Articles for those who are seeking ways to expand.

All subjects are about healing and spiritual growth.

The articles below are spiritual in nature, in that throughout you are always encouraged to deepen your connection with your higher self (also known as your soul).

There is a free course called ‘Activate your Intuition’ at the foot of this page designed for that very purpose. In ‘Activate’, you will discover your Soul is your very best friend, and there for you always to give you wise guidance.

Your life will be forever changed in the most magical ways when you do.

How to uplift your thoughts to feel better

How to uplift your thoughts to feel better

You have the power to reach for a better feeling thought! Do you circulate thoughts that prevent you from feeling good?  Do you find that you use words about yourself that are unkind?  Are you searching for a way to uplift your thoughts to help you feel better? This...

How to consciously connect with your higher self

How to consciously connect with your higher self

Receive and recognise inspired guidance! Do you recall moments in time when you spoke and thought “did I just say that? – that was good!”  We receive higher wisdom, available to us all, at times when we feel centred and relaxed.   Life flows easier when you...

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