Showing up to inspire others takes courage!

Is anxiety a feeling which is stopping you from enjoying your important work? Is serving others in a public way in your path?

Bravery always follows anxiety, but don’t let anxiety stop you, or hinder the pleasure of serving others – because we need you, and your time is now.

The time has come for you to step up and help those around you, because how you are and what you do makes a difference in the lives of others, and the evolution of earth. It takes courage to surrender to anxiety, it takes courage and determination to follow through with your higher path, but hey, who better than you – beautiful soul – to show up in your loving and personal way.

It’s your personality, it’s your humanness, it’s who you are we need. Not the perfect being who never makes mistakes! It’s the brave, courageous ones like you who make a difference by being bold, willing to make mistakes, willing to change, willing to grow and willing to share… is who we need standing out the front. 

Instead of being frightened, or blocked by anxiety, let’s take a good look at it with understanding and love. This way we can ease the struggle you have within and can focus your attention and energy on the more important task at hand like asking your higher self  ‘what is my next most important step?’

This article will show you how.


Reflection Point: Recall a moment in time when anxiety took hold and it stopped you from enjoying your path?

Being perfect is not what we need from you

We all want to do the very best job we can when we show up in a public way, or for others, but we also need to remember it’s okay to be human too! 

Ease the inner critic with a ‘net of support’

The support net comprises of compassion and understanding of yourself, surrendering to your humanness and being willing to change and grow.


It’s your personality we need, not your perfection

You are human and it’s your personality we love, foibles and all!

Surrender to your humanity

If you find yourself feeling weighed down by the responsibility of perfection, give yourself permission to surrender to your humanity.

Just say the words “I surrender!” and feel your shoulders drop a little.

You may be tired, you may have a lot on your plate, other responsibilities taking up space – because that’s life – and it’s okay!

Give yourself time to heal and rest

Treating yourself as the beautiful being you are. Your soul needs your body to do the work… otherwise you wouldn’t be here… so nurture it and take care of it. Be gentle on yourself, and recognise when you need REST time and HEALING time. It’s very important, the affirmation below helps me. 

I treat myself with love and kindness,
I am guided by what lights me up and what I love to do.

People are listening to your intention and your energy – that’s what’s important

Have your intention in place right from the start. Ask yourself “What is my intention with this presentation/video/public talk? Then … “Does this information fulfil my intention?”

You can educate yourself to improve for the next time

Allow yourself to be open to more education, and be willing to change – because you are growing, expanding and helping others do the same.

Teach as soon as you learn

 You are qualified, because you just learnt it. 

Being in the audience is different to being on stage

You may feel after a presentation “I should have added this, or I forgot that!” or “It would have been better if I remembered to do this – or that!” You may start to feel ill from the feeling of guilt!

Allow yourself to surrender.

The audience doesn’t know – nor do they care – what ‘the This or the That’ is you missed – they are taking on board what you have already presented as your intention and energy. 

Surrender to being the best that you can be

I surrender to this presentation being the best that it can be.

I surrender to the video being the best that it can be.

I surrender to my talk being the best that it can be.

Because you are needed and now is your time!

Practice Automatic Writing to receive support from your higher self and soul for you presentation

Practicing Automatic Writing to receive guidance and support is easily achieved by having a pen, notebook and the invocation below.  This link will take you to the full article about Automatic Writing so you can investigate how wonderful the practice is and how else to use it.

Automatic Writing Invocation

I ask the Source of all Creation to please create for me a crystalline temple of radiant light around me.  I ask that you clear and cleanse all energies which are not of the light, and that this temple be filled with the highest and brightest, most radiant light  and the raised vibrations needed for my healing and my growth.  I invite all of my high level guides, all of my masters, angels, and great beings of light to join me. 

Please watch over this automatic writing session and ensure that anyone who comes through is a positive and loving being.  I am calling upon the highest, brightest and clearest response. Please boost my ability to clearly hear, see, conceptualize and feel your divine communication, and help me accurately receive these messages which carry blessings to me and to anyone who may read them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You are protected and surrounded by love.  Breathe deeply, relax and allow yourself to receive the love and guidance you are about to experience.  

Reflection Point: Remember above how I said “teach what you just learnt” – well that’s me, right now.

My experience

Although I’m very comfortable in front of an audience holding retreats and workshops, being on live camera is the one which ignites my anxiety. I recently attended online workshops by the wonderful Lee Harris 

Lee inspired me to ‘show up’ through his words and explained in a way I could understand just how to surrender to being the best that I can be and this made all the difference in letting go of the perfection and fear of making a mistake.

Since then I feel more comfortable about showing up on live video and the anxiety is eased and changed in some way to getting excited, and feeling prepared – but I also know it’s okay if I fumble, because people experience my imperfect, yet enthusiastic personality and can feel my integrity and my energy – and that’s what’s important.

I want that for you too!

I intend to inspire you further with the YouTube video presentation below on
‘Surrender to anxiety 
in order to be brave’

Please share this article with others to inspire them and I invite you to a group of people expanding and growing – and supporting each other in our Facebook Group called Higher Communications – Chat Group.  

We would love to have you join us.

Sending you a virtual hug and infinite love, 


Quantum Hypnotherapist, Teacher of energy healing and spiritual growth

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Hi, I’m Robyn…

Hi, my name is Robyn.

I’m determined to empower others, so they are confident for their higher purpose. Together, we create a huge, heart healing impact all around the world.

My only question,
is one of them you?

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