlfriend’s house well over 30 years ago.  I was meant to visit her to spend the afternoon together and as I had arrived at her door, she took one look at me and said “you’re going to bed!”

I was exhausted. I had a lot going on at the time.  She tucked me into bed and I fell straight to sleep… but not before the strangest experience. My eyes were closed, and I was so grateful my friend understood I needed a nap instead, and in my mind’s eye I saw a flash of two figures around me.  From the chest up, like a dark silhouette.  I only saw the shape at the time.

  • There was a man with a hat (like the men used to wear in the 1940’s and 50’s – my dad had one), and
  • An American Indian with two feathers coming down, not sticking up for some strange reason.

Just before going fast asleep I thought “I wonder who they are?” then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

When I woke, I mentioned it to my friend and she seemed confident they would be my guides.

Sometime later, I went to a clairvoyant, and the first thing she said to me was “Who’s the man in the hat?” I had no idea!  I responded with “Can you see an Indian as well?” and she said “Yeah, with two feathers coming down.” Now I thought that was pretty cool. I asked her if they could be my guides and she too seemed confident that they were. 

I didn’t really have much of a connection at the time with them, but then I started getting interested in doing energy healing work at home.  The man in the hat seemed to have gone, but the American Indian stayed with me especially when I became interested in meditations and doing healing work.  Then his face became clearer to me. 

What was really weird was he never used to say anything to me.  The only way I could get anything out of him was by asking him a yes/no type question and he would nod ‘yes’ every time.  I started to think he was a figment of my imagination because he was always saying " Yes!" So I asked him “Do you always say YES to me?” to which he nodded “No.”  I cracked up laughing at that so decided he must be real after all.

Fast forward several years later, I had studied Advanced Pranic Healing and Reiki and my Reiki Master, the beautiful Kaye Burro said I should hold a workshop on a subject I was discussing with her at the time.  Kaye is so beautiful, and I would have done anything she said I should do, so I said “Okay.”

I called it “You, the Ultimate Masterpiece” workshop.  I later overheard Kaye say to my sister, knowing I could hear “You have to be careful what you tell Robyn to do, because she goes ahead and does it!” 

To create the workshop, I looked for my guide and he was gone! I was devastated, because I needed his help.  All I could find was this other Indian who had lots of feathers.  My heart sank because I loved my beautiful guide and I looked at this other dude and asked “Where’s my guide?”  At last he spoke, well, without moving his lips - I got the message though -  that he is the same guide, but that I needed the chief within him how.  Wow, how cool is that!  The workshop was a success, everyone loved it.

Never at any point in time had I even considered to ask him his name.  I know, crazy hey, fancy not thinking of that.  So after relying on him, being my rock, always guiding me with such love for over 20 years, I apologised to him for having never asked his name, like, what kind of friend am I?  He smiled kindly and said his name is White Cloud.  He showed me a white cloud. Lucky it was an easy one.

You don't need to have a clear vision or even a relationship with your guide to allow the benefits of this non physical best friend you have.  All you need to know is that you have one - everyone does.

Give them less scenarious to focus on, make sure you calm your thoughts and they are ones which make you feel good inside.  Meditation is an ideal practice to help you with that, and I have 5 for you on this website for free.

About Robyn 

 I have been practicing healing in many forms since the early 1980's and most recently Quantum Hypnotherapy is my passion. This process takes my clients through past lives, and their souls experience in between lives.  The outcome of the healing which comes from these experiences vary considerably, the most important being releasing any negative elementals or earth bound spirits who can attach themselves to humans at a vulnerable time and cause them to behave in a way which is unhealthy to their body.  For example, create extreme anger, encourages them to 'have another drink' or take dangerous substances. Life is so much easier when you are free from the influences of these negative attachments. 

Another purpose to these sessions is, armed with a list of questions, we are able to speak with each clients quantum self, which is a level above their higher self and recieve the guidance and clarity they are seeking, for their mind, body and spirit's highest well-being. 

Through my clients quantum selves, we are given consistent advice to meditate as a way to help overcome challenges, connect confidently with our intuition and experience the feeling of peace in our lives.     


I had been creating specific meditations for my clients for most of my healing career to help them with their healing process and to create positive change in their lives, for example, create forgiveness, change beliefs, meet your guide, speak with your sub personalities to name a few and was guided by my quantum self to create a program of 17 meditations which is now called Higher Communications.  I was told to create them in a visual way to also serve the hard of hearing.  At the time I wondered how I was going to achieve that, but thanks to my niece Donna Chapman's creative genius, the result is, each meditation is like a beautiful little video with an important healing process. 

It is for this reason that I invite you to experience the visual guided meditations in the program Higher Communications.  Each meditation is less than 10 minutes long.  

 The first five meditations in the Module Align are available on this web site are free.

Through these first 5 meditations, you will peel away burdens you have been carrying and gain confidence in reaching your higher self.  Your higher self will help guide you in seeking the wisest words, the perfect timing, and the courage to speak or take the best course of action to your challenges. 


You don't need to have a relationship with your guide, all you need to know is that you have one. Your guide is the very best friend that you have.

  • Ask your higher self the right questions, like "What change do I need to make?" "How can I do this better?" "How can I be better?" and "What is the most important use of my time right now?" This will streamline your thoughts and help with a one pointed focus to give your guide clarity on what coincidences to set up for you.
  • Meditate to allow peace and help you connect with your higher self. Try the first five meditations which are free on this site.  Click here to receive them.

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It is my full intention to make a difference in peoples lives.  I hope to have helped you too. 

With love, 

Robyn E Gibson
Quantum Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Author and Co-Founder of Higher Communications

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