A ‘Universe To Do’ list!

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by tasks?  Do you tend to procrastinate, but really want to move forward?  Are you confused about which direction you should head?

Don’t worry, support is at hand – the Universe is ready!  This article will show you how.

Reflection Point: 

In the universe, and all around you is a Spiritual Support Group, just for you. They will go about setting up situations behind the scenes, so you will be ticking your list ‘done’ in no time.

You will find yourself discovering connections which seem coincidental… but were they really :-). 

Take advantage of the Universal Law of Attraction

When I first learnt this idea from Abraham Hicks, the master teacher of the Universal Law of Attraction, I was amazed at how items on my lists dissolved.  Either someone else did it for me, or it was a breeze for me to achieve.

This is the BEST!

How to create your ‘Universe To Do’ list

  •  At the top of the page place the words ‘Universe to Do’
  • At the foot of the page place the words ‘For the Highest Good of the Earth, the Universe and all Beings Everywhere.’
  • Enter your list in between.

Ask the Universe to do everything

I have a Universe to Do list for EVERYTHING!  Below are a few:

Today’s Universe To Do

Weekly Universe To Do

Monthly Universe To Do

Garden Universe To Do

Home Universe To Do

Investment Property Universe To Do

Holidays Universe To Do

Robyn’s Universe To Do/Shane’s Universe To Do


My experience

You will understand if you are a list maker how your items get crossed off in a surprisingly quick way.  The difference between a regular list, and the Universe to Do list is the element of ‘if it doesn’t happen, then it’s not for the highest good’.  

Because of this disclaimer, it allows me to ‘let go’ of the outcome in an emotional way.  This comes in extremely helpful when it comes to creating a list which includes those I love.  When my family are struggling,  I am able to write a list for the Universe To Do for them.  This helps with removing my feelings of anxiety, worry and concern for them.  I know whatever happens will be for their highest good.  The outcome may not be one I understand, but it helps with letting go of the feelings which are not serving anyone.

Client Case Study – Pam

Pam in her late 50’s came to be feeling exhausted from the issues which were taking place in her family.  She had five children and two grandchildren and she was worried for most of them.  This worry dragged her down so much she felt so weak and helpless.

I helped her create a Universe To Do list for her family.  Each member of the family was an item and beside each name she was to write in a positive way what she would love for that person.  She understood the concept, and I reassured her, that each member of her family have their own individual personal journey.  She is not responsible for that journey, that is not her role.  

By the end of the list, I could see she was uplifted.  Her thoughts were of what she would love for her family, and not of what she feared.  After seeing her a few weeks later, she had been able to put aside those fearful feelings and explained to me “it’s their journey!”  Music to my ears.

Reflection Point: 

Are you worried about your family? Or concerned about someone you love or care about?  You can ask for help from the Universe to help your precious ones too!  

Create a list for those you love

Do you worry endlessly about your family?  Are you keen to work out how to release your concerns and instead focus on what you would love to happen to those you love.  I found the ‘Universe To Do’ list a great comfort when focused on those we love.   It helps us realise we each have our own journey to live, however short and challenging.  It gives us the tool to shine a light on what we would love to have happen to the people we love and care about.

Shining light on what we would love for others is energetically a wiser way to be as it keeps us focused in the future. 

Worry has no value, but a positive focus uplifts everyone, starting with you.  In your list … beside the name of your precious one, ask yourself “What would I love to have happen?”  

When your list is complete, thank the Universe for looking after those you love.  Know that regardless of the outcome, even though it may be painful and confusing to you, it will be for the highest good. 

Of course, you may replace the word Universe to whatever source which feels right to you.  As I write this article I realise it is a positive focused prayer in writing.  No wonder it helps.

Activate your Intuition 

Every inspirational leader began their journey by activating their intuition and listening to their very own high intuitive selves.

You can activate your intuition too – it’s easy and life changing. You can activate your intuition for free in the online course called ‘Activate your Intuition’ on this website.

In ‘Activate your Intuition’ you will discover how intuitive writing is a simple practice and allows you to receive guidance and answers to your questions from a higher perspective. You will also:-

  • Blend with your inner child – to allow more fun in your life,
  • Ignite your voice – to inspire you to express yourself in a loving way,
  • Ignite your body – to listen to its wisdom and give it the support and self care it needs,
  • Ignite your heart – to learn how to soothe your emotions and discover how to place love in the way you respond to challenging conversations and situations,
  • Ignite your peace – so you step out into the world each day in a vibration which allows more good things into your life,
  • Ignite your curiosity – to discover the things you may wish to investigate in the future which makes your heart sing,
  • Ignite your creativity – to inspire you to allow those creative juices to flow and give yourself the gift of time to put into place more of what makes your heart sing into your life.

This is the greatest act of love to yourself and when you do, the magic begins.

Every inspirational leader began…
by activating their intuition.

Hi, I’m Robyn,

I love helping create confidence in those seeking personal spiritual connections.

If this is you, the free online course ‘Activate your Intuition’ is your very first step, and it’s easy to do. 

With an active connection to your higher intuitive self, you will experience clarity, more harmony in your life, and radiate heart power with each new step you take.

The magic begins.

It is my intention through all aspects of my work to make an empowering difference in people’s lives. I hope to have helped you too.

I send you all my love, 

Transformation Teacher|Quantum Hypnotherapist

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Do you find yourself overwhelmed by tasks?  Do you tend to procrastinate, but really want to move forward?  Are you confused about which direction you should head?

Support is at hand – the Universe is ready!  This article will show you how.

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