Strengthening your intuition in the process!

Do you recall moments in time when you recognise the coincedinces which happened in your life? Have you noticed that these coincedines were all good feeling ones?

This means you have allowed silence and peace in your mind enough for your spiritual support to line things up for you.  The more you have a practice to uplift the way you feel, the more you allow your intuition play a greater role in your life. 

When you do this consciously, with a practice to communicate with your higher self, soul and or your guides, you reap the most extraordainary rewards.

The 30 day manifesting challenge is the practice which will stengthen your intuition and you will discover how you have access to your best friends ever – your guides, your higher self and your soul, all setting things up in the form of coincidences for you in the background. 

This article will show you how.

Reflection Point: Recall a moment in time when you experienced a good feeling coincidence?

30 day manifesting challenge has 3 easy steps

Have a notebook and pen by your bedside table ready….

Step 1 – choose what you would love to happen in the next 30 days

Make it small to feel the momentum, it could be something like ‘introduce me to people who will help me’, ‘show me how to achieve something important’, ‘help me feel more peace in my life’, ‘help me feel organised’, help me feel content’ etc. 

Step 2 – each evening before slumber, write a list of what you are grateful for.

This helps with raising your vibration (meaning uplifting how you feel).

Step 3 – ask your soul through Automatic Writing “what message do yo have for me today?”

Automatic writing is easy, just allow yourself to write what messages come to your mind (they are just like a regular thought, although the words will be loving and supportive).

Before you put pen to paper, say this invocation:-

Automatic Writing Invocation

I ask the Source of all Creation to please create for me a crystalline temple of radiant light around me.  I ask that you clear and cleanse all energies which are not of the light, and that this temple be filled with the highest and brightest, most radiant light  and the raised vibrations needed for my healing and my growth.  I invite all of my high level guides, all of my masters, angels, and great beings of light to join me. 

Please watch over this automatic writing session and ensure that anyone who comes through is a positive and loving being.  I am calling upon the highest, brightest and clearest response. Please boost my ability to clearly hear, see, conceptualize and feel your divine communication, and help me accurately receive these messages which carry blessings to me and to anyone who may read them.

Thank you for the answers that you give to me.

You are protected and surrounded by love.  Breathe deeply, relax and allow yourself to receive the love you are about to experience.  

Reflection Point: Recall how you feel when you finish this exercise – sweet dreams!

My first experience

I did this years ago when I was working for the Broome Visitor Centre, I learnt the process from Abraham Hicks, and put it out there that I wanted to go on a tour for free to see Mitchell Falls which was overflowing during the wet season and a sight to see. I followed the practices Abaham suggested, and before the 30 days I had served a couple who wanted to fly to see Mitchell Falls and boldly asked the tour operator if I could go on the spare seat – and he said “yes!” It was incredible!

The above image is not my picture by the way, I couldn’t get as good a shot as this, it came from Google images.

Recognise inspired guidance

When you first begin automatic writing, or contacting your higher self in a conscious way, the words you receive are full of love towards you. When you receive these words it’s easy to dismiss them as if it’s nothing, you might feel it’s just your imagination.

I took one of my clients through this process once when she came for a healing. I left her by herself to quietly receive the message from her soul and higher self and I returned to see her sobbing! Not in a good way, she was angry at herself because she said she can’t do it! I asked her if I could read the words she had written… and they were full of love and support, so…. I read them back to her, asking her to pretend my soul had written these words to me instead. 
She listened to these loving words as if they were for me – and somehow then it was more believable to her. She then reread the words that were truely meant for her and was able to accept them.

She left knowing that she can do this automatic writing and she now allows the loving words which come.

Share this article with others to inspire a little group manifesting together if that feels fun to you – or join our group already in the process in our Facebook Group called Higher Communications – Chat Group.  

We would love to have you join us.

Sending you a virtual hug and infinite love, 



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