You are needed and NOW is your time!

Do you have a sense of being groomed for this moment in time? Have you had a thirst for spiritual growth and a desire to inspire those around you in an uplifting and healing way?

It’s time to be sure your shadow work is done to become the powerful leader you came here to be.

Those of you who have done the shadow work will have the most power to amplify their light and take action to help with the ascension or rising of the vibration on earth right now.

Earth is changing from a 3D to 5D existence – what does that mean?

 There will be an up-levelling of consciousness for all humanity.

A baseline of love, unity, freedom and peace.

We are becoming more intuitive and because of this we will more easily be able to manifest or materialize what we would love to happen in our lives.

Intuition plays a greater role in our lives.

There is a false premise that if you are not spiritual you will not take part, as if you are going to be left behind in some way – but hold onto your hats because it’s everyone coming on this ride.

No one misses out.

You will recognize the snippets of 5D when you feel those feelings of peace, unity, freedom and recognize the coincidences which are happening around you. Your intuition is becoming stronger.

How to recognise the shadow work required from you

If you find yourself struggling with anxiety, grief, and have a constistent loop of thought processes of anxiety, blame and judgement of others – there is work to be done.

You need to love yourself to powerful.

Take a bath and throw and handful of salt in there to remove the emotional heaviness you feel, go into nature and focus on your breath, watch the insects, look for birds, do whatever it takes to bring you back to the feeling of peace inside.

There may be shadow work which needs to be done, like creating forgiveness, changing beliefs, healing emotional programs which have stopped you from feeling peaceful inside.

Shadow healing and support: The 17 visual guided meditations which are part of the Conscious Light Master Class will gently take you through the processes of the shadow work necessary to empower you for your next step. You go at your own pace, and there is support to help you along the way

Your heart heals, your energy flows, your intuition strengthens and your life becomes easier – and more in alignment with and ideal preparation for the 5D experiences coming.

 Uplift your beliefs, create forgiveness and heal your emotional programs.

How you respond to situations has a huge effect on those around you. You are powerful, so it’s time to love yourself into your power so you are an uplifting influence on others.

Your influence on others is important.

How to be ready – what to do

There is going to be many atrocities surfacing now which are going to ignite discomfort. They need to surface in order to heal, they can’t be hidden any more. If you sense yourself feeling anger, rage and have a judgement of what is right and wrong, we are adding fuel to the situation.

Situations need to surface in order to be healed – the discomfort will test you.

It is our job as lightworkers and sensitives to amplify our light and love towards these situations instead of avoiding them for fear of how the information makes us feel.

Amplify your love and your light to surround these situations

We need to step up!  This is what we have been groomed for most of our lives to do.

 When you feel the discomfort – you are the magic wand turn your discomfort into power.

When you feel those feelings of discomfort, breathe, amplify your light, and surround the situation with light. Imagine your light is a magic wand. Cast a prayer, an intention of healing, love, peace, freedom and unity.

Your intention and light is more powerful than you know. 

My Guides explain:  “We in the higher planes see the changes which are taking place, we can see how each and every one of you is making a difference by shining your light.”


My experience

My shadow work began over 30 years ago, although I didn’t have a name for it at the time. I was invited to a meditation workshop and discovered how powerful meditations are in changing your life. I discovered how to create forgiveness, and that blew me away!  I discovered how I can release burdens I had been carrying and became determined to introduce these experiences to others.

I was working for a large firm as a receptionist at the time, and many of the staff would come to me and share their challenges, which included serious illness which they hadn’t shared with others at the time.

I would invite them to my home on Saturdays, because my husband worked on Saturdays and I had the house to myself, and I would create meditations specially to suit their needs.

What I discovered was that these meditations helped people with changing how they felt about themselves, helped them let go of the anxiety, heal from depression, supported their journey on what they were to face for the treatment they needed, and even prepare them for the process of passing away with a peaceful heart.

These meditations have since become the visual guided meditations in the Higher Communications Program on this website which form part of the Conscious Light Master Class because to become a Master Healer, the shadow work foundation is essential.

My guides told me I was to make these meditations available on line and created in a visual way so they also served the hard of hearing and the deaf community. Thankfully with help from two very special people in my life, I eventually figured out how. The artwork by Donna Chapman of Red Cloud Design (also my very talented niece) was created with such love and is the designer of the artwork you see throughout this work.

You are supported and inspired as you work through the meditations via Higher Communications – Chat Group along the way!

I invite you to a group of people expanding and growing – and supporting each other in our Facebook Group called Higher Communications – Chat Group.  

We would love to have you join us.

Sending you a virtual hug and infinite love, 


Quantum Hypnotherapist, Teacher of energy healing and spiritual growth

Are you curious about energy healing?

Hi, I’m Robyn…


I’m determined to empower others, so they are confident for their higher purpose. Together, we create a huge, heart healing impact all around the world.

My only question,
is one of them you?

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